-3 pressure treated fence boards 6 feet long. -3 wood balusters 42 inches long -1 1/2 inche kreg jig screws -1 1/2 inch nails -Pressure treated lathe -Spray Paint


-Miter Saw -Kreg Jig -Nail Gun

Cut the Fence Boards to 14 inches long.

Drill Kreg Jig holes into the fence boards.

Cut the balusters to 18 inches then attach the fence boards to the baluster.

Attach the other side to another baluster.

Attach the next set of fence boards at a 90 degree angle to the first.

Finish connecting the remaining sides.

Take leftover balusters and attach to the inside of the planter just over 1/3 the way up.

Attach leftover fence boards to the top of the balusters using the nail gun.

Finish it off by attaching lathe the to top.

Spray pint them the color of your choice and you are done!

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