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7 Reasons Why Black Interior Doors Are So Popular

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Do you want to change the look of your home but you don’t have a lot of time or money? Or maybe you just want a new look. Try black interior doors! I have seven reasons why you should do this today!

Many times builders put cheap hollow wood doors into homes. They certainly do nothing to make the home look good.

White interior doors have been popular for a while but they really don’t elevate the look of the home. They just blend in.

By painting your doors a dark black color you will give your home personality. You will not be sorry you tried it. But if you are, it’s super easy to paint over them!

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Painting Builder Grade Doors Black Instantly Makes Them Look More Expensive

We are constantly fighting the builder-grade everything in newer homes. From color to construction we try to inject our own personality to make our home not look just like the one next door.

Painting your interior doors with any color achieves this result. By painting them black you instantly upgrade the look and make them look like you paid a fortune for new doors!

A black interior door with gold hardware next to white walls in an entryway.
Souce: Snazzy Little Things

Black Doors Hide Dirt and Fingerprints

If you have kids and pets then you know the constant struggle to keep your home clean. By using a dark color you can hide fingerprints and scuffs easily.

Black also hides dust and dirt that might accumulate on your door. All you need to do is lightly dust or wipe down with a damp cloth and you have clean doors again.

Black Doors Make Ceilings Look Taller

Black is slimming, that’s what we hear about clothing. The same thing can be said about home decor.

Painting doors black creates a slimming appearance and makes the ceilings look instantly taller.

Black Doors Add Instant Drama

Painting your doors with such a contrasting color adds instant drama to your home. It makes your home look much more expensive and stylish.

Black is a color that will never go out of style. It’s classic and timeless. What is also great is that black interior doors go with every design style.

No matter what you love, from farmhouse to modern, black interior doors will look great in your home.

A dining room with black doors, white trim and a light wood table.
Source: Manhattan Nest

Black Doors Ground a Room

Black is a color that always is grounding. By painting your doors black you elevate the look, elevate the ceilings, but also ground the room.

Black Doors Create a Focal Point

If you struggle with a focal point in your space painting your doors black will help. They draw the eye to them creating a focal point.

Painting Doors is an easy DIY project

The best thing about painting your doors is that this is one of the simplest things you can do yourself. You can save money but elevate the look of your home without having to call a professional.

How to paint a door:

The first thing you need to paint anything is the right tools. Having a good paint brush is essential. I have a whole post dedicated to the best tools to paint a room…you should check that out first.

Using your brush cut in any areas that have raised panels where your roller will not get to. Once that is done use a roller to cover all the flat areas. Make sure you let it dry completely in between coats. You might have to do 3 or 4 coats when painting a dark color.

Taking down the door is one way or paint it while it’s still hanging. You will want to tape off the hinges and door knob if you cannot remove them.

French doors in a home painted black with silver hardware.
Souce: City Farmhouse

How to know if a paint color is right for you?

The best way to judge if a color is good for you then you will want to put a swatch on the wall and look at it over a few days. Look at it in different lights and decide if you really like it.

You can do this by getting a sample from the paint store and using a brush to put it up on the walls, but then you are left with a can that you can’t do anything with. Those samples are used with poor-quality paint and aren’t meant for use on your walls permanently.

I recommend going with Samplize. They are a company that will send you a 12X12 peel-and-stick swatch of a paint color that you can stick to the wall. When you are done just peel it off and throw it away.

It’s easy and much less messy!

The Best Black Color to Paint Your Door

There are lots of great black paint colors you can choose to paint your interior doors. Here are some of my favorites.

From Sherwin Williams:

From Benjamin Moore:

A black interior door at the end of a hallway with light wood floors and white walls.
Source: Blesser House


Are black interior doors a good idea?

They are a great idea! For all the reasons I already discussed let’s outline them again.

  • Uprades builder-grade doors
  • Makes Ceilings look taller
  • Hides dirt and fingerprints
  • Adds drama
  • Grounds a Room
  • Creates a Focal point
  • You can do it yourself!

Are black interior doors still in style?

Yes, black interior doors are a classic and timeless design choice that will be in style for many years to come.

Should black interior doors be matte or gloss?

If your doors have a lot of dicks and nicks in them you will want to go with more of a matte look. It will hide imperfections. But matte will not be easily cleaned.

A gloss or semigloss is wipeable so if you have kids you might want to go with that. But these do not hide imperfections. And they have more of a shine to them which some people don’t like.

Overall the best choice is to go with a satin or eggshell. This is sort of a middle ground option that most people like.

Do I have to paint both sides of the door?

Absolutely not! You can choose to leave one side of the door black and one white. It’s totally up to youl.

Does my trim need to match the door?

Trim does not need to match the color of the door. You can go that route but having a contrasting color on the trim looks really nice too.

What color door knobs should I use?

The color hardware you choose can also really elevate your space. You can go with a black door knob which will blend in or you can choose a gold or silver that will stand out. It’s all up to you!

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