19 Tips to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Gather Everything You Need

1.  All Purpose Cleaner 2.  Glass Cleaner 3.  Duster 4.  Oven Cleaner 6.  Glass Cooktop Cleaner 7.  Sponges and rags

These are my favorite cleaners for the oven and cooktop.

1.  Clean Top to Bottom - Start with dusting

2.  Clean the inside and outside of cabinets

3.  Disinfect Knobs and Pulls

4.  Clean Oven, cooktop and microwave

5.  Clean Windows

6.  Clean Refrigerator and Freezer

7.  Clean Small Appliances

8.  Clean Out Pantry

9.  Wipe down the exterior of appliances

10.  Wipe Down Counters and Backsplash

Lastly dust baseboards and mop floors. It's also a good idea to clean out the trash can. Go through linens and toss any old or stained ones.

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