• Hilton Head Island

    My Favorite Places to go on Hilton Head Island, SC

    Hilton Head Island is such an unique place to visit.  I think you could come here every year for 20 years and still have new things to discover.  For me it’s all about finding the balance between relaxation, shopping, eating and some tourist excursions.  So I give you my favorite places to go on Hilton head Island. Lets start with my favorite places to EAT! Hilton Head is home to a zillion restaurants….yes I exaggerate but there are a ton!  The only negative about eating out is the wait, it’s usually an hour at minimum…so put on your patient hat.  Don’t worry, it’s worth every minute!   The Salty Dog…

  • Tequila Paloma

    My Favorite Summer Cocktail – a Paloma

    Welcome to Summer!  We made it.  Woot woot!  Now it’s time to relax, put up our feet and enjoy the warm weather.  What better way to enjoy the heat than with a refreshing beverage?  I am sharing with you my favorite Summer cocktail, it’s called a Paloma.  Warning, this one is soooooo good it may get you in trouble.  So please drink responsibly.     You may ask, why is this your favorite cocktail?  Well I think that the best drinks are the ones where you don’t realize you are drinking alcohol.  I have never been one to just drink anything straight, no matter how high the quality.  I much…

  • Lifestyle

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mom’s out there.  Today I am celebrating with a little laying around, a little decorating on the patio (I just can’t stop!) and ending the day with steak sandwiches and my favorite cocktail.  YUMMMMM!     I want to share something with you that I have been loving this winter.  For those of you who live in the north you know winter can be really tough on our hands.  they get dry, they crack and it’s just down right NO FUN.  I received a gift for Christmas from a sweet friend of mine.  It is Hanover Kern Provence Lavender hand balm.  I used…