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17 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors {2024}

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Today I have the most popular kitchen cabinet colors for 2023 as well as real examples of them in homes.

Adding color to your kitchen cabinets can inject personality into your kitchen which historically can be a boring and cold room. This is also a great way to bring your personality into your home!

Paint is a DIY dream because it’s cheap and anyone can apply it. Therefore, it’s the best thing to use if you want to give your kitchen an update without spending a ton of money!

Before we get started on what are trending colors to use on your cabinets I want to mention another trend now with kitchen design…having your island be a different color than the perimeter cabinets. I have a whole post dedicated to kitchen island colors so check that out once you are done reading here.

A side by side of three kitchens with different colors cabinets.

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Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors

I want to go through not only paint colors to choose when making over, or designing, or kitchen but also trending wood tones you should use.

Trends often change and the great thing about using paint on your kitchen cabinets is you can change it as trends change. If you are designing a kitchen with wood cabinets I will go through elements to avoid as well as good tones to choose.

If you are wondering how to choose a color for your cabinets then you might want to check out Samplize. They are a company that will send you a 12×12 inch peel and stick sample that you can put up in your kitchen and compare in many types of light to see which one is best for you.

What’s great about Samplize is they send the samples to your door, you don’t have to go anywhere! And when you are done you just throw it away. It’s a lot less messy than getting a paint sample can from the hardware store.

Black Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Black as a color has been taking the design world by storm in the last 5 years. It’s become very popular to use in a dining room or in a bedroom to create a dark and moody atmosphere. Adding it to kitchen cabinets can really add a ton of sophistication to the room.

When paired with a light counter or light walls the black really stands out and can be quite dramatic.

I will tell you my favorites for kitchen cabinets but if you want more options check out my post on the best black paint colors.

Black cabinets with white counters and backsplash.
Source: Designing Idea

I love the way Designing Idea used black hardware with the black cabinets. It really gives the space a seamless look. As you can see when paired with the white counters, backsplash, floors, and walls the black really adds a ton of character.

My favorite black paint colors:

  • Sherwin Williams Iron Ore
  • Sherwin Williams Peppercorn
  • Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Navy blue is one of those timeless colors that will always be in style. I have a post on the best navy paint colors if you want to go there and check out a lot of options but I will also share my favorites below.

I also have a post on how to decorate with navy blue which can really add a lot of ideas if you plan to use a navy color in your kitchen.

navy blue cabinets with gold hardware, gold light fixtures, white countertops, and a white subway tile backsplash.
Source: Kountry Kraft

Kountry Kraft chose a lighter navy for their kitchen but when paired with the white counters the blue really pops. I also love the gold hardware and how nicely it goes with navy blue.

You can really go nautical or Americana with this paint color. It’s all in all the other elements of the kitchen and how you pair them together.

My favorite navy paint colors:

  • Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
  • Sherwin Williams Naval

Turquoise Cabinets

If you want to add a bit of fun to your home then go with a bolder color. Turquoise is perfect for this.

You can take this color and make it very coastal or pair it with other colors to make it a style all your own.

Turquoise cabinets with black hardware, white counters and backsplash with a copper oven hood vent.
Source: Home Bunch

I love how this kitchen has turquoise on the lower cabinets and white on the top. This is a bold color and pairing it with white counters and white uppers helps to keep the turquoise from overpowering the room.

What I also think is unique about this space is the amazing color on the lowers which creates a focal point but they also add interest with the copper hood vent! These elements don’t compete with each other, I think they complement each other very well.

My favorite turquoise paint colors:

  • Sherwin Williams Nifty Turquoise
  • Benjamin Moore Tropical Turquoise

Medium Green Cabinets

Green is another color that has taken the world by storm! It’s so popular I have a post on the best green paint colors too!

What I love about the greens that have become popular are the mid-toned greens have a lot of gray in them which is fabulous for adding a bit of color without it becoming overpowering. The gray gives it a neutral base which makes the color simply gorgeous!

light green cabinets with a marble counter and white subway tile backsplash.
Source: Rejuvenation

Here you can see how Rejuvenation paired the medium green color with gold hardware and how well they contrast with each other. I also love how the color looks with the medium-toned hardwood floors.

