5 Must Haves in Your Entryway to Make a Guest Feel Welcome


The first impression you can make with your guests is your entryway.  This is the first part of your home they will see and sometimes the only part.  How many times did someone stop by to drop off something (like girl scout cookeis 😉) or a neighbor come in to talk and you just stayed in the entry? This is quite possibly one of the most important areas of your home so lets get into the 5 must haves you need in your entryway to make a guest feel welcome.

5 Must Haves in Entryway


The Porch

First things first, your front porch.  It doesn’t matter how big or small you need to have two things on your front porch, a doormat and a wreath on the door.  They say welcome to our home.  In fact my doormat even says Welcome!  I love wreaths, especially the ability to change them out for different seasons and holidays.  I did a whole post on wreaths for Fall!  This doesn’t have to be expensive, you can diy a wreath or buy one.  I usually go to Target for my door mat.  Here are some of my favorites here:

This is by far my favorite wreath for the front door.  This is my staple year round.  Right now I have it on the inside of my front door because I DIY’d one for the front for Winter – that post is coming soon!  A great place to get wreaths is on Etsy or to make them yourself!

Welcome Mat

Welcome Mat – this is very similar to the one I have.

Front door mat

I love this one, it adds such a pretty pop of color!


Entryway Rug

Whether you have a big entryway or small or none at all, you can create the space by using a rug.  A rug really defines the space so if you walk into your home directly into a room a rug can anchor the entry and say welcome to our home.

You can spend a lot on a rug or a little.  Its up to you and your taste.  Please check your front door and make sure what kind of rug will fit under it.  We moved into our home and I cannot fit my rug under the door, there is less than a half inch clearance.  So I am on the hunt for a low profile or no pile rug.


Here is my favorite rug of all time.

dining room redo

This is the Catherine Rug from Ballard Designs.  I love this rug.  It’s actually more muted in color than this picture.  I have one by our back sliding glass door and will be purchasing it for my dining room.  Unfortunately it doesn’t fit under my front door 😓.

Here are some others I have been crushing on, not just for my house but just ones I love.

Bench or Chair

Someplace to sit and put your shoes on or off is necessary in an entryway.  I got my bench from the At Home store, and it serves two purposes… for our guests and one for the dog to keep an eye on the neighborhood.



Here is a similar one to the one I have.  It’s a rectange, not anger on the edges but otherwise almost identical.

Here is a great option for additional storage!


If you don’t have room for a big bench put an accent chair there, it doesn’t need to be big.  It just needs to be someplace to park your seat to get your shoes on.



Now you might not think that a table is essential but I think it is.  The table is a place for someone to put their keys, purse or maybe a coffee cup while they take their coat off.  Our entryway table has a box on it (got it from my uncle who works at Harry and David), my kids keep their car keys there so if we need to move a car we don’t have to hunt for keys.  We also have a basket that holds all the dog stuff, her leash, sweater, etc.  It’s perfect because when we take her for a walk it’s all right here.  I use it all the time to set my stuff down and take my coat off.


Wayfair entry table

This is the one I have in my entryway.  It’s from Wayfair and I love it!  I am thinking of getting another one except in the gray finish for behind my sofa.  Here are some others that I really like.

entryway table

Preusser Console Table

Moreno Console Table

Moreno Console Table – This one is a little pricey but I just love the blue and the storage is awesome!

Coat Hooks

Speaking of taking your coat off, where are you going to put that coat?  On a coat hook of course!  I picked up these three at Target.  My daughter uses them a lot but they are the perfect place for guests to hang their coat/jacket.

Here are some similar ones:


From Target

From Target

From Kirklands

This one is perfect for a small space, it’s used vertically instead of horizontally!  How cool is that?!

What to do if you have a very small space?

Okay so not everyone has a large entryway, I get it.  What you can do is put an area rug at the entryway, then put a table with a coat rack next to the door.  Or maybe a small bench with hooks above.  Here are some great options!



*Additional Tip!

Make it pretty!  This is a great space to make your first impression on your style.  It’s also a great place to decorate for holidays!  Here are a couple pics from my entryway during my Fall tour and Christmas seasons:


Christmas Home Tour


I hope you enjoyed this post and are able to create a welcoming entryway for your guests.  Don’t forget that something that is functional doesn’t mean it isn’t pretty.  Function and style can go hand in hand!





  • Candice

    I really love this! Such simple tips that go a long way. I always like to have a little table with a mirror above it and a lamp. It makes a great spot for seasonal decorating too (greenery for xmas, flowers for springs and summer… etc)

    • atlaneandhigh

      Me too Corretta! It’s a little difficult to find one to fit under low profile doors that look good. So often they are just so industrial. I hope you find one you love!

  • Ally Byrd

    I love this post. Our house has 3 separate entry ways because of how it was built. We have a main one downstairs in the finished basemeant (which is where we come in) and another at the top of the stairs when you reach the main living floor and yet a third for the main door porch area. It’s super difficult to get these areas the way I would like because none are extremely large by entryway standards. I’m actually working on getting a table that will fit in the little nook area we have at the top of the stairs. I like the tables you shared a lot. Also your bench with your cute puppy is gorgeous!! Definitely checking out all these finds!

    • atlaneandhigh

      Thanks Ally! Wow 3 entrances! Thats very interesting! I am glad you liked the tables. I am seriously thinking of getting one of them as a sofa table now!

    • atlaneandhigh

      Lidia I totally agree about the vertical rack! I saw that and was like YES!!! That’s perfect for a small space! Thanks for stopping by!

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