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9 Gorgeous Shiplap Bathroom Wall Ideas

If you love the look of shiplap in a bathroom and want to create that look in your home then stick around. I have tons of shiplap bathroom wall ideas from horizontal to vertical and lots of different colors. Make sure you go all the way to the end because I have a surprise use for shiplap in your bathroom!

Shiplap has been popular for a while thanks to the TV show Fixer Upper. That is really the first time I saw a product used in such a way.

Don’t get me wrong, tongue and groove boards have been used for centuries to line walls and protect them. But the way shiplap is used today is quite different.

What is Shiplap?

Shiplap was a nautical term used to describe the overlapping of boards on a ship’s hull. In the 19th and 20th centuries, shiplap was mainly used on the exterior of homes and sheds.

Most recently it became popular as a use on the interior of the home as a design element.

Shiplap is a long narrow board that has grooves cut into the top and bottom of the boards. They are used to overlap each other. This is where the distinctive line comes from that is so popular in home design.

Should I Use Shiplap in a Bathroom?

If you love the look then yes, add shiplap to your bathroom. Because it’s a wood product and bathrooms are high moisture areas there are some things you need to consider before adding shiplap.

What Kind of Shiplap is Best For Bathrooms?

Shiplap has become so popular that manufacturers have come up with all sorts of products to make shiplap safe for all areas of your home.

PVC shiplap is a great option for bathrooms because it’s not wood so there is much less of a chance of the moisture rotting the shiplap.

If you use wood shiplap make sure you choose a paint that is rated for high moisture areas. Semigloss paint is often preferred because it protects the surface much better.

What to do Before Shiplapping a Bathroom

Before installing shiplap make sure your bathroom has adequate air flow. A good window and a fan that can handle the amount of square footage in the room are best.

I recommend installing shiplap before you install your fixtures. It will be much easier. If you aren’t removing the fixtures and just want to add shiplap you can do it, but the process will be a bit more difficult.

How to Use Shiplap in a Bathroom

There are many ways to use shiplap in a bathroom. You can use it vertically all the way up to the ceiling or halfway up the wall for a type of wainscoting.

Use it horizontally to get the traditional shiplap look. You can putty over the nail holes or don’t for a more rustic look.

Shiplap Bathroom Wall Ideas

Here are some great examples of shiplap in bathrooms!

Vertical Shiplap Bathroom Wall Ideas

White vertical shiplap and brick floors in a bathroom with gold accents.
Source: Tiffany Leigh Designs

This is a gorgeous example of using vertical shiplap all the way to the ceiling. By doing this you really elevate the height of your ceilings! I also love the contrasting floors in the brick pattern. This really makes the shiplap texture stand out.

White vertical shiplap halfway up the wall with teal painted above and a gray towel hanging on hooks.
Source: Making Manzanita

I love this idea of having the shiplap painted white with the upper wall painted a bold color. This contrast really accentuates the shiplap texture. It also allows you to use a darker color without creating a cave in your bathroom.

Vertical shiplap painted a light blue-green in a bathroom with white on the walls above and two wood shelves above the toilet.
Source: The House of Hood Blog

Traditionally shiplap was painted white but why not paint it a color? I love the soft blue-green of this bathroom with the gorgeous patterned floor.

Dark blue gray painted shiplap hung vertically in a bathroom with a wood vanity and beige counter.
Source: Sustain my Craft Habit

Or you can go really bold with a dark accent wall like we have here. The darker color really gives the room personality while the texture of the shiplap adds interest.

Horizontal Shiplap Bathroom Wall Ideas

White shiplap with blue and white wallpaper above in a bathroom with a navy cabinet, white counter and round white and tan mirror.
Source: Driven By Decor

There is so much to say about this bathroom, it’s just stunning is where I will start. Here you can see the shiplap only goes about halfway up the wall with a gorgeous wallpaper above. The shiplap is painted white which is traditional but the blue and white wallpaper really ties it in.

Shiplap in a bathroom that has been painted black with a black and white tile on the floor.
Source: The Home Depot

You don’t have to go traditional and paint your shiplap white. Here we have the boldest color of black! It’s simply gorgeous and with all the white and chrome accents it really is amazing.

White shiplap in a bathroom with two towel hooks with gray towels hanging from them and a light gray shower curtain.
Source: Katie Lamb

If you have a smaller bathroom that doesn’t have a lot of natural light you will want to keep your shiplap a lighter color. In this case, they took it all the way up the wall. Hanging towel hooks on shiplap is a great idea because it will protect the drywall from the dampness of the wet towels.

A large bathroom with a free standing tub and a wall behind it with white shiplap.
Source: Windsor One

I love a good accent wall and it doesn’t get much better than this one. The shiplap is taken all the way to the top of the wall with the vaulted ceiling. Being used in a horizontal manner keeps the ceilings from feeling too high and makes the room look wider.

A bathroom with shiplap on the ceiling painted white and shiplap on the walls halfway up painted dark green as well as the doors.
Source: Hill Home Love

Shiplap doesn’t just have to be used on the walls, try using it on your ceiling! This is perfect for a ceiling that has some imperfections in the drywall. Cover up those imperfections by creating this stunning eye-catching feature. This will also make your ceilings appear taller.

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I hope you have gotten some great ideas on what you might like to do with your bathroom walls. The sky is the limit. Just let your creativity go wild! You can thank me later;)

A grid of four shiplapped bathrooms with text overlay.

As a licensed Real Estate Agent and an avid home decorator, I strive to give my clients the very best I can when it comes to staging, selling, and decorating their homes. I have lots of experience with paint color choices and love to DIY my home so I can have everything just the way I want it. I share my ideas and projects with the world in the hopes that I can help others have their homes just the way they want as well.

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