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7 Of The Best Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees On The Market

Today I am sharing the best faux fiddle leaf fig trees available on the market today!

Artificial trees have been popular for decades. I remember my Mom having a ficus tree that she always complained was too dusty, LOL.

Right now fiddle leaf figs are insanely popular in home decor. Many people can grow them but there are those of us that cannot, whether we don’t have the right light conditions or just have a brown thumb.

If you don’t have the right conditions or just aren’t the best plant person but still want the greenery going faux is the way to go.

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Before you buy consider these things…

The first thing you need to think about when buying any faux tree is to decide how tall and wide you want it. What does the space look like where you want to put it? These things are very important.

Another thing to think about when buying a faux tree is what container you are going to put it in. Typically faux fiddle leaf fig trees come in a small pot that isn’t very pretty. I usually like to put them in another basket or pot that is more substantial to make it look a lot nicer.

The Best Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Faux trees and flowers are made so much better than when I was a kid. There are some that are so real-looking I have to touch them to find out!

That’s one thing I love about FLF trees, it’s very easy to make them look so real. And they are so easy to keep clean!

The first few I am going to share are from Amazon. This one is on the smaller side, and it comes with a basket! It’s 30 inches tall, so more of a large plant size rather than a tree.

This next one from Amazon does not come with a basket, just a small pot for a base. But it’s 4 feet tall which I really like. This is a great size and you can elevate it by putting it on a brick inside another container.

This tall one from Amazon is very nice. It is 6 feet tall and really full at the top. If you have a neglected corner of your home this faux fiddle leaf fig tree will fill it nicely. And what’s great is you don’t have to worry about whether it gets enough sunlight!

This one from Wayfair is really full. I love that it has several branches coming from the pot and each branch has multiple leaves on it. It is malleable so you can make it as wide as you want.

A faux fiddle leaf fig tree next to a gray couch and white walls with picture frame molding.

This one is on the pricier side but for good reason. It is tall but it’s also extremely full. Definitely the fullest of any I am listing here.

A faux fiddle leaf fig tree in a black pot with a white background.

This one from World Market is very similar to the one I bought from Kirkland’s last year (which unfortunately isn’t available anymore). It is medium height and full which I definitely like.

A faux fiddle leaf fig tree in a woven basket with a white background.

The last one I would like to list is this beauty from World Market. It’s tall and full at the top, which is a very popular design.

A faux fiddle leaf fig tree with a white background.

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