• Tequila Paloma

    My Favorite Summer Cocktail – a Paloma

    Welcome to Summer!  We made it.  Woot woot!  Now it’s time to relax, put up our feet and enjoy the warm weather.  What better way to enjoy the heat than with a refreshing beverage?  I am sharing with you my favorite Summer cocktail, it’s called a Paloma.  Warning, this one is soooooo good it may get you in trouble.  So please drink responsibly.     You may ask, why is this your favorite cocktail?  Well I think that the best drinks are the ones where you don’t realize you are drinking alcohol.  I have never been one to just drink anything straight, no matter how high the quality.  I much…

  • Powder Room

    House Tour: My Powder Room

    Today I would like to share my powder room with you.  Oddly enough, it’s probably one of the only rooms in my house that is completely done!  LOL.  We just moved into this house last August and most rooms have something that still needs to be done.  Especially since the week before we moved I had ankle surgery and couldn’t walk the first two months we lived here!  But as powder rooms go, this one is fairly decent sized and I had plenty of decor to make it what I want. *This post contains some affiliate links.   The house was built in 1985 and this room has recently been remodeled,…

  • Decor

    My Summer Mantle

    Today I am sharing with you my Summer mantle.  Last summer we bought this house and I have had to make some changes in what I use to decorate my mantle for the various seasons and holidays.  Why did I have to make changes you ask???  Well this fireplace is over 11 feet wide, stone from floor to vaulted ceiling and the mantle is an 8 inch tal,l 12 inch deep beam.  Some of the things I have used in the past just wouldn’t work, they were too small.  Any thing that goes on this mantle has to be substantial.  So today I will share with you what I am…