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Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray

Here we are with another really great paint color review! Today we will be discussing the gorgeous color of Boothbay Gray by Benjamin Moore. This color is stunning and I really don’t know why we aren’t talking about it more!

A paint can and paintbrush on a light wood surface.

Benjamin Moore has some of the most gorgeous paint colors. I wish I could use them all! My home has been going through a paint transformation this past year and Boothbay Gray was on the short list of colors to use.

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What is Boothbay Gray’s LRV?

LRV stands for light reflective value and it’s a way to measure the amount of light a paint color will reflect. It is a scale from 0-100, 100 being the brightest white and 0 being the blackest black.

Boothbay Gray’s LRV is 43.16 which makes it a mid-toned color. Not really bright but not dark, somewhere in the middle.

What are the undertones for Boothbay Gray?

This paint color has decidedly blue and green undertones. However, when you paint it with warmer tones the undertones fade back and the color looks very gray.

Is Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray warm or cool?

Because of the blue in the undertones, Boothbay Gray is considered a cool-toned gray paint color.

When paired with other cool-toned colors the blue really comes out in this color. As I mentioned before warmer tones tend to make this color look more neutral.

If you are going for a more modern look or love a coastal theme then this color should be on your list of paint colors to choose from.

What color is Boothbay Gray?

Benjamin Moore has put Boothbay Gray in their Historical Collection. This collection has 191 colors that are their most popular.

Some really good color combinations for Boothbay Gray are Horizon and Yarmouth Blue. You can see that here.

On the other hand, pairing it with a dark warm color can look amazing too. Here it is with Wickham Gray and Stone.

Some similar colors to Boothbay Gray are Silver Mink, Marina Gray, Mount Saint Anne, and Iced Marble.

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray Whole Home Color Palette

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Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray in real homes.

This bedroom from Chris Loves Julia is absolutely gorgeous. I love how they paired the paint color on the wall, which is cool-toned, with the warmer tones in the curtains, bedding, and rug.

Although Boothbay gray is a mid-toned paint color you can see in this room it looks very light and bright. That is due to the amount of natural light coming in the windows. It really makes the color much lighter.

This is a great color to use on doors and cabinets. 11 Magnolia Lane used it here on the back of the door, loved it so much they used it in their laundry room too!

I love how the color pops next to the crisp whites but it also goes really well with the dark hardwood floors.

A cape cod style home with white siding, white trim and boothbay gray on the door and shutters.
Source: Elegant Painting

I love this gorgeous home! Boothbay Gray was used on the front door and shutters. It looks so good paired with the other colors of the house, which are warm-toned.

The siding is Sherwin Williams Alabaster and the trim is Sherwin Williams Pure White.

This gorgeous nursery from Design Loves Detail uses Boothbay Gray as an accent wall. This is a great idea. It looks so nice with the warm wood tones and the light-colored hardwood floors.

As you can see, Boothbay Gray is a great paint color and can be used in any room, interior or exterior. Now, where would you use this color? I am considering it for the inside of my front door. I just love that look!

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