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The Best Benjamin Moore Green Paint Colors

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Green is a great color to use inside your home. It evokes calm and gives you the feel of nature. Today I have all the best Benjamin Moore green paint colors you can use!

There is a reason that people love houseplants. They clean the air and give you a feeling of calm. So why not use green in our decor.

A great way to use green is in your paint. Use it on the walls, furniture, cabinetry, or accessories. It’s a great way to get the feel that houseplants give you without having to keep something alive! (Brown thumb over here!)

A bedroom with an accent wall in dark green, white bedding and wood nightsgtands.
Source: Angela Rose Home

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How to know if a paint color is right for you?

The best way to judge if a color is good for you then you will want to put a swatch on the wall and look at it over a few days. Look at it in different lights and decide if you really like it.

You can do this by getting a sample from the paint store and using a brush to put it up on the walls, but then you are left with a can that you can’t do anything with. Those samples are used with poor-quality paint and aren’t meant for use on your walls permanently.

I recommend going with Samplize. They are a company that will send you a 12X12 peel-and-stick swatch of a paint color that you can stick to the wall. When you are done just peel it off and throw it away.

It’s easy and much less messy!

Best Benjamin Moore Green Paint Colors


This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore Tranquility.

Benjamin Moore Tranquility is a very similar color to Oyster Bay. It’s a light blue-green paint color with an LRV of 53, so it’s a mid-toned green but on the lighter side.

This color pairs so nicely with both white trim and wood. It brings calmness to a space so it’s perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Get a Sample of Tranquility from Samplize!

High Park

This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore High Park.

High Park is a medium green shade that reminds me of the color of some trees I see in my backyard. It’s not a light or dark green, really sits in the middle. The LRV for High Park sits just under 30, which means it doesn’t bounce around a ton of light.

Back in 2020 a lot of paint manufacturers had a shade of green as their paint color of the year. High Park reminds me a little bit of Behr’s Back to Nature but High Park has a bit more gray in it and it’s a bit darker.

This color can truly be used in any room. If you are looking to lighten and brighten a room then this isn’t the color you want but for a bedroom or dining room this would be a perfect choice.

Get a Sample of High Park from Samplize!


This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore Backwoods.

With the Benjamin Moore colors I am getting progressively darker. Backwoods is a gorgeous dark green color that has so much depth. This color is part of their classic collection and it totally makes sense. This color has been around forever and will be around forever.

Backwoods is a warmer gray than some of the others we have discussed. It pairs very well with different wood tones as well as warm whites.

This is probably one of the more popular medium to dark green paint colors from Benjamin Moore. If you google it in images you will come up with a ton of great designers who have used it in their homes.

Get a Sample of Backwoods from Samplize!

Lafayette Green

This is a swatch of Lafayette Green from Benjamin Moore.

Lafayette Green has an LRV of 8, so we are definitely getting into the darker shades of green. This is a cool-toned Green, having lots of blue undertones.

Lafayette Green changes color in different lights, hello blue undertones. In rooms with lots of natural light it can look a lot lighter. When there isn’t as much natural light the depth of color really comes through.

Get a Sample of Lafayette Green from Samplize!

Tarrytown Green

This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore Tarrytown Green.

Tarrytown Green has an LRV of 7. Just a touch under Lafayette Green.

This color is very similar to Lafayette Green but it has just a bit more depth of color. I absolutely love these dark greens paired with gold and white accents. Using these greens on kitchen cabinetry is such a fabulous idea.

Get a Sample of Tarrytown Green from Samplize!

Essex Green

This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore Essex Green.

Essex Green is a green that is almost black. It has an LRV of 3.53, so yeah, it’s really dark.

This color is a rich forest green and looks amazing as an accent wall bringing warmth and coziness to a space. Like the previous two color, Essex Green looks amazing on kitchen cabinetry, it really anchors the room.

Get a Sample of Essex Green from Samplize!

October Mist

This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore October Mist.

October Mist is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2022! So it’s only fitting that I include it here in the list of best sage paint colors. Honestly, it’s probably one of my favorite sage green colors.

This color is the perfect blend of green and gray. It’s a mid-toned sage with an LRV of 46.54. This color not only brings the feel of nature into your home but it uplifts your home and makes you feel happy.

Get a Sample of October Mist from Samplize!

Saybrook Sage

This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage.

Saybrook Sage is very similar to October Mist but it leans a tad more toward the green side, aloe green to be specific. It has an LRV of 45.46 so it also is a mid-toned sage but a smidge darker than October Mist.

Get a Sample of Saybrook Sage from Samplize!

Hollingsworth Green

This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore Hollingsworth Green.

Hollingsworth Green leans a little more towards the minty side but it does have gray in it so it’s still considered a sage. Being more minty this color has green, gray, as well as blue in it.

Get a sample of Hollingworth Green from Samplize!

Sage Wisdom

This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom.

Sage Wisdom is a little bit darker than the previous two with an LRV of 43.98, still in the mid-tone range though. This color is a popular color in spas because of the relaxing vibe it has. So if you need a little calm in your home this would be a good color to choose.

Get a Sample of Sage Wisdom from Samplize!

High Park

This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore High Park.

This color is so beautiful! It’s definitely darker with an LRV of 30.43 so if you plan to use this one make sure you use it in a room with lots of natural light.

Get a Sample of High Park from Samplize!

Night Train

This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore Night Train.

Night Train is also darker with an LRV of 22.8. This color is more gray than green but still has that calming effect. This one is one of my favorites and would look amazing on kitchen cabinets.

Get a Sample of Night Train from Samplize!

Oil Cloth

This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore Oil Cloth.

Oil Cloth to me is a gorgeous mid-toned color that is reminiscent of an old farmhouse. It’s the perfect color to promote the feeling of age and maturity. It has an LRV of 35.31. This is the color used in the photo at the top of this article. Isn’t it just perfect!

Get a Sample of Oil Cloth from Samplize!

Texas Sage

This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore Texas Sage.

Texas Sage is definitely more green than gray but you can see how gorgeous it is on the exterior of this home. It has an LRV of 34.21.

Get a Sample of Texas Sage from Samplize!

Hillside Green

This is a swatch of Benjamin Moore Hillside Green.

Hillside Green also has more green than gray but really speaks to nature. It’s very lush and looks amazing on cabinets, board and batten, or furniture. The LRV is 33.81.

Get a Sample of Hillside Green from Samplize!

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