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Fall Home Tour 2023

Hello and welcome to my fall home tour 2023! I am super excited to share with you how I decorated my home for fall this year and hopefully give you a few ideas on how you can decorate your home!

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Fall Home Tour 2023

Fall is by far my favorite time of year. It’s also my favorite season to decorate. I love all the cozy textures on throw pillows and blankets.

I love “sweater weather” and curling up in sweats to read a book. What is your favorite thing about fall?

Fall in my entryway

One of my favorite places to decorate for fall is my entryway. It’s the first room you see when you come into my home so why not go crazy here?!

My dog sitting on a bench looking out a large window to the front yard where my mums are starting to bloom.

In this photo, you can see my dog on her favorite spot. She loves to perch here and monitor the neighborhood, LOL.

On the front porch, I have some planters with ferns and others that I put mums into. You can also see my burning bushes are starting to turn.

On the bench I have this pretty pumpkin pillow I got from Kirklands a few years ago.

My dog sitting on a gray bench and a view of the pumpkin patch pillow on my front porch sitting on a bench.

Lilly is actually looking toward the camera, this never happens. But from this angle, you can see the pumpkin patch pillow on the bench on my front porch. This pillow is awesome and would look great on a couch or a bed…or a front porch bench!

My entryway with my dog sitting on a bench in front of a large window, a beadboard wall and large rug on hardwood floors.

From this angle of the entry, you can see the pumpkin pillow and some faux pumpkins on the floor with a welcome friends sign. I love how the pumpkins on the sign go with the pumpkin on the pillow.

A close up of a pumpkin pillow on the entryway bench and two pumpkins and a wood sign leaning up agains the gray pot of a birds of paradise plant.
My entryway table with a view into the kitchen with hardwood floors, light gray walls and a wood sign that says it's wonderful to be home.

On the other side of the entry is my console table. I made that wood sign last year, on the other sign it’s all about Christmas.

The photo on the table is an old one but one of my favorite fall photos my kids have ever taken. In the picture, they are facing each other throwing leaves. So stinking cute!

Entryway table with a plant in a lantern, a wood framed photo of kids throwing leaves at each other and a patchwork pumpkin.

Fall in the family room

My first go-to place to decorate is my mantel. The fireplace is 11 feet wide and the mantel spans almost the whole thing. It’s really big and chunky so the decor I put on it cannot be small. It needs to be large otherwise it just gets lost and looks cluttered.

Unfortunately, this room gets little to no light in it during the summer because I am surrounded by trees on this side of the house. So even though we have tons of windows we don’t get sunlight til the leaves fall off the trees. Hence the darker photos, sorry about that.

A view of the family room with a stone fireplace, large wood beam for a mantel and a round black chandelier.

Here you can see my fall/Christmas reversible sign I made a while back. It was so easy and I love using it year after year.

On the mantel is a vase of fall flowers, a bronze lantern and a ceramic pumpkin.

It got these lanterns at IKEA and spray painted them with bronze paint. I love switching on the faux candles at night for a little light. You can also put a candle in the ceramic pumpkin to add to the vibe!

I love using faux foliage on the mantel too. Whether its season specific or just some greenery it all is good.

On the mantel is a bronze lantern, an owl, and a lantern with a faux plant.

This is the other side of the mantel with another bronze lantern and an owl made of grapevine. And of course some greenery.

A view from my family room to the outside where the fall mums are blooming and the trees are starting to turn colors.

Here you can see all the trees on the back side of our property. As well as some mums on the deck. I like to see the flowers as I sit on the couch during the day working on my computer.

Here are the throw pillows I bought from (you guessed it) Kirklands a few years ago. I actually really like that store. The prices have gone up in recent years but it’s still one of my favorite stores for home decor.

Fall in the kitchen

I also like to decorate my kitchen for different seasons and holidays. I spend a lot of time in there so it’s nice to have the space feel festive.

A vignette on my kitchen counters with a vase of flow3ers, two bronze candle holders and taper candles and a pumpkin spice candle on a cutting board.

I cut some of my hydrangea blooms and displayed them in the pretty white pitcher from Target. I also have these bronze candle sticks with orange tapers. The pumpkin is of course pumpkin spice!

A tiered tray with fall decor on it sitting in the corner of my kitchen on marble countertops.

By my stove, I have this tiered tray and have put some smaller decorative items on it. I like this tiered tray because it’s smaller so I still have plenty of room to food prep when making dinner.

Coffee bar with owls and a wood sign and a rectangular wood box with faux fall greenery and a bronze lantern.

In the breakfast nook, I created this industrial-looking coffee bar. The bottom shelf has a rectangular wood box that has a fall garland in it. I wrapped it around a couple of times to make it look really full. And used another of the bronze lanterns.

I also have some owls and a small wood sign.

Please disregard my jar of skittles, lol. We have a bit of an addiction to them in this house!

A dresser with pictures of my granddaughter and a wood cutting board with an apricot colored candle and a greenery ring around it.

And finally in the space between the breakfast nook and family room is this antique dresser where I display photos of my granddaughter. I added a small candle vignette to add a fall touch, even though the pictures are from our trip to Hilton Head this summer.

Again, this photo is a little grainy because there is absolutely no natural light here. UGH, I don’t want to wish for winter but I really need some natural light.

I am considering having some skylights installed if we have to get our roof replaced, but I have no idea how much that might cost. If you have any idea I would love to know about it.

Fall in my dining room

I am going to share a picture of my dining room from last year. I haven’t been about to get my fall decor in there yet this year because I am working on a scrapbooking project and the entire dining table is covered in photos!

I plan to do exactly the same thing though because I absolutely loved what I did! I made these velvet pumpkins and created a display on the table. It was so pretty.

The dining room with the table full of rust and champagne colored velvet pumpkins with greenery.

Isn’t it so pretty?! I love adding some greenery among the pumpkins to make it look more natural.

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Fall Home Tour 2023

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