• The Best Farmhouse Christmas Decor

    The Best Farmhouse Christmas Decor

    We have a rule in my house (mostly instilled by my husband) that no Christmas decor goes up until after Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving happens to be our favorite holiday.  The day after Thanksgiving means it’s time to break out those bins and make a complete mess taking down the Fall decor and bringing in the Christmas decor.  I think my two favorite times of the year to decorate are Christmas and the Fall Season.  Whenever I decorate I find that there are some changes that need to be made, new pillows or a new centerpiece.  Farmhouse Christmas decor is so popular right now and I don’t have much.  Most of my…

  • Refinish Dining Room Table

    How to Refinish a Dining Room Table

    Step one in the process of my dining room redo is complete!  My husband says it’s the biggest transformation I have made yet!  That’s a pretty big compliment for sure.  😊  For the whole plan on what I am doing in my dining room you can check it out here.  For now let’s get into how to refinish a dining room table!   *This post contains affiliate links. Step 1 – Sanding So you want to make sure you are in a well ventilated area because saw dust will be flying!  I wouldn’t recommend doing this in your house, I took my table into the garage.  Make sure you wear a…

  • Dining Room Decor

    The Best Farmhouse Dining Room Decor

    Hello friends and welcome back for another Friday Favorites!  If you saw my latest post on my Dining Room Get’s a Major Redo, you saw that we are making some big changes in my dining room.  I have the table in the garage right now and have already begun sanding it down to the bare wood.  That is definitely not the fun part….the fun part is decorating.  So I want to skip ahead and talk about The Best Farmhouse Dining Room Decor.   I went through a few stores to gather ideas from.  All of these things are available online, some in the store.  I like to keep costs down…

  • dining room redo

    Dining Room Gets a Major Redo

    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls….I bring to you…….. the ugliest dining room on the planet!!!!!!  Unfortunately I am not exaggerating all that much.  😂 Throughout the years we have always wanted a nice dining room and we had some grand plans for one but something else always seemed to come up.  We have finally gotten to the point where we have a nice dining room and that dining room gets a major redo! I can’t wait to show you what we are going to do!     *This Posts contains affiliate links. House #1 Let’s go back about 18 years, to our first house that we built.  We had about 1500…