Lots of white accents here really help to keep the green color the star of the show.

My favorite medium green paint colors:

  • Benjamin Moore High Park
  • Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay

Dark Green Cabinets

I absolutely love dark green colors, especially when they are so dark that it’s hard to tell if they are black or dark green. I think these colors add a lot of sophistication to a space and look amazing when paired with just about every color hardware you can find!

Dark Green cabinets with a wood counter and two wood barstools.
Source: House and Home

As you can see dark green goes particularly well with wood tones. I love how this looks here from House and Home.

Another thing I feel dark green does is it brings out the other colors in the room. The other greens seem more vibrant and the pots really stand out too.

My favorite dark green paint colors:

  • Sherwin Williams Basil
  • Sherwin Williams Pewter Green
  • Benjamin Moore Backwoods
  • Benjamin Moore Tarrytown Green

Mint Green Cabinets

Mint green is very similar to turquoise but a little more muted. It has a little bit of blue in it to keep it from being too green but also with a neutral base so the color is toned down.

mint green cabinets with a marble counter and backsplash with terazzo floors.
Source: Contemporist

I love how Contemporist paired the mint green color with the marble countertops. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Here you can see the color paired with silver hardware but I believe it would go well with gold, black, and white hardware as well.

My favorite mint green colors:

  • Sherwin Williams Aloe
  • Sherwin Williams Mint Condition

Sage Green Cabinets

Okay, I will date myself here. I remember when sage green was popular in the 90s. First hunter green was the thing and then it shifted to sage.

I recently painted an accent wall in my daughter’s bedroom sage green and will be painting her entertainment center for her college apartment sage. It isn’t surprising that this color is making it’s way into kitchens.

Gray cabinets with gold hardware, a runner on light hardwood floors.
Source: Caitlin Flemming

I love this kitchen by Caitlin Flemming. The sage cabinets go so nicely with the light hardwood floors and the gold hardware. As you can see you can pair it with bolder colors too. It acts as more of a neutral than anything else!

My favorite sage green paint colors:

  • Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom
  • Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog
  • Benjamin Moore October Mist

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinet Colors

I am sure it doesn’t surprise you that gray is in the running for trending paint colors in the kitchen. Gray has pretty much been king for over a decade now.

I love using a light gray on cabinets because it acts as more of a neutral and you can still bring in bold accents to be the star of the show.

light gray cabinets with white subway tile backsplash and pink peonies in a vase on the counter.
Source: Kayla Lynn

This gorgeous kitchen from Kayla Lynn showcases how light gray can blend in with whites. The star of the show here becomes the accessories that you can easily swap out for different seasons or holidays.

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Dark gray acts in the same manner as light gray but it doesn’t blend into the other elements as much. I do love how it pairs with the other accents though in a manner that is just stunning.

Dark Gray cabinets with gold hardware, white counters, and an octagon window over the sink.
Source: Sweeten

Here Sweeten pairs a dark gray with gold hardware and lots of white to create a bold and inviting space. I also love how nicely dark gray goes with wood, as shown here in the window covering.

My favorite gray paint colors:

White Cabinets

A white kitchen with wood floors and stainless steel appliances.
Source: At Lane and High

This is my white kitchen. A lot of people might think a white kitchen is hard to keep clean but it’s really not. The trick is using a magic eraser on the cabinets. It’s perfect for keeping them clean.

What I love about white is it goes with EVERYTHING! You can pair it with any color counters, backsplash, or accessories and you can’t go wrong!

My favorite white paint colors:

Taupe Cabinets

Taupe and Greige are unique colors and it’s hard for some people to see and understand the difference.

To me taupe is a combination of gray and beige that pulls a little more beige than gray. It’s kind of a putty color that is gorgeous as well as timeless. And it’s really popular right now!

