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Benjamin Moore White Dove

Today we are going to discuss one of the prettiest white paint colors, Benjamin Moore White Dove. I mean, there is no shock as to why this paint color is so popular. I will go into all the details here so you can decide as to whether it’s right for your home.

This is one of those colors that you just can’t not think is gorgeous. It’s for that reason that I used it in several rooms of my first house and when my real estate clients as me for a good white color this is the first one I think of.

White Dove is one of those whites that is not sterile or cold, instead, it wraps you in a warm hug and helps you to relax.

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What Color is Benjamin Moore White Dove?

White Dove is very popular in the world of white paint colors. There are many different shades of white, all you need to do is start putting them next to one another and you will see all the differences.

Just like there are 50 shades of gray there are that and more of white. Benjamin Moore White Dove is a creamy light and bright white color.

Benjamin Moore says its “Unerring style defines this clean and classic white”.

A swatch of Benjamin Moore White Dove and text overlay.

White Dove Stats

Here are the stats on White Dove:

  • Hex Code – #f0efe6
  • R – 94.12%
  • G – 93.73%
  • B – 90.2%
  • Collection – Off-White Collection

Is Benjamin Moore White Dove a warm white or cool?

White Dove is considered a warm white. It’s got a beautiful creaminess to it that will complement almost any other color in your home.

What are the undertones in White Dove?

White Dove has yellow undertones which is what makes it such a warm white. There is also a touch of gray in the color which keeps this white from looking too yellow.

That gray in the undertones is crucial for this color and what sets it apart. It keeps the yellow undertones from making the color too yellow and instead mutes the yellow to create the most gorgeous creamy white color.

The LRV of White Dove

LRV stands for light reflective value. It’s a scale that measures the amount of light a paint color reflects. Zero is the blackest black and 100 is the brightest white.

Because of this warmth, it will never have that stark white look to it. It is however a very bright color and reflects a lot of light. It has an LRV of 85.38!

A head shot of the author and tips on painting.

How Light Affects White Dove

Light has a huge effect on how a paint color will look in a room. Here are the basics:

  • North-facing rooms have a light that tends to be a little cooler in nature and will come off slightly blue. Light colors will be a bit more muted or washed out while darker colors will be stunning.
  • East-facing rooms will have brighter light in the morning and less in the evenings. The evening light will be a bit cooler. In the morning with sunrise, the bright sun will be warm. Warm color palettes are great for these spaces because they will help balance the cool feel of the evenings.
  • South-facing rooms have consistent warm light throughout the day. The light really shows off the colors, dark will be very bright, and light colors will shine. Both warm and cool color palettes look good in a south-facing room.
  • West-facing rooms have warm light in the evening and cooler light in the morning. Basically, it’s the opposite of east-facing.

What does this mean for White Dove? Well because of it’s high LRV this color is good in any room of your home, no matter how much natural light it receives.

What you will see however is it will look a little more, dare I say yellow, let’s go with warm in the south-facing rooms. In the north-facing rooms the colors will be a bright white that is not cold but definitely not yellow at all.

How to Know if a Paint Color is Right For You

The best thing you can do is put a swatch of paint on the wall and look at it over the course of a few days to see how it looks in different lights.

You can go to the paint store and get a sample can of paint and put it on the wall but then when you are done you are left with this can that you can’t use. I much prefer to get a sample from Samplize.

Samplize is a company that will send you a 12 by 12 inch peel and stick square that you can put on the wall and when you are done you can just throw it away. No mess, easy peasy.

What colors go well with White Dove?

White Dove looks amazing with almost any color. It’s a warm white that plays well with others. That’s why we love it so much!

But if you need some suggestions here are some that I favor:

Swatches of BM White Dove and all it's coordinating colors with text overlay.

What is the best white trim color to use with White Dove?

The best white trim color to use with White Dove is…White Dove. There are no others that look better than itself.

The best way to use White Dove on both the walls and the trim is to use a sheen one higher on the trim. For example, if you use satin on the walls use semi-gloss on the trim.

There is another option. You can use a different color than white altogether on the trim if your walls are painted White Dove.

A mudroom with slate floors, White Dove on the walls and soft gray on the trim and door.
Source: McGee and Co

Here is the perfect example of having the walls White Dove and the trim and door this soft gray color. It’s a beautiful look and another option for you to keep in mind.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Whole Home Color Palette

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The Best Places to use White Dove

You can use White Dove just about anywhere. It happens to be an extremely popular color to use on trim, cabinets and shiplap.

Benjamin Moore White Dove in Real Life Homes

This beautiful kitchen has White Dove on the cabinets. I love a white kitchen and the way the color complements the wall color is perfect.

This bathroom also uses White Dove on the cabinetry. Because it’s a warm white it pairs really well with the wall color, bringing tons of warmth to a room that can feel stark with all the hard surfaces.

White Dove on cabinets and trim in a bathroom with very light walls and white tile floor.
Source: Julie Blanner

This entryway is beautiful and so very bright with the paint color used. I love how White Dove looks with the dark accents in the space.

This entryway has. white dove on the walls and lots of black accents in the door and chairs.
Source: Bob Villa

What colors are similar to White Dove?

