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6 Of The Best White Trim Paint Colors

I have been asked so much about what white trim paint colors would look good so I decided to dedicate a post to answering that question.

A cover image featuring three rooms with white painted trim.

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Wood Trim vs. Painted White Trim

Ah the age-old argument of do I paint my wood trim white.

Personally, my take on that argument is to do whatever makes you happy.

Don’t do what future homeowners of your home might want.

Don’t do what someone you have never met tells you on Facebook.

Do what makes you happy.

White Trim vs. Colored Trim

This is one I do have an opinion on. I am not a fan of colored trim. I think you can make white walls and white trim different without having to paint trim a different color.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Have you ever seen a room in a magazine with colored trim?
  • Do they use colored trim on the designed homes on HGTV , such as the HGTV dream home?
  • Have you ever seen colored trim at a show home or a model home?

The answer to all of these questions for me is no. High-end designers don’t do this so therefore maybe we shouldn’t either.

BUT, if YOU love the look of colored trim then don’t let me stop you from doing this. Decorating our own homes is our self-expression so if you love it then do it!

White Walls and White Trim

So if you don’t do colored trim what do you do if you have white walls?

Use slightly different color whites. Some whites pull cool and some warm. You can use them to contrast with each other. Or use a pure white on the trim with a creamy white on the walls. The possibilities are endless there.

Here is an example of using two different color whites in a room.

An entryway with white walls and white trim.
source: Studio McGee
A breakfast nook with white walls and white trim.
A kitchen and stair well with white walls and white trim.
Source: Maria killam

Would you like your own color samples from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore? It’s so easy! You can purchase them from Amazon!

The Best White Trim Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Alabaster was actually Sherwin William’s Color of the Year in 2016! It pairs nicely with dark colors, such as Urban Bronze and Gray Area. Sherwin Williams says the color sets the tone for healing, calm and restfulness so would be great in a bedroom.

A swatch of Sherwin Williams Alabaster Paint Color.
A family room with Sherwin Williams Alabaster paint color.
source: Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams Creamy

Creamy is a great neutral color. It does have a bit of yellow in it so if you hate yellow you should not go with this color. Creamy also has a very high LRV so if you are looking to brighten a room this would be a great option!

A swatch of Sherwin Williams Creamy Paint Color.
A family room with Sherwin Williams Creamy Paint Colors.
source: Kylie M Interiors

Sherwin Williams Dover White

Dover White is another very popular color for trim. It tends to pull a little more orange than yellow but as far as neutrals go, this is the perfect warm white color.

A swatch of Sherwin Williams Dover White paint color.
A kitchen with the Sherwin Williams Dover White paint color.
source: Refresh Restyle

Benjamin Moore White Dove

This is probably the most popular color to use on trim. It has a touch of gray in it so it’s a very soft white, not a stark white.

A swatch of Benjamin Moore's White Dove Paint color.
A bedroom with Benjamin Moore's White Dove Paint Color.
source: The Turquoise Home

Benjamin Moore Decorators White

Decorators White is more of a white that leans on the cooler side. If you are using greige paint colors then I wouldn’t pair the color with Decorators White. This pairs nicely with paint colors on the cooler side.

A white trim paint color by Benjamin Moore called Decorators White.
A kitchen with Benjamin Moore's Decorator's White on the trim and cabinets.
source: Home Bunch

Benjamin Moore Simply White

Simply white is the opposite of Decorators White, it pairs nicely with warm tones and looks beautiful in any room. It has slight undertones of yellow.

A swatch of Benjamin Moores Simply White Trim Paint Color.
A seating area with Benjamin Moore's Simply White Paint Color.
source: Studio McGee

If you want to check out paint colors in your home without buying a gallon of paint, check out Samplize. This company will send you a 12×12 inch peel and stick paint sample for your wall so you can see what it looks like in all the different lights of your home. When you are done just peel it off! Super easy and no damage to the wall. Check out Samplize here.

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