Kryton Undertones This color is considered a blue with gray undertones. If you have been around a while then you know that when a color has gray undertones it mutes the primary color. So in this case the gray is toning down the brightness of the blue. There is enough gray that this color could also be seen as a gray with strong blue undertones.

Krypton LRV LRV stands for Light Reflective Value. It is a scale from 0-100 and it measures the amount of light a color reflects. Zero being the darkest black and 100 being the brightest white. Sherwin Williams Krypton sits at 52 which makes it a mid-toned color. Typically 60 and higher is considered a bright color, 30-60 is mid-toned. Being a mid-toned color, especially at the top of the mid range, basically means that it has a good depth of color but is still light and bright.

Similar Colors

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Krypton in a Bedroom

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