As we compare other white paint colors from both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams to White Dove I want you to keep in mind that White Dove has an LRV of 85.38. We will discuss how that compares to these other colors.

White Dove vs. Simply White

A side by side of White Dove and Simply White.

Simply White is a very similar color to White Dove the biggest difference is Simply White is brighter. It has an LRV of 91 and is also a creamy warm white paint color.

Get a sample of Simply White from Samplize!

White Dove vs. Swiss Coffee

A side by side of White Dove and Swiss Coffee.

Swiss Coffee is very similar to White Dove in undertones as well as popularity. The biggest difference here is the LRV of Swiss Coffee is 81.91, making it a bit darker.

Get a sample of Swiss Coffee from Samplize!

White Dove vs. Chantilly Lace

A side by side comparison of White Dove and Chantilly Lace.

Chantilly Lace is much brighter than White Dove with an LRV of 90.04. It’s also more of a neutral white than White Dove. It’s as close as you can come to it anyway. It has virtually no undertones.

Get a sample of Chantilly Lace from Samplize!

White Dove vs Super White

A side by side of White Dove and Super White.

Super White is actually quite different from White Dove because it is a cool white, not warm at all. It’s also a little bit brighter with an LRV of 87.36.

Get a sample of Super White from Samplize!

White Dove vs. Sherwin Williams Alabaster

A side by side of White Dove and Alabaster.

Alabaster is a Sherwin Williams paint color that is very similar to White Dove. They are both a creamy white paint color that has yellow undertones with a touch of gray. Alabaster is a bit darker with an LRV of 82.

Get a sample of Alabaster from Samplize!

White Dove vs. Sherwin Williams Pure White

A side by side of White Dove and Pure White.

Pure White is such a pretty color. I used this color in my daughter’s bedroom. It’s a tiny bit darker than White Dove with an LRV of 84 but it has a lot less yellow undertones than White Dove and a bit more gray.

Get a sample of Pure White from Samplize!

White Dove vs. Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

A side by side of White Dove and Greek Villa.

Greek Villa is only a tiny bit darker with an LRV of 84 but it has a bit more beige in it. Almost looking like it straddles the line between light greige and off-white.

Get a sample of Greek Villa from Samplize!

White Dove vs. Sherwin Williams Snowbound

A side by side of White Dove and Snowbound.

Snowbound is definitely darker with an LRV of 83 and it has a touch more gray to it. Making the other undertones take a step back.

Get a sample of Snowbound from Samplize!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does White Dove look yellow?

This is a tricky question. Most of the time no, this paint color will not look yellow. It has yellow in it and will warm up your space nicely.

That being said, every home is different and lighting can make a huge impact on how a paint color looks. First, how much natural light does a room receive? The more natural light the less yellow it will look.

The type of light bulbs you use also makes a difference. A brighter, whiter bulb will keep your paint from looking too yellow.

Does White Dove Look Gray?

When you compare White Dove with other colors that have strong yellow undertones it can look more gray.

Will White Dove look dingy on my walls?

This depends on your perception. White Dove does have yellow undertones so if you put it next to a cool white it can look dingy.

It really depends on what you pair it with, other colors and home decor. If this concerns you I would definitely get a few samples to check in the space before making the final decision.

What is the most popular Benjamin Moore white?

White Dove is the most popular white paint color from Benjamin Moore!

When not to use White Dove paint?

Almost all of the time White Dove is a great color choice. The only thing you need to be careful of is mixing it with cool colors, especially cool whites or cool light colors.

They can clash when you pair them together. That’s why samples are so important!

What is the Sherwin Williams Equivalent to White Dove?

There is no equivalent between paint manufacturers. Each company and color has it’s own unique color combination.

That being said, if I had to pick a color from Sherwin Williams that most resembles BM White Dove I would say it’s Alabaster.

What You Need to Know if Painting on Your Own

If you are thinking about painting a room on your own then good for you! This is one of the easiest things you can do yourself and you will get so much satisfaction out of it. Just make sure you have the right supplies.

You need a good quality paintbrush and roller cover. This is the most important thing! If you don’t use high quality the finish will not be to your liking.

Here are some other posts to help you with your DIY paint project that you should check out before you get started:

Benjamin Moore White Dove Recap

We discussed a lot of information here today so let’s do a quick recap of Benjamin Moore White Dove:

  • creamy yellow undertones with a touch of gray
  • LRV of 85.38
  • Looks great on walls in any room
  • Very popular for use on trim, cabinet, and shiplap
  • Benjamin Moore’s most popular white color
  • Part of the Off-White Color Collection
  • Looks great with blues, darker greiges, and anything in the red family

I really hope you learned enough about White Dove here today that you feel like you can make an informed decision on whether or not this color is right for you. Don’t forget to get that sample just to be sure!

See you next time for another paint color review!

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As a licensed Real Estate Agent and an avid home decorator, I strive to give my clients the very best I can when it comes to staging, selling, and decorating their homes. I have lots of experience with paint color choices and love to DIY my home so I can have everything just the way I want it. I share my ideas and projects with the world in the hopes that I can help others have their homes just the way they want as well.

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