Beadboard panels 1X4X8 1X6X6 Corner Molding Pegs Nail Gun and Nails Drill and screws Jigsaw Miter Saw L Brackets Primer and Paint Caulk and Wood putty Sandpaper Paintbrush Stud Finder

The first thing I did was remove the outlet cover and paint the wall a fresh new color.

Have the hardware store cut your wood down if you need.  If you have a table saw you can do it at home.  Or if you are good with a circular saw. If you have any outlets or light switches you will need to cut out the beadboard for that now. Using a stud finder mark the studs on the walls so you can nail right into them.

Put your beadboard on the wall and nail into the studs using your nail gun.

Add the top boad to the top of your beadboard.(1X4X8)

Add the shelf, nailing to the top board and screw into studs using the L brackets.

Now you should wood putty all the nail holes and caulk any seams where the wood meets. Prime all the bare wood. Paint everything.  Mine took 3 coats.

Add the pegs to the top board.  Then prime and paint them.

The finished Board and Batten!

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