• How to Drill into Masonry: Stone/Brick/Concrete

    How to Drill into Masonry: Stone/Brick/Concrete

    I was talking with my Mother in Law this past weekend and she asked me, how did you hang your clock, was it hard?  That’s when it hit me, with all these projects I am doing around my house I just say, insert a screw or drill into concrete.  Most recently you can see in my How to Stain Concrete Floors post, the section on inserting the transition strips.  I don’t really go into detail but there is definitely more to it than just using a regular drill and bit and going to town.  Here is a detailed description on how to drill into masonry.  Specifically we will discuss how…

  • Stained Concrete Floors

    How to Stain Concrete Floors

    Finally it’s done!  From the moment we walked through this house when shopping for a new home I knew that this ugly brown carpet had to go.  I didn’t want to just replace with carpet, I have 2 teenagers and they are as messy as toddlers!  We were looking for something durable and beautiful, but also something that would not break the bank.  In the local Parade of Homes many of the houses had stained concrete basement floors and I fell in love with the idea.  I researched different products and decided to go with Rust-oleum’s Epoxy Shield product line.  Let’s go into the details on how to stain concrete…

  • Dorm Living

    What to Pack for Dorm Living

    It’s that time of year again!  Graduation parties are wrapping up, kids are getting those lists from their colleges on what they need to bring.  Parents are getting super overwhelmed.  I was there just last year so I know exactly how you are feeling and I am here to help!  I am soooo excited to share with you a post written by my daughter Emily!  She is 19 years old and just finished her first year away at college.  Emily is going to explain some things that worked, and didn’t, and what you REALLY need to pack for dorm living.   *This post contains affiliate links.     Hello!  My…

  • Hilton Head Island

    My Favorite Places to go on Hilton Head Island, SC

    Hilton Head Island is such an unique place to visit.  I think you could come here every year for 20 years and still have new things to discover.  For me it’s all about finding the balance between relaxation, shopping, eating and some tourist excursions.  So I give you my favorite places to go on Hilton head Island. Lets start with my favorite places to EAT! Hilton Head is home to a zillion restaurants….yes I exaggerate but there are a ton!  The only negative about eating out is the wait, it’s usually an hour at minimum…so put on your patient hat.  Don’t worry, it’s worth every minute!   The Salty Dog…

  • Ikea Desk with Alex 6 drawers on both ends, large desk almost 6 feet long.

    My favorite Ikea Desk

    In honor of the new opening of the Ikea in Columbus, Ohio I would like to share with you my daughters Ikea desk.  We bought this last winter at the Ikea in Cincinnati Ohio.  It’s a large desk, almost 6 feet in length!!!  The top was so long it didn’t fit nicely into the bed of my husbands truck.  It had to be angled and I was a complete basket case driving back!   *Affiliate links included which provide a small commission to at Lane and High at no additional cost to you.   This desk has 2 Alex drawers that anchor the ends of the desk with a post…