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The Best Paint Brushes For Latex Paint

It’s so important to have the right tools when you are doing any kind of DIY project. The project that makes the biggest impact with little effort is painting. Today I will share the best paint brushes for latex paint so you can get a smooth finish every time.

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Different Types of Paint Brushes

Natural Brushes

Natural paint brushes are made from animal hair. These brushes are great for getting a smooth finish. If you are working with polyurethane or some type of topcoat, or oil-based paint this is the best paintbrush for you.

Synthetic Brushes

Synthetic brushes are made of nylon and polyester. These brushes are best to be used with latex-based paints. Latex-based paints are water-based and natural brushes will soak up the water making them less efficient. It’s best to use synthetic brushes with this type of paint.

Best Paint Brushes for Latex Paint

We have established that synthetic brushes are the best type of brush to use but there is more to it depending on what type of project you are doing.

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to read all the details of why this brush is good for this task you can jump right to the Amazon page I put together with the top paint brushes.

The Best Paint Brush for Cutting In

When you are cutting in you want to have an angled brush. An angled brush will really help you get the right position so you can paint right next to the ceiling without getting paint on it.

In my opinion, Purdy makes the best paint brushes and this angled brush is my absolute favorite!

2-1/2" Purdy 144080325 XL Dale Angled Sash Paint Brush, Tynex Orel
  • XL Dale Nylon/Polyester Brush Angle Sash
  • Our most versatile brush
  • Designed for use with all paints and stains
  • Medium Stiff Bristles
  • Natural Hardwood Handle, Rattail Style, Square Edge, Brushed Copper Ferrule

I recently reordered this brush because I had worn out my old one.

What I love about this brush is the angle, I can easily cut in around the ceiling, trim, and everything else without getting paint on them. I also love the width of it.

This brush is 2 1/2 inches wide and I find this is great when getting a smooth finish around where I cut in and around outlets and light switches.

My second favorite brush for cutting in would be this one from Wooster.

Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush, 2-Inch, White
  • Flexible purple Shergrip handle that measurers only 2 Inches long that adds maneuverability in tight spaces
  • White nylon and gold polyester blend for all paints
  • Brass-plated steel ferrule
  • Package designed to peg hook brush by the handle and illustrate proper holding position
  • Q3211 counter display carton has a full-color 9 Inch x 7 Inch sign

This brush is great because of the handle. It’s really easy to hold can really help your hand not feel cramped after a day of painting.

The width is also good on this one but what’s great is it’s a bit cheaper than the Purdy.

The Best Paint Brushes for Trim

When painting trim I always go with an angled brush. It’s a lot like cutting in, you need to be able to have control of where the paint is going and what direction it’s going in.

For painting trim, I like my paint brush to be a little bit narrower. It really depends on what type of trim you are working on. For me, most of the time trim is narrower therefore a smaller brush is better.

Here are my go-to paint brushes for painting trim. One is 2 inches and the other is 1 inch. Which one is better for you depends on the size of the trim you are working with.

2" Purdy 144152320 XL Glide Angled Sash Paint Brush, Tynex Orel
  • XL Glide Nylon/Polyester Brush Angle Sash
  • Use with all paints
  • Angular trim and fluted, natural hardwood handle
  • Round edge, brushed copper ferrule
  • Handcrafted in the USA
1" Purdy 144080310 XL Dale Angled Sash Paint Brush, Tynex Orel
  • XL Dale Nylon/Polyester Brush Angle Sash
  • Highly recommended for both interior and exterior painting projects
  • The stiffness retention makes them especially high-performing for outside painting under hot and humid climate conditions
  • Only solid, round, tapered Nylox (dyed nylon) and polyester filaments are used and our special tipping and flagging process brings our synthetic filaments...
  • Hand-chiseled formulation for maximum paint lift and smooth "no-drag" application

The Best Paint Brushes for Doors

If you are going to be painting a large surface and plan to use a brush then you want a flat brush. The best places to use a flat brush are doors, cabinetry, furniture, siding, and even walls.

A high-quality flat brush can give you the same finish as using a roller. Here are my top choices.

Wooster Brush Q3108-4 Paintbrush Softip, 4-Inch, Yellow
  • Soft brush tips provide a smooth and even finish with all latex and oil-based paints
  • White nylon and gold polyester with chisel trim
  • Brass-plated steel ferrule
  • Pearl-yellow solid plastic beavertail handle

Summary: The Best Paint Brushes for Latex Paint

As you can see Purdy is my all-time favorite paint brush brand. They are very high quality, and as my mother used to say, you get what you pay for. The last thing you want is to have bristles coming off onto your walls and being there forever! That will not happen with Purdy.

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