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Homemade Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

Today I am sharing a very fun and easy craft, homemade felt Christmas tree ornaments. It’s a great craft for kids of all ages!

The thing I love about this craft is you can customize it to what you have on hand, or the level of crafting skills your kids have.

This has four photos showing the process fo making these ornaments.

I will be showing you two different felt Christmas tree ornaments to give you some ideas of what you can do.

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Homemade Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

The first thing you want to do is gather up your supplies.

Step 1 – Cutting the felt

First, you need to print off the template and cut the tree shape out. Then put it on top of the felt and traced it out using the sharpie.

Now you need to cut the tree shape out of the felt. To save time I put the template on top of the felt folded over, so I cut out two trees at one time.

Place the template on the green felt.
Trace the template with a sharpie.
I cut out the felt in the template shape, cutting two at a time.

Step 2 – Add the ornaments

Now you need to add the ornaments to the front of the tree. Take the tree you outlined with the sharpie and turn it over. Add the decorations to this side of the tree.

I sewed jingle bells onto one of mine. It was easy, like sewing a button on. And this is coming from someone who cannot sew!

The second one I just glued some pom poms on. I did this with my hot glue gun, but you can use regular old craft glue. It would just take longer for the glue to dry but if you have younger kids this might be the best route to go.

Here I added jingle bells to one of the trees and pom-poms to the other.

Step 3 – Attach your trees together

Spread glue over 3/4 of the edges of the tree. Let the glue dry.

Then add the stuffing to the middle. Complete the gluing to the remaining edges of the trees and press together and hold until dry. You might need to secure them until they dry if you are using regular glue.

If you are having trouble getting the edges to stay closed after adding the stuffing then you probably are using too much stuffing. Remove some and it should be easier.

Once all this is dry flip over your trees and glue a 3-inch piece of ribbon to the back for hanging on the Christmas tree.

The felt trees glued together with stuffing inside and a ribbon glued to the back for hanging on a tree.

The finished product

Here are the felt Christmas tree ornaments all done! I just think they are super cute and fun, great. for kids and adults alike.

The finished products hanging on a tree.
The finished tree with jingle bells hanging on a Christmas tree.
The finished felt tree with pom-poms hanging on a Christmas tree.

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