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Benjamin Moore Simply White

Benjamin Moore Simply White is a stunning white paint color. Benjamin Moore calls it “fresh as the first snowfall” and I think that is a very accurate description. It was also their color of the year in 2016!

I have had houses that absolutely speak with warm paint colors and Benjamin Moore Simply White was the perfect color in them.

The house I am in now reaches more toward cool colors but when my Real Estate clients as for a warm white I always recommend Simply White as an option.

It is a gorgeous creamy white that compliments any design style you have. From country to traditional to modern and everything in between!

A swatch of Simply White with text overlay.

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Benjamin Moore Simply White Stats

There are many colors that go into a paint color. It’s what sets one color apart from the next. Every paint manufacturer also has a different formula that they use so no one paint color will look the same as one from anther brand.

Here are the stats on Benjamin Moore Simply White from encyclorpedia:

  • Hex Code – #f6f6ed
  • Red – 96.47%
  • Green – 96.47%
  • Blue – 92.94%
  • Collection – Off-White Collection, Colors for Vinyl

Here is what Benjamin Moore says about this color.

The slightest hint of warmth makes this clean, crisp white a favorite to use anywhere in the home.

Benjamin Moore

What are the undertones of Simply White?

Simply white has yellow undertones but they are very subtle. Because of this the paint color is considered a very complimentary color to many others.

The yellow undertones give it it’s creamy nature. It is like wrapping your home in a warm hug.

It also has touches of green and blue which make it unique compared to other warm white paint colors.

Is Simply White warm or cool?

Simply White is considered an off white paint color. It is not a true white, which isn’t surprising. Few white paint colors are a true white.

These yellow undertones in Simply White make the paint color a warm white. You won’t see any starkness in this white. Instead you will see a white that is soft and cozy.

Does Simply White look yellow?

As long as you have good natural light in your room the paint color will not look yellow. However, if you have a lack of natural light then during certain times of the day you might see a hint of yellow.

I will go into lighting more in a minute. But with warm white paint color it’s all about the lighting.

Simply White LRV

LRV stands for Light Reflective Value. It is a scale from 0-100 that measures the amount of light a paint color reflects. Zero being the darkest black, 100 being the brightest white.

Benjamin Moore Simply White sits at 89.52 which is a really bright color. The brightest color I have ever seen sits at 94, so this one is pretty close.

How Lighting Affects Simply White

As I mentioned before lighting is everything when it comes to white paint colors.

  • North-facing rooms have a light that tends to be a little cooler in nature and will come off slightly blue. Light colors will be a bit more muted or washed out while darker colors will be stunning.
  • East-facing rooms will have brighter light in the morning and less in the evenings. The evening light will be a bit cooler. In the morning with sunrise, the bright sun will be warm. Warm color palettes are great for these spaces because they will help balance the cool feel of the evenings.
  • South-facing rooms have consistent warm light throughout the day. The light really shows off the colors, dark will be very bright, and light colors will shine. Both warm and cool color palettes look good in a south-facing room.
  • West-facing rooms have warm light in the evening and cooler light in the morning. Basically, it’s the opposite of east-facing.

What does all this mean for Simply White? If you use it in a north-facing room the cooler light will brighten up the color and you won’t see the yellow undertones nearly as much.

In a south-facing room the warm light will bring out the yellow undertones wrapping your space in a warm hug.

In east and west-facing room it depends on the time of day but in the east the light will bring out the gorgeous color and in the west it will warm it up nicely.

If you don’t like yellow undertones I wouldn’t use it in a south-facing room. Otherwise it would look amazing!

How to know if it’s the right color for you.

You can get a paint sample from the store and put a swatch on the wall. Then you have this paint can left over and can’t use it anywhere else. I suggest giving Samplize a try instead.

Samplize is a company that will mail you a 12X12 inch peel and stick swatch that you can put on the wall and look at for a few days then you can peel it off and throw it away. It’s so much less messy and easier than painting a swatch and having to clean it up.

Benjamin Moore Simply White Whole Home Color Palette

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Where to Use Simply White

Simply White works in all spaces with all types of decorating styles. There are some really popular ways to use off-white paint colors.

  • trim and doors
  • shiplap
  • wainscotting
  • walls
  • ceilings
  • cabinetry

Simply White on the Ceiling

Source: CG&S Design Build

In this photo Simply White is used on the ceiling. This is a great option for white paint colors, using them on ceilings as well as trim and doors.

Simply White on Walls

Source: Alexandra Crafton

Here Simply White is used on the walls and as you can see it’s the perfect background for beautiful furniture and decor.

Simply White on Cabinetry

Source: Patrick Sutton

This gorgeous kitchen has Simply White on the cabinetry. I love the fresh clean look of an all white kitchen. It makes the different colors of the food you cook really pop.

Simply White on the Exterior

Source: Corynne Pless

This gorgeous home is painted with Simply White on the exterior. I just love the farmhouse look to this home. It looks so good with the wood accents.

What colors go well with Simply White?

Simply White is one of those colors that goes with just about everything! It especially looks good with dark blues and greens like Hale Navy.

Try it with warm beiges and greiges such as Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige or Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.

The Best Trim Color to go with Simply White

I prefer to pair trim colors with wall colors when it comes to white paint colors. Simply White looks amazing in a monochromatic look.

If you do choose to go with this make sure you paint your trim in a sheen one higher than the walls. For example, if you use satin on the walls use semi-gloss on the trim.

If you want something different a good white to pair with it would be Chantilly Lace. Or you could go a different route and use a darker color on the trim, such as a medium greige. This look is very popular.

What You Need to Know if Painting on Your Own

If you are thinking about painting a room on your own then good for you! This is one of the easiest things you can do yourself and you will get so much satisfaction out of it. Just make sure you have the right supplies.

