• How to Re Upholster a Chair

    How to Stain, Paint and Reupholster a Chair

    I have been working on 3 different kinds of chairs for about 6 months now!  The first pair of chairs I will re-stain are antique chairs that my Grandmother gave me, they were her Mother’s!  The next is just a standard kitchen chair that we have had about 17 years and was pretty beat up so I have painted them.  Finally I found this great chair on Facebook Marketplace for $20!  I tried upholstery for the first time and I am so please with how all three chairs turned out!  So let’s get into how to stain, paint and reupholster a chair!   *This post contains affiliate links, see my…

  • Decor

    5 Must Haves in Your Entryway to Make a Guest Feel Welcome

      The first impression you can make with your guests is your entryway.  This is the first part of your home they will see and sometimes the only part.  How many times did someone stop by to drop off something (like girl scout cookeis 😉) or a neighbor come in to talk and you just stayed in the entry? This is quite possibly one of the most important areas of your home so lets get into the 5 must haves you need in your entryway to make a guest feel welcome.   The Porch First things first, your front porch.  It doesn’t matter how big or small you need to…