Hilton Head Island

My Favorite Places to go on Hilton Head Island, SC

Hilton Head Island is such an unique place to visit.  I think you could come here every year for 20 years and still have new things to discover.  For me it’s all about finding the balance between relaxation, shopping, eating and some tourist excursions.  So I give you my favorite places to go on Hilton head Island.

My Favorite Places to go on Hilton Head Island

Lets start with my favorite places to EAT!

Hilton Head is home to a zillion restaurants….yes I exaggerate but there are a ton!  The only negative about eating out is the wait, it’s usually an hour at minimum…so put on your patient hat.  Don’t worry, it’s worth every minute!


The Salty Dog is a local place that has national notoriety.  The food there is delicious and the service has always been good.  It’s located at South Beach marina so while you wait to be seated you can check out all the shops and pick up your own Salty Dog Tshirt!!!  PS, make sure you get extra hush puppies!!!!

Salty Dog Cafe in South Beach Marina on Hilton Head Island

Low Country Backyard is my personal favorite.  Talk about good old low country food.  I highly recommend the shrimp burger, fried green tomatoes and shrimp and grits.  I also love the fish tacos, that’s what I had on my most recent trip.  Honestly, there is not a bad dish to be had here.  And it’s very quaint, you can eat inside if it’s too hot or they also have a courtyard with large industrial fans and usually some musical entertainment.

Low Country Backyard Restaurant

You have a hankering for pizza, Giuseppis is by far the best!!!!  My preferred way to get it is to go to the restaurant (yes they deliver but hang in there with me), then we order the pizza, order beer and sit at the bar while they make the pizza, then take it home for the family to enjoy.  Usually my teenage daughter comes with us and she is our designated driver;)

Giuseppi's Pizza, best pizza on Hilton Head Island


Now I just mention these three places….if you are a Rachel Ray fan she did a segment on one of her shows of the Sea Shack.  This place is popular with the locals which is now a popular place for everyone.  It’s best to go there at lunch because at dinner the line can stretch down the block!

My favorite place to stay!

You can stay in a hotel but I think renting a house/condo/villa is the way to go.  The amount of time you take going out to dinner, waiting to get seated and eating is just better spent on the beach or at the pool.  Now I don’t cook all the time.  I hit the grocery (go early in the morning to avoid everyone else), buy breakfast and lunch stuff then we go out for dinner, or grill something at the house.  You can also get bikes delivered to where ever you stay…..I highly encourage you to get a bike.  There are miles of bike paths on Hilton Head Island and everyone is out on a bike.  It’s THE way to get around.

We always use Hilton Head Hideaways to book our vacation home.  I found them originally on VRBO, they advertise their properties there.  Carla at Hilton Head Hideaways is wonderful and always remembers me year to year.  Very personal service and you just can’t get that at a hotel.


Favorite tourist places!

The lighthouse is cool, it’s in Harbour Town.  They have a couple good touristy shops there but the best shopping is at Coligny Plaza.  There is also a beach there.  Definitely a cool place to go.  If you are looking for nicer shopping you can get that north of Sea Pines near the Kroger.  I am not sure what the shopping center is called, it’s fairly new, but it has lots of nice outdoor shopping and tons of places to eat.

Favorite things to do!

If you like outdoor activities then this is the place to go.  From Kayaking to Zip lining there is something for everyone.  My personal favorite is the Dolphin Boat Tours help by Kayak Hilton Head.  It’s 2 hours on a boat, they only take a maximum of 6 people out.  There is a great tour guide who will show you all you ever wanted to see, amazing homes, osprey nests, Savannah and Tybee Island.  Best of all they guarantee you will see dolphin, and let me tell you they do not disappoint!  I could almost reach out and touch some of them.  It was amazing!!!

Dolphin Boat Tour in Hilton Head Island


Stoney-Banyard Ruins can be found in Sea Pines.  It’s not huge but to be able to get up close to how they created the buildings using mud and sea shells to create a concrete like base is really cool.  It also shows you how big, or should I say how small, the houses were that not only the plantation owners had but also the slave quarters.  The history in this part of the country is just fascinating.

Stoney Baynard Ruins in Hilton Head Island


There are also fireworks on every Tuesday and Friday night at Shelter Cove.  If you have young children you can find a man who plays music under a large tree at Shelter Cove as well.  Shelter cove is also home to a cool put put golf course.

My Favorite Places on Hilton Head Island, SC

As you can see, there is something for all ages in Hilton Head.  If you have anything you like to do and it’s not on this list I would love to hear about it!  We will continue to go there every summer for many years to come.  Who knows, we may even retire there!  I hope you all enjoy your summer and get to enjoy a nice long vacation.


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