You need a good quality paintbrush and roller cover. This is the most important thing! If you don’t use high quality the finish will not be to your liking.

Here are some other posts to help you with your DIY paint project that you should check out before you get started:

Color Comparisons

When you put two colors side by side it’s amazing how differnet they look compared to when you look at each one individually.

You really get to see their specific undertones and brightness. Let us look at Simply White compared to other popular off-white paint colors.

Simply White vs Cloud White

A side by side of Simply White and Cloud White

Simply White and Cloud White are pretty similar, both creamy white paint colors, but as you can see they definitely have some differences.

  • Simply White has an LRV of 89.52, Cloud White sits at 87.4
  • Cloud White is slightly darker than Simply White.
  • Simply White has yellow undertones
  • Cloud White has taupe undertones
  • Cloud White is creamier than Simply White

Get a sample of Cloud White from Samplize!

Simply White vs White Dove

A side by side of White Dove and Simply White.

White Dove and Simply White might look very similar, like being two very popular whites from Benjamin Moore, but they have some really big differences:

  • Simply White has an LRV of 89.52
  • White Dove has an LRV of 84.6
  • White Dove is darker than Simply White
  • They both have yellow undertones but White Dove is more muted
  • White Dove also has a touch of gray undertones
  • Simply White is much warmer than White Dove

Get a sample of White Dove from Samplize!

Simply White vs Swiss Coffee

a side by side of simply white and swiss coffee

Both of these colors are gorgeous! As you can see though, between Simply White and Swiss Coffee, there are a lot of differences.

  • Simply White has an LRV of 89.52
  • Swiss Coffee has an LRV of 83.9
  • Swiss Coffee is darker than Simply White
  • Simply White has yellow undertones
  • Swiss Coffee has yellow and green undertones

Get a sample of Swiss Coffee from Samplize!

Simply White vs Chantilly Lace

This is a side by side comparison of Chantilly Lace and Simply White.

Two very popular whites from Benjamin Moore are Chantilly Lace and Simply White. Let’s look at their similarities and differences:

  • Simply White has an LRV of 89.52
  • Chantilly Lace has an LRV of 90
  • Chantilly Lace is just a touch lighter than Simply White
  • Chantilly Lace is a cool white
  • Chantilly Lace has blue undertones
  • Simply White is a warm white
  • Simply White has yellow undertones

Get a sample of Chantilly Lace from Samplize!

Simply White vs Alabaster

a side by side of Simply White and Alabaster

Both of these colors are warm white paint colors but they are definitely different. Simply White is a popular white from Benjamin Moore and Alabaster is a popular white from Sherwin Williams.

  • Simply White has an LRV of 89.52
  • Alabaster has an LRV of 82
  • Alabaster is darker than Simply White
  • Alabaster has strong yellow undertones
  • Simply White is subtle yellow.

Get a sample of Alabaster from Samplize!

Simply White vs Pure White

a side by side of Simply White and Pure White.

Simply White is one of Benjamin Moores’s most popular whites and Pure White is one of Sherwin Williams’s most popular. Let’s look a little closer at each.

  • Simply White has an LRV of 89.52
  • Pure White has an LRV of 84
  • Simply White is brighter but Pure White is still a bright white
  • Simply White is a creamy white color
  • Pure White is more of a greige/white color

Get a sample of Pure White from Samplize!

Simply White vs Decorator’s White

A side by side of Simply White and Decorator's White.

Simply White and Decorator’s White are very different. Putting them side by side you can really see the differences. Decorator’s White looks almost blue!

  • Simply White has an LRV of 89.52
  • Decorator’s Whtie has an LRV of 82.68
  • Simply White is a brighter white than Decorator’s White
  • Decorator’s White is a crisp white while Simply White is a creamy white
  • Simply White has yellow undertones
  • Decorator’s White has a touch of gray in it’s undertones as well as purple

Get a sample of Decorator’s White from Samplize!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Simply White for Exteriors?

ABSOLUTELY! This color looks amazing on the exterior. With all the natural light it really brightens into the most gorgeous white. It won’t be a stark white because of its creaminess.

Does Simply White look Dingy?

Usually, I would say no. This color is a bright off-white.

However, there are times when paired with a cool white that Simply White can looks slightly dingy. It’s all in how you pair it with other colors.

Are Simply White kitchen cabinets a good idea?

Oh yes! I love this color on kitchen cabinets. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be cold, hard spaces. A warm white will soften that hardness and make the room much nicer.

Does Simply White work for open concept living space?

Again, heck yes! Are there any more ways I can say it??? This color will totally work in open concept homes. It gives a great flow and will work with any colors and styles.

When should I avoid Simply White?

Avoid using Simply white with colors that have pink undertones. Examples would be travertine tile, something with a Tuscan look.

If you are looking for a bright white or want a cool white paint color then Simply White will not be for you.

What is the Sherwin Williams equivalent to Benjamin Moore Simply White?

There is no exact equivalent. All paint manufacturers have different formulas for their paint and there is no exact match between them.

But if you really want me to give you one to check out I would say Alabaster. They are both creamy white paint colors at about the same LRV.

Is Simply White too white for walls?

No, it’s not. Because it’s a warm white it won’t feel stark or cold. Some white paint colors can give the feel of being in an institution but that’s not the case for Simply White.

It will be warm and cozy and give the feel of wrapping you in a hug.

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A swatch of Benjamin Moore Simply White with text overlay.

As a licensed Real Estate Agent and an avid home decorator, I strive to give my clients the very best I can when it comes to staging, selling, and decorating their homes. I have lots of experience with paint color choices and love to DIY my home so I can have everything just the way I want it. I share my ideas and projects with the world in the hopes that I can help others have their homes just the way they want as well.

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