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11 Must-Have Supplies for Painting a Room like a Pro

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So you decided to paint that room! Yeah and congratulations! Today I have 11 must-have supplies for painting a room like a pro!

The one thing that can make the biggest impact when redecorating a room in your home is paint. Painting the walls is the cheapest way to make a large impact.

I love painting because at the end of the day it’s so satisfying to see a massive transformation. So many times a project can take days to finish but not with painting. You can normally paint a room in one day and it’s awesome to have the results so fast.

I have painted what seems like a zillion rooms! I have learned a ton, about what to do and what not to do. Today I will share all my go-to, must-have paint supplies which I could not paint a room without.

If you don’t want to go through everything listed here I have created a page on Amazon where you can go directly to all these must-have products.

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Supplies for Painting a Room

When it comes to painting supplies, all paintbrushes are not created equal.

My mom used to have a phrase that she would use, you get what you pay for. This is totally true when it comes to painting supplies.

A cheap paintbrush is going to lose its bristles and shed all over your walls. Once the paint dries over it then you will have that bristle there forever. Yuck! No one wants that.

If you spend the money and get good quality products then you will be able to use them many times. Spending the extra bucks really pays off in the long run. I just repurchased a new paintbrush because my old one wore out, after two years of painting!

Choosing a Color

This isn’t a supply but this is a great tip! If you are trying to choose a paint color then you should definitely get a sample and put it on the wall. Look at it over the course of a couple of days in different lights to see if you really like it.

You can do this by getting a sample from the paint store but I highly suggest getting one from Samplize. It’s a company that will mail you a 12×12 inch peel and stick sample that will stick to your wall and you can remove it and toss it once you decide on which color you like best. It’s super easy and there is no mess!


This is my go-to favorite paintbrush. I just bought a new one this week. It is angled so you can get into corners and cut in along trim or ceilings in a straight line. I like the width of this too, it’s 2 1/2 inches. It does come in other widths so if you need something bigger or smaller you can do that.

Paint Roller

Wooster Brush R017-9 Sherlock Roller Frame, 9-Inch
  • Wooster brush with 9 inch sherlock roller frame

As far as paint rollers go this one is really good. This is one area that if you find one cheaper then that would be fine. Having a high-quality roller isn’t super important but having a high-quality roller cover is.

Purdy Purdy-14E863000, One Size, Multi, 3 Count
  • This item is Purdy 140863000 3pk9x3/8 White Dove Cover

Yes, I like the Purdy brand. This roller cover is high quality. I have one that I used to prime the walls, then I cleaned it and now I am using it to paint the walls. They are of great quality and do not shed like others I have tried.

Paint Tray and Bucket

4 Piece 4 inch Paint Tray Liner with 2 Piece 4 inch Black Paint Roller Tray Plastic Paint Trays Liner for Household
  • Every disposable paint tray liner is made from durable and recycled plastic that can be reused a few times if the paint project takes a few days. While...

Paint trays are how you load paint onto the roller cover. I do not like metal paint trays. They tend to rust over time and you don’t want that anywhere near your paint. I like plastic paint trays and I love these plastic covers because it makes clean up a breeze! You just toss the cover and you are done.

I also like this one from Handy Paints. It’s really well made and will last forever. It does require a little more effort for clean up but it’s really easy to handle (which is important when moving it all over the room filled with paint) compared to the cheaper versions.

This is another product from Handy and I love it because this is what you will use to put paint on the brush so you can cut in around the edges of the wall. With the handle, this guy is so easy to hold. I may or may not have dropped one that didn’t have this handle. (shhhhh)

Painters Tape

Not all painter’s tape is created equal. I really like Scotch blue painter’s tape, the wider the better. This one is about 1 inch wide, I actually prefer a little bit wider, but this is the bare minimum I would go. I know that it costs a little more for wider tape but when you start to get tired from painting you get a little bit sloppy. It’s worth the extra few bucks to not have to come back later and clean paint off woodwork or windows.

Drop Cloths

Drop cloths are super important because they protect your floors from paint spills. These plastic ones will do the job pretty well. The only negative is they have a tendency to blow around if windows are open, or when the AC or heat kicks on.

All Purpose Canvas Drop Cloth - Canvas Tarp, Canvas Fabric Drop Cloth Curtains, Drop Cloth for Painting, Floor & Furniture Protection, Painters Drop Cloth, Paint Drop Cloth (Canvas Sheet 9x12) Cream
  • ✅ 𝗣𝗔𝗜𝗡𝗧𝗘𝗥𝗦 𝗗𝗥𝗢𝗣 𝗖𝗟𝗢𝗧𝗛: Whether you’re a professional or a DIY painter this heavy-duty fabric -...

Canvas drop cloths are more expensive but they don’t move around as the plastic ones do. And they last a lot longer, you can use them over and over and they won’t rip or wear out.

Other Essential Supplies

Mr. Long Arm 3212 Pro Extension Pole, 6-to-12-Feet
  • Fluted fiberglass handle for a comfortable grip in any climate

If you have ceilings higher than 8 feet and don’t have a ladder taller than the standard 5 or 6 foot height then you might need an extension pole. This pole extends really far out so if you have an area like a stairwell or vaulted ceilings this guy will take care of hitting those high spots for you. You paint roller will just screw onto the end of the pole, it’s really easy.

Shur-Line 2006561 Paint Edger Pro with Two Pack of 2001044 Painter’s Pad Refills
  • PAINT EDGER PRO: At 4.75 x 3.75 inches, this compact painter’s accessory will help you create crisp lines on baseboard and ceiling edges with equal ease....

This is a great tool to use against the ceilings. It’s really hard to tape off the ceilings and if you aren’t an experienced painter you can accidentally get paint on the ceiling. Then you need to come back and touch up the ceiling, which is super annoying. This tool will help prevent dealing with that!

This corner tool is great for those high ceilings and getting into the corners. One time I was painting my stairwell and I didn’t know this guy existed. I duct-taped a paintbrush to my extension pole…I do not advise trying this, LOL. It was not pretty!

The only other tools you might need are a can opener and a stir stick which you should be able to get for free from your paint store.

Supplies for Painting a Room Recap

Long story short, you get what you pay for. Buying good quality brushes and rollers is really important for a professional look. Having good painter’s tape will save you hours of clean-up after you are done. Trust me, the last thing you want to do after painting all day is spend two hours cleaning up from it.

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