Taupe Cabinets with marble countertops, a plant and herringbone hardwood floors.
Source: Chris Loves Julia

Chris Loves Julia used this taupe color in their kitchen and it’s simply gorgeous. It goes so well with hardwood floors and the gold hardware.

Here are some of my favorite taupe colors:

  • Sherwin Williams Shiitake
  • Benjamin Moore Silver Fox
  • Sherwin Williams Taupe Tone

Greige Cabinets

Greige has been the most popular of the gray family for a while now. It’s great not only on the walls but also on kitchen cabinets!

Greige is also the combination of gray and beige but pulls more gray than beige. It’s a warm-toned version of gray and often feels like wrapping you in a warm hug when you walk into a room.

Greige kitchen cabinets with black hardware, black countertops and white subway tile backsplash.
Source: Lilly Pad Cottage

Lily Pad Cottage used greige on her cabinets and I just love how well they go with black hardware, white trim, and the amazing wood floors!

I have a post on the best greige paint colors that explains a lot about greige if you are looking for more info.

Here are some of my favorite greige paint colors:

Blush Cabinets

Blush, not pink, is very popular right now. What is the difference? Blush is a version of pink that is paler. It can be light or medium, even dark-toned but it seems more neutral than a traditional pink.

For all the details on blush, you should check out my post on the best blush paint colors.

blush pink cabinets with a white counter and white farmhouse sink with gold hardware.
Source: Studio DIY

Studio DIY paired a mid-toned blush with these amazing gold pulls. I also love how blush looks with white, how the blush brings out the pinker undertones in white.

My favorite blush paint colors:

  • Benjamin Moore Rose Silk
  • Benjamin Moore Sugarcane
  • Benjamin Moore Heather Pink
  • Sherwin Williams Innocense

Yellow Cabinets

Yellow can be so beautiful and bold! You can use anything from a creamy yellow to a bright sunny yellow for a fun and vibrant space.

yellow cabinets, blue and white backsplash, white stove and shiplap walls.
Source: Country Living

This kitchen from Country Living reminds me of an old-school ice cream parlor. I love how the sunny yellow goes with white and the pops of blue.

My favorite yellow paint colors:

  • Sherwin Williams Moonraker
  • Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow
  • Sherwin Williams Funky Yellow

Cream Cabinets

Cream cabinets are a little more traditional in nature but honestly, traditional is always in style. It’s all in how you pair elements together.

cream cabinets on the perimeter of the kitchen with dark wood on the island, which counters and a wood beamed coffered ceiling.
Source: Designing Idea

Here you can see Designing Idea combined cream on the perimeter cabinets with dark wood on the island. Those beams on the ceiling in a coffered design are traditional too but oh so popular!

My favorite cream paint colors:

Wood Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Wood cabinets will always be popular. What is important when choosing the color of wood is that you stay away from certain undertones. Neutral is the best way to go but make sure you stay away from yellow, orange, or red undertones.

Remember the 90s orange wood cabinets. I had them in my first home and in my dining table. Yuck! The best thing to do now is to choose an undertone that is neutral and won’t go out of style soon.

Yes, I say stay away from red, which has had its hay day too (my second house). Red Mohagany is gorgeous but over an entire kitchen, it can be pretty overpowering.

mid-toned wood cabinets with white countertops.
Source: Houzz

This kitchen from Houzz has a medium wood tone that has very neutral undertones. You won’t go wrong with something like this.

Natural wood base cabinets with white uppers, large windows over the sink and a tongue and groove white ceiling.
Source: The Creativity Exchange

The Creativity Exchange used this gorgeous natural wood tone. It’s a bit on the lighter side and really can be called a neutral in the wood world.

dark wood cabinets with black counters and light hardwood floors.
Source: Native Product

If you want something dark then this is the way to go! This dark kitchen exudes personality without being too red. The undertones are very neutral which is why this would be a great choice.

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Britney Jones

Tuesday 25th of April 2023

Great tips! My husband and I have been looking into hiring a cabinet painting company and trying to decide what colors to paint our cabinets. Your guide really helps! Thanks for sharing!

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