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The Best Blue Gray Paint Colors

Today I am sharing 24 of my absolute favorite blue gray paint colors! These are perfect for any room in your home and will no doubt go well with your design style.

Three blue gray paint colors in a collage.

I am a huge fan of blue gray paint colors! Currently, I am in the process of repainting almost every room in my home and am using almost all blue gray colors. I have been doing a ton of research, and paint sampling and I want to share all my discoveries with you today!

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What does Blue Gray Paint Colors even mean?

This wording can get very confusing when you start mixing different colors together! I hear ya! So what does blue gray mean?

When you are talking about gray paint colors they tend to have blue, green, yellow, or purple undertones. Gray paint colors that have very strong blue undertones are called blue gray paint colors. These paint colors are considered cool grays because of these undertones.

These paint colors have very strong blue undertones and you can see that easily. These colors are very popular in many different home decorating styles.

Let’s discuss LRV

Here is a definition of LRV from Wikipedia:

“In architecture, light reflectance value (LRV), is a measure of visible and usable light that is reflected from a surface when illuminated by a light source.[1] The measurement is most commonly used by design professionals, such as architectural color consultants, architects, environmental graphic designers, and interior designers.”

We have discussed this before in my post on the best greige colors. LRV, in a nutshell, means how much light your paint color reflects.  

It doesn’t mean how bright it is, bright color doesn’t mean it will reflect a lot of light.  This is all about the amount of light that the paint will reflect in your room. This can help determine what type of lighting you will need in that room.

You can use LRV to help brighten a room that doesn’t get much natural light. By choosing a higher number LRV paint color then you will have more light in a room.

How to know which color is right for you.

I highly suggest getting a paint sample and putting it on the walls. Look at it over the course of several days so you can decide which one looks best in all different lights.

You can get a sample from the paint store but I really like Samplize. They will send you a 12X12 peel and stick sample that you can put on the wall and when you are done just toss it. No leftover paint can, no mess, just easy.

Best Blue Gray Paint Colors From Sherwin Williams

Gray Screen 

Gray Screen is one of the most popular colors from Sherwin Williams. 

Its popularity no doubt is due to its neutral color, yes it pulls more blue-gray but this color is one of the most neutral grays out there.  That’s why people love it so because it works in just about any room with any kind of light.  

This is a swatch of a blue gray paint color from Sherwin Williams called gray screen.

I love how beautiful this bathroom is. The paint color looks amazing next to all the white and the light-colored wood tones in the vantiy.


Online is a more mid-toned color, not too light not too dark. 

As you can see from this picture it pairs nicely with the bolder colors and blends well with subtle materials like marble.  This would be a great color for a coastal theme because of its ability to work so well with other colors.

This is a swatch of a blue gray paint color from Sherwin Williams called online.

Sean and Morgan have outdone themselves in this room. The way the colors all coordinate with each other is perfection. I believe this paint color is the perfect backdrop for the artwork and upholstery color in the furniture.


This color is so dramatic I just love it.  If you have a room with tons of natural light then this color with lots of white accents would be stunning! 

If you are looking for a dark room, such as a theater room, but don’t want to go charcoal or black then this is the way to go.  I love the steely blue nature of this color, perfect for an accent wall on a headboard wall in a bedroom!

This is a swatch of a blue gray paint color from Sherwin Williams called software.

I just love this kitchen! The island is painted in Sherwin Williams Software and I love how it pairs with the lighter cabinets along the wall.

Morning Fog

Morning fog is a beautiful silvery-blue and has an LRV of 42.  It reflects a ton of light but is a great accent color to the whites in the room.  

This is a swatch of a blue gray paint color from Sherwin Williams called Morning Fog.
This is Morning Fog used in an entryway with white vertical shiplap wainscotting on the bottom third of the walls with dark gray tile.
Source: Houzz

Blue gray paint colors look so good next to crisp white like in this photo. The wainscotting just pops next to the blue gay walls.


As you can see Reflection is a very light color and true to its name, reflects a ton of light.  The LRV for Reflection is 66 so if you have a dark room and want to brighten it, Reflection is a perfect choice. 

It’s almost white but when paired with white trim you can definitely see the walls have color.  

