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DIY Wood Bead Ornaments

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Welcome back to Christmas in July! I am very excited to share with you my DIY Wood Bead Ornaments that I created. They were super easy and I love the look.

Christmas in July is something my Mom used to talk about but I had never seen much of it until I became an adult. Right now I believe the Hallmark Channel is even running their popular Hallmark Christmas movies. I noticed on the home shopping networks they are even running Christmas items. And it’s also all over on Instagram. (You can follow me on Insta here.)

DIY Wood Bead Ornaments hanging on a Christmas Tree.

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DIY Wood Bead Ornaments

This is a really easy craft to do. I also show you how you can make some adjustments and create your own for your own style or decorating theme.


  • Wood Beads – I got this big bag so I can create many ornaments or other crafts.
  • Ribbon – Here are 4 different colors so you can make lots of them or give them as gifts.
  • Small Jingle Bells
  • Scotch Tape (optional)

How to Make Wood Bead Ornaments

Gather your materials and pick the size of beads you want to use.

Here are the supplies needed for this, beads, green ribbon and gold jingle bells.

Next cut a long length of ribbon and put some scotch tape around one end if needed. Why would you need it? If your ribbon won’t go through the hole in the bead easily, adding tape makes it a little sturdier so it will go through.

Thread your ribbon through your beads.

Stringing the wood beads onto the green ribbon.

Once all the beads are on thread your ribbon through the jingle bell. Tie a knot and put the piece of ribbon back up into the bottom bead if possible. That way it doesn’t stick out.

The jingle bell is added and the ribbon is tucked back into the bottom bead.

Make a loop at the top and tie off the ribbon.

The loop at the top is made for hanging.

Now you can add some ribbon or another decoration. Here I had a sprig of berries that was on a stick. I was able to stick it into the holes of the beads. If you don’t have a stick on yours then you can hot glue it on.

A cluster of berries is stick into the top of the beads.

The finished product!

Here are the wood bead ornaments on the tree. As you can see I created one with the cluster of berries and another with a bow at the top. I used different ribbons on each too so you can see how to create one according to what you want.

Two wood bead ornaments, one with green ribbon and berries at the top and the other made with twine and a red and black bow.
A close up of the wood bead ornaments with the berries.
The wood bead ornaments hanging on the christmas tree.
The wood bead ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree.
The wood bead ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree next to my salt dough ornaments.

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