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Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a beautiful creamy white paint color. It’s one of Sherwin Williams’s most popular whites and for good reason.

Alabaster was actually the color of the year in 2016! It’s no surprise that it has become so popular. Neutrals have been king for a long time now. Alabaster can be the perfect neutral for many homes, today we will explore why.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster pin for Pinterest.

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Is Alabaster a warm white or cool?

Alabaster is a creamy white paint color that falls on the warm side. It’s not a stark white at all. This color has warmth and creaminess that is the perfect backdrop for your decor.

The paint color pairs really nicely with brass and gold hardware, making it an excellent choice for cabinetry. It also looks great with grays. You really can’t go wrong with this color.

A family room with all neutral decor and Alabaster on the walls.

What are the undertones of Alabaster?

Alabaster is a white paint color but it’s not a stark white or the brightest white. With an LRV of 82 on a scale to 100 being the brightest, Alabaster has a little bit of depth of color. More than a stark white would have.

Alabaster’s undertones consist of a touch of yellow with a neutral base. That’s what gives it the warmth and creaminess. If you are looking for a bright white paint then this would not be a good choice.

Here are some popular whites next to each other so you can see the difference.

A comparison of alabaster and Extra White and Pure White.

Does Sherwin Williams Alabaster look yellow?

The simple answer to this is no. But let’s be honest, there is rarely a simple answer when talking about paint colors.

Alabaster is in the white collection at Sherwin Williams. Alabaster has a touch of yellow in it, but it keeps Alabaster from being yellow with the neutral base.

That being said, I have learned through my personal experience that a paint color looks completely different in every home. So it’s a really good idea to put a swatch on the wall to make sure you like it. I would also compare swatches with the other paint colors you plan to use in the home and make sure they complement each other.

How to know if Sherwin Williams Alabaster is right for you.

You can go to the paint store and buy a sample and put a swatch on the walls. But then you are left with this sample paint can that you can’t use anywhere else. I suggest using Samplize instead.

Samplize is a company that will send you a peel and stick 12X12 inch sample that you can put on the wall, look at over the course of a couple of days and then peel it off and throw it away. No mess, no fuss just easy peasy. Click the link below to check it out.

What colors go well with Alabaster?

On The Rocks is a great light gray paint color that is on the same paint strip as Alabaster. That typically means they will go well together.

A side by side of Alabaster and On The Rocks with is a light gray.

Pale Oak is a Benjamin Moore color that is a warm gray. Because of its warmth, it goes really well with Alabaster.

A side by side of Alabaster and Pale Oak which is a greige paint color.

Sherwin Williams Basil is also a great color to pair with Alabaster. It’s a dark green color (green is one of the hottest trends in paint right now) that pulls a little gray.

A side by side of Alabaster and Basil which is a green-gray color.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster Whole Home Color Palette

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The Best Place to Use Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a great color and can be used almost anywhere! Here are some examples of popular places to use it.

Trim and Doors

Alabaster is a popular color for trim and doors. It pairs really nicely with greige paint colors for walls, which is super popular right now.

Here is a great example of Alabaster used on the trim, with Gray Owl on the walls. They look amazing together!

Shiplap Walls

Shiplap is a popular wall treatment that many people install in their homes. Alabaster is a popular color to use on shiplap.

Christy from The Harper House used Alabaster on her shiplap walls in her bathroom. As you can see this color does not look yellow at all. In fact, it pairs really well with the white cabinets and marble countertops.


Because of the creaminess in the color, it looks great on cabinetry. You can pair almost any hardware with it and it will look amazing, especially gold or black.

My friend Jenna over at Lantern Lane Designs helped her parents redo their condo. They painted everything Alabaster! Here is a view of their kitchen cabinets. I think this is a great example of how white Alabaster really is. When used in the right light it won’t look yellow at all.


Can you use Alabaster on the walls? ABSOLUTELY! If you want white walls as a neutral backdrop for your amazing decor then Alabaster is a great choice.

This family room has Alabaster on the walls, gray furniture and white throw pillows.
Source: Bless This Nest

Carissa from Bless This Nest used Alabaster on the walls of her living room. She says her favorite part of using white on the walls is how your accessories can pop. You can really see that here with the rug and artwork. Just so pretty!

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Sherwin Williams Alabaster pin for Pinterest.

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