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Sherwin Williams Pure White

Sherwin Williams Pure White is one of their most popular whites. It’s a beautiful white paint color that looks good in just about every home on earth!

White has become one of the most popular colors in recent years. Yes, gray is still king but light, bright and airy is by far the most popular look right now. Sometimes that means that gray won’t work so bring on the white!

The thing is, all whites are not created equal. You have heard the phrase, 50 shades of gray? Well, the same can be said about white, there are so many different shades it will have your head spinning!

That’s why this month I plan to review all white paint colors and hopefully clear the air on which white might be best for you!

Sherwin Williams Pure White with coordinating colors and an example of it used in a family room.

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Sherwin Williams Pure White

Pure White is a very versatile white paint color. It goes with just about any home decor. And with an LRV of 84 it will lighten and brighten any room you use it in.

Remember that LRV stands for Light Reflective Value and is a scale from 0-100. It measures the amount of light a paint color reflects. The higher the number the brighter the paint color, and the lower the number the darker the color.

Is Pure White warm or cool?

Pure White is a warm, creamy paint color. However, it’s not nearly as creamy as others. This color is very close to a pure white color with just a touch of warmth that makes it soft and beautiful.

What are the undertones of Pure White?

Pure White is a chameleon of a color because of its undertones. First, it has a touch of gray, which makes you think it would be a cool color. However, there is also a touch of yellow which gives it creaminess.

This is why Pure White is able to pair well with any decor. In a room with all cool-toned decor it looks crisp but pair it with tans and browns and the warm tones come out!

How to know if Pure White is for you.

The best way to know if this color is for you is to put a swatch of it on the wall and look at it over the course of a few days in different types of light. You can buy a small sample can at the paint store and paint a swatch on the wall. But what do you do with that can after?

I highly recommend going with Samplize. They will send you a peel and stick paint sample that you can put on the wall, look at it, and when you are done toss it in the trash. No mess, no fuss, and no leftover paint cans to deal with.

Pure White VS. Extra White

Extra White is a very bright white color. It’s on the cool side and can feel very stark. So when you put these two colors side by side you will find that they are very different colors.

A side by side of Pure White and Extra White.

As you can see Extra White is a bright white and Pure White is a creamy white. I do not suggest using these colors side by side in a room. Extra White will make anything painted with Pure White look dirty.

Sherwin Williams Pure White Whole Home Color Palette

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Where to use Pure White.

Honestly, you can use Pure White anywhere. It looks great on walls, cabinets, furniture as well as trim. Here are some real-life examples of Pure White used in homes.

Pure White used in a bedroom with a black metal four poster bed, gray bedding, white curtains and a wood bench at the foot of the bed.
Source: Emily Henderson

This beautiful bedroom created by Emily Henderson has a lot of special elements. You have Pure White on the walls which are warm-toned, and the bench wood and flooring are warm. But the rug and bedding are cool-toned. Paired together they make a beautiful room.

An entertaining space painted with Sherwin Wiliams Pure White.
Source: Kylie M. Interiors

This beautiful dining and entertaining space by Kylie M. Interiors shows how Pure White can beautifully brighten a room. It also looks so pretty with all the different wood tones.

A bright laundry room painted in Pure white with white appliances and a plant on the dryer.
Source: Life on Summerhill

This stunning laundry room from Linda at Life on Summerhill showcases the cooler side of Pure White. The lighting can make a huge difference in whether a paint color pulls warm or cool. More natural light will make Pure White pull warmer and less with make it pull cooler.

A farmhouse style home with the exterior painted in Pure white with black front door and garage doors.
Source: The House of Hood

Chelsea from The House of Hood used Pure White on the exterior of her home. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I want to paint my house this color after seeing this. She paired it with Tricorn Black.

Other Sherwin Williams Paint Colors:

Sherwin Willoiams Pure White pin for Pinterest.

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Tuesday 13th of June 2023

Pure White is my go to paint color, inside & out. Cabs, walls, trim, everything. With Tricorn Black. We built new in 2021 & I consulted with a color expert, I needed a white that was not going to take on a green cast from our surrounding pine trees. Pure White is perfect. I used different sheens, matte walls, eggshell trim, cab finish Pure White from the manufacturer. Love it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.