Source:  Flex Fence

Create privacy around a hot tub so you can relax without prying eyes.

Source:  Lushome

Create privacy around an outdoor shower with a horizontal privacy fence.

A privacy fence around the patio can give you the privacy you need but also an architectural statement.

Source:  Impressive Interior Design

Source:  Texas Best

Add Privacy with a tall fence and overlapping slats.

Keep your pets and kids in the yard with this type of horizontal fence but still have the air flow and socializing ability.

Source:  Wilder Outdoor Spaces

Source:  Primetec

Use metal posts with your wood fence for a modern look.

Add stone to wood for a beautiful juxtaposition of materials.

Source:  Primetec

How to add a fence to sloped yards.  Use a stair step design.

Asymetrical slats add unique interest to your horizontal fence.

Source:  The Garden Glove

Source:  Remodelholic

Add pots with plants onto your horizontal fence.

Add a unique design inside your horizontal fence.

Source:  Family Handyman

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