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How Often To Water A Snake Plant

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Snake Plants are one of the easiest plants to own and are very popular for beginners and expert plant lovers. Today we are going to discuss how often to water a snake plant and all the factors that go into determining a water schedule.

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How do you know when to water your snake plant?

Snake plants need to completely dry out in between watering. The best way to check this is to stick your finger in the soil and see if it feels dry or moist.

If it’s dry then it’s time to water. If it’s moist then you should wait a bit longer before watering.

During the spring and summer when temperatures are higher, your Snake Plant will dry out faster so you will need to water every week to two weeks.

In the fall and winter when temperatures are lower your Snake Plant will take a little longer to dry out. You will need to water every two weeks to a month.

If you are still unsure about when to water your snake plant then you can invest in a moisture meter. It will let you know when your plant is dry and will need water.

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What is the proper way to water a snake plant?

The best way to water any plant is to water it down by the soil. Most plants will not do well if you get water all over the leaves.

This can lead to fungal issues on the leaves so it’s always good to water at the soil level.

A blue watering can watering a snake plant at the roots.

How Often to Water Snake Plant

Snake Plants are succulents which makes them drought tolerant. Keeping that in mind there are many factors that go into how often you should be watering it.

The amount of light it receives, the temperature and humidity levels in the room, the type of soil, even the type of container you use are all contributing factors to how often you should be watering your Snake Plant.


This is probably one of the biggest things to consider when watering your Snake Plant. While this plant can grow in low light to lots of light the amount of light a Snake Plant receives determines how often it needs to be watered.

A plant that gets a lot of sunlight is going to need to be watered more often than a plant that lives in more low-light conditions.


The Snake Plant isn’t too picky about the temperature and humidity levels in the place it lives but these do factor into how often it will need to be watered.

Typically the higher the temperature the more often it will need to be watered. Also if a room is very humid then it won’t need to be watered as often as one that lives in a very dry space.


The Snake Plant needs to have well-draining soil so that the roots will not get root rot. This keeps water from sitting around the roots. If the soil retains moisture then you will need to water it less often.


Believe it or not the container you have your plant in contributes to the timing of when to water! For example, a terra cotta pot soaks up water therefore pulling it from the soil. If your plant is in this type of pot you might notice having to water it more often than if it were in a plastic one.

The view from the top about 45 degrees of a snake plant on a hardwood floor with a white wall behind.

Signs Your Snake Plant is Underwatered

Any time your soil starts to look dry and pulls away from the pot you might be underwatering your plant. A couple of other signs that your snake plant is underwater are dry and dying leaves.

To remedy this give your plant’s soil a nice watering. This usually does the trick but in extreme cases, you might have to replant with fresh soil.

Signs Your Snake Plant is Overwatered

Snake Plants are considered a succulent so overwatering is the biggest issue most of them have. If you think this is an issue check the soil to see if it’s waterlogged.

You might also check the leaves to see if they are mushy or turning yellow. If you think this might be your problem take the plant out of the pot, remove any loose soil, and check the roots for root rot.

Then place in a container with fresh dry soil and allow the roots to dry out a few days before watering again.

A snake plant that is too big for the pot and has a mushy leaf falling over.

This mushy yellow leaf on my Snake Plant was the result of overwatering.

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