dining room redo

Dining Room Gets a Major Redo

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls….I bring to you…….. the ugliest dining room on the planet!!!!!!  Unfortunately I am not exaggerating all that much.  😂 Throughout the years we have always wanted a nice dining room and we had some grand plans for one but something else always seemed to come up.  We have finally gotten to the point where we have a nice dining room and that dining room gets a major redo! I can’t wait to show you what we are going to do!


Dining Room Reno


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House #1

Let’s go back about 18 years, to our first house that we built.  We had about 1500 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths.  It was a great house!  When you walked in the front door the room to the right was the dining room.  I had every intention of having a very formal dining room where I would have fancy dinners with friends and family.  I didn’t have any dining room furniture.  Flash forward a year later and baby number two is on the way.  We quickly realized we needed the dining room to become a playroom for the toys and all the baby gear.  Needless to say my heart was crushed!


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House #2

Flash forward 11 years later we move into a house that is double the size and has a very big dining room!  Yeahhhh but we still don’t have any furniture.  Our breakfast nook had a big table in it (it was technically a dining room table and I bought it because we needed space for guests to eat when we had people over in our first house) so we decided to put that table in the dining room and bought a new table and chairs for the breakfast nook.  That poor table sat there alone for 6 years.  We never got to purchasing any other furniture for the room.  Doubling the size of the house we had empty rooms.  But at least we had a place to have Thanksgiving dinner now!

House #3

Flash forward 6 years we move again and my dining room now is perfect!  I love the size, it has great natural light and we even fit the piano in there (mostly out of necessity).  The table is no longer alone, it has a friend in the piano! 😆😂 The kids are older, we are going to have a proper dining room…this is what I told my husband and he was fully on board.  So the search began for a buffet or hutch.  I searched Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and my local buy/sell groups for weeks.  FINALLY I found the perfect buffet on Craigslist.  Happy dance right now!!!

Dining Rom Redo


Now the real works begins.  We have a lot of refinishing to do with the table, chairs and buffet.  We need a new rug and curtains.  I also plan to put board and batten on the walls.  Whew, I am tired just listing all the work to be done.  And that doesn’t even take into consideration all the decorating and wall art the room will need.  Okay, I have put it off long enough, here are the before photos…..warning these pictures are UGLY!

Dining Room Redo

Dining Room Redo

Dining Room Redo

Dining Room Redo



The plan:

As you can see, it has become a little bit of a storage mess.  We desperately needed the buffet to put all the table linens in.  Right now they are in a dresser in another room, the chargers are sitting on my piano and I also have pretty wall sconces that I haven’t been able to hang because I have no idea where on the wall to put them.  Now to the fun part….here’s what I want the room to look like in the end.  The buffet and table arent’ exactly the same but you can get the idea of the finishes I am looking for.

Dining Room Redo


I plan on giving the buffet a dark grey look like this one.

Dining Room Redo


I love this table.  Mine has a different style but I want to give it a finish just like this.

Dining Room Redo


My chairs are almost exactly like this.  In the photo above it’s hard to see but the finish is coming off on the seat (where you put your bum).  I plan on spray painting them black like this chair.

dining room redo


I am in love with this rug.  It’s the Catherine Rug from Ballard Designs.  I had two of them in my entryway of my last house but they don’t fit under my doors here in the new house.  So I put one by the back sliding glass door and the other went to my daughters dorm room!  I plan on buying a 9X12 for my dining room redo.  I love this rug!

Dining Room Redo


I had curtains just like these in the last house.  We were required to leave them when we moved and I just wanted to cry!!!  I actually purchased the material at Joann fabrics and sewed them but now they don’t carry it anymore.  So I am on the hunt for either fabric (at a reasonable price) or curtains like these (also at a reasonable price).

Dining Room Redo

Round Mirror

It’s a little hard to tell by this picture but it has a grey trim around the mirror.  I think it looks pretty cool!  I would like to put this mirror (or one similar) above the buffet.

dining room redo

Wall Sconces

I have wall sconces just like these.  I look forward to hanging them up.  Right now they are on the piano bench.  UGH!  It’s been very hard to not have this dining room put together but sometimes you just have to tackle one thing at a time.

I already started sanding the table, you won’t believe the difference!  I can’t believe the difference!!!!  My husband and I have a game plan for getting it done by Thanksgiving….we have to be staining by mid week next week.  Wish me luck!

dining room redo


And for those of you who have hung in there I also plan on putting up board and batten.  I want to do it pretty tall and maybe a dark color above…..so tell me, which color do you think I should put above the board and batten?


As far as wall art goes I have a round mirror, the wall sconces and maybe some botanical prints….I haven’t completely decided on that yet.  I put it all together on this mood board for you to see.  Stay tuned for the different projects and in the end it’s going to be a major change!  I am thinking with the holidays you should see the finished product in either January or February!  Fingers crossed, now I need to go take a nap so I can get energized for all this work!!!



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