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13 Timeless Black and White Kitchen Design Ideas

There is something really special about a black and white kitchen. The lack of color can create a drama all to itself. Today I am sharing 13 timeless black and white kitchen design ideas that will inspire you to create a classic kitchen all your own.

Many people might think that black and white means old school. That is not the case. you will see here in these photos that a black and white palette can be modern, sophisticated, as well as comfortable.

Many people might think that black and white means farmhouse style. While there is a lot of black and white in this design style that doesn’t mean that it’s the only style the colors are used.

I think what you will find here are gorgeous black and white kitchens with all different styles and elements that make them stand the test of time.

White Cabinets with Black Countertops

white kitchen cabinets with black counters and hardware with wood floating shelves and accessories.
Source: Studio McGee

This transitional kitchen by Studio McGee has a very classic feel. All white cabinets are definitely classic and when paired with black countertops and hardware you have a modern but timeless look. Adding the touches of wood also really warms up a space that can be harsh and cold feeling.

Two-Toned Cabinets in a Black and White Kitchen

Black lower cabinets and white uppers with a white subway tile backsplash in a herringbone pattern.
Source: Sunny Side Design

Having two-toned cabinets came into popularity about a decade ago and it’s not going anywhere. When you use black lowers and white uppers you get to take advantage of this new style while keeping it timeless with the color.

Notice that the perimeter cabinets are black on the bottom with white counters and the island is white with a black counter.

Let’s also discuss the other design elements in this kitchen that are timeless. The subway tile backsplash in a herringbone pattern. A classic material used in a timelss manner. Also the countertops in a marble look gives the space an updated yet ways in style look.

Grounding the Room with a Black Island

White perimeter cabinets with black hardware and an black island with gold hardware, marble counters and backsplash.
Source: Lindey Galloway

Like two-toned cabinetry another trend is to use a different color on the island than on the perimeter cabinets. Here they used white for the perimeter cabinets and black on the island.

Also the hardware is different on the different color cabinets, black for the white cabinets and gold for the black. The gold ties in with the gold faucet in the sink.

Another black and white element, with touches of gray, is the countertop. Marble is a classic material used for centuries and it has this suble color pattern.

Black and White Checkered Kitchen Floor

White perimeter cabinets and a black island on a black and white marble checkered floor.
Source: William Hefner

Is there anything more timeless than a checkered floor? I remember growing up and going to restaurants that had this type of flooring. Here you will see that not only is the floor checkered but it looks a lot like marble. Absolutely stunning!

Is it possible to have a design element that is not only modern but also old fashioned? Yes it is! By taking a pattern that is old fashioned and using it with a modern material (or classic material in this case) you achieve something that is timeless and classic.

Add Warmth with Rustic Elements

A kitchen with wood lower cabinets, black counters, white walls and a wood ceiling with lots of beams.
Source: Architectural Digest

Kitchens and bathrooms have a lot of hard surfaces and can sometimes feel cold and hard. I love rusic elements and adding them to a kitchen. Wood is traditionally used to warm up spaces. Here you see the wood on the lower cabinets, the basket as well as the amazing wood beams.

Using black on the windows also gives you the feeling of bringing the outdoors inside. The black really allows your eye to go outdoors and now you have added nature to your cold and hard kitchen. It’s not cold and hard any longer.

Updated Black Appliances

White cabinets and a brick backsplash with a white wash treatment and a black old world stove/oven with gold accents.
Source: Soul and Lane

This farmhouse kitchen uses a black appliance to add character. It’s not your 1990s black appliance though. It’s a stunning piece of art that not only is functional but is beautiful to look at too!

Black and White Kitchen Backsplash

A white kitchen with a large range and a patterned tile backsplash in black, white and gray.
Source: Marika Meyer Interiors

A great way to bring the black and white element into your kitchen is through a patterned tile backsplash. Here you will see black, white and gray which ties in all the other elements in the room.

Use Black But Keep It Open and Airy

A white kitchen with a black island and light hardwood floors.
Source: Village Home Stores

You can use black on something substantial in a room without creating the feel of a cave. Here you can see that the black on the island only adds interest and doesn’t take away from the airy feel.

If this island were white this kitchen wouldn’t be nearly as special or interesting as it is now. The color draws the eye towards it and becomes a focal point.

Warm Metals and All Black Cabinets

All black cabinets in a kitchen with rustic hardwood floors and a copper farmhouse sink.
Source: Beck/Allen Cabinetry

These matte black cabinets with matching hardware really speak to me! I love this look so much!

The countertop is very unique in that it has both significant areas that are all black and those that are all white.

But let’s not look past the star here, the sink. Adding a copper sink really brought the drama to this room. And the rustic hardwood floors also add that element of drama. This is the most dramatic kitchen I have ever seen and I want it in my home now!

Choosing the Right Shade of Black

Black cabinets with a white counter and light hardwood floors with a green and white striped runner on it.
Source: The Cottage Market

Did you know there are different shades of black? You bet there are! I have a post dedicated to all the best black paint colors. But it’s super important to choose the right shade for your home when using it in a kitchen because it costs a lot of money to change something like that.

The Cottage Market went with a lighter black, it’s almost a dark charcoal. It looks amazing with the marble look counters and light hardwood floors. Make sure you always test samples in your home to decide which one you like the best.

Black and White Kitchen with Light Woods

A white kitchen with a black oven hood and island, light rattan bar stools and wood accents in the accessories.
Source: Stephanie Kraus Designs

This is another kitchen that screams come sit down and enjoy the family. I love the bar stools that they almost feel like dining chairs.

The lighter wood in the stools and floors really warm up the space. By recurring that in the accessories throughout the space the kitchen really feels warm and cozy.

A Patterned Tile Floor

Black cabinets, white tile on the walls and a wood island on a patterned floor tile.
Source: Jessica Helgerson Interiors

Patterned floor tiles have really become popular lately but is it a trend? No! Patterened floors have been popular in Europe for centuries.

This kitchen really has an old world feel with the dark cabinets, light counters, wood island and patterned floor. This is a kitchen that screams let’s cook!

Touches of Color Liven Up the Space

Black lower cabinets with butcher block counters, white shiplap walls and a dark red geometric rug in the center of the floor.
Source: Maison de Pax

Many people might think that black and white is just so boring. I think we have proved that this is totally not the case.

If you feel the need to liven up a black and white kitchen do so in the accessories. For example here the rug really adds some personality and I love how it sits in the center of the room.

You can also bring in bowls of lemons or apples to add color. Put some pretty colorful window treatments on the window. These are ways to add touches of color without taking away the timeless design of the black and white kitchen.

Is a Black and White Kitchen in Style?

Black and white will always be in style. It’s a timeless look that never goes out of style.

What you should do is decorate your black and white kitchen with trendy colors and accessories. Accessories are inexpensive to replace when trends change.

Is a Black and White Kitchen Timeless?

I have said this a few times but the answer is YES! Using black and white in your home is timeless and can be incorporated into any design style.

What Color Goes with a Black and White Kitchen?

Any color goes with black and white. In my kitchen I like to change out the colors for the different seasons or holidays.

My kitchen is all white with a few small black touches. I use pink peonies in a vase in the Spring/Summer, orange mums in the fall, and eucalyptus in the winter. This is just one example of how you can change up the decor without changing the kitchen.

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