This is a swatch of a blue gray paint color from Sherwin Williams called reflection.
A bedroom with Reflection on the walls, white washed wood on the ceiling and dark hardwood floors.
Source: Setting for Four

As you can see this blue gray paint color is very light and really brightens a room. I love how it pairs with the white washed ceiling of this bedroom.

Steely Gray

Steely Gray is the perfect name for this color.  Its pull towards blue is apparent in this dark color. 

This is my favorite of the darker colors mentioned here.  It’s not too dark to overwhelm a room.  You could use this on all the walls or just as an accent wall.  

This is a swatch of a blue gray paint color from Sherwin Williams called steely gray.

Here is a great example of a blue gray on the exterior of the home! THis mid toned gray paint color paires really nicely with the creamy color they chose for the brick portion of the home.


Icy is a blue gray paint color that is exactly how it’s name sounds. It’s icy. This color looks amazing when paired with darker grays, blacks and whites.

Color swatch of Icy from Sherwin wiliams.

This kitchen has a very calming vibe with Icy on the walls, white cabinets and black countertops. I also love the black hardware.


Krypton looks really well with warm wood tones! It’s mostly blue with a touch of gray and when paired with white it looks amazing.

a color swatch of Krypton from Sherwin Williams.

Krypton pairs so well with marble as you can see here in this gorgeous bathroom.

Serious Gray

This is one of Sherwin Williams darker gray colors. It has an LRV of 23 so it doesn’t reflect much light at all. This is a great color for accent walls, cabinets, or furniture makeovers.

A color swatch of Serious Gray from Sherwin Williams.

I have a photo coming soon of this color. I am repairing my powder room from a leaky shutoff valve and plan to repaint the walls Serious Gray. When I get it done I will share it with you, which should be in the next couple weeks.


Distance can vary it’s look in different lights. Its a dark blue gray but when used in a room with tons of natural light really brightens up.

A color swatch of Distance by Sherwin Williams.
Distance on the walls of a bedroom iwth a white headboard, very colorful bedding and a nightstand with a white lamp, clock, plant and glass of water on it.
Source: Pottery Barn

Distance can really brighten up when it’s in a room with lots of natural light, as you can see in this photo from Pottery Barn.

Granite Peak

Granite Peak is a lot like Distance but it has more gray in it. Both are very dark colors and best used on focal walls, furniture and cabinetry.

A swatch of Granite Peak from Sherwin Williams.


Daphne is a little more blue than gray but the gray in it mutes the blue and makes it not your everyday baby blue.

A color swatch of Daphne from Sherwin Wiliams.
Daphne is used on the wainscoting of a bathroom with blue and white plaid wallpaper on the upper walls.  The blue in the plaid matches the Daphne color on the bottom.
Source: Home Bunch

I completely love this powder room! The wallpaper and the paint color go together perfectly! Powder rooms are the perfect place to be bold and this is my kind of bold!

Need a fan deck?

Usually, the LRV is written on the paint chip or fan deck.  If you want to you can purchase a fan deck for Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore right off Amazon so you can see all the colors in your home without having to stand and choose colors at the store.

Best Blue Gray Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore

Pebble Beach

I just love Benjamin Moore colors.  Of the ones listed here I cannot tell you which I love the most. 

Pebble Beach is a gorgeous cool-toned gray that has hints of the ocean in it.  And the name reminds me of the time my Dad held my infant daughter at the 18th hole and she screamed her head off because she had a full diaper!  😂

This is a swatch of a blue gray paint color from Benjamin Moore called pebble beach.

These light blue gray walls look great with the dark wood bed frame and the medium toned gray dresser. Such a cute space for a guest bedroom!


Eternity is very similar to Pebble Beach but I think it’s more of a true gray, has less blue in it.  This is much more neutral and therefore would work well in just about any room.

This is a swatch of a blue gray paint color from Benjamin Moore called Eternity.
A family room with Eternity on the walls with Edgcomb Gray on the trim and dark hardwood floors with a  gray and white area rug.
Source: Home Bunch

The wall color is Eternity and it pairs really well with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. Edgecomb Gray is considered a warm gray color and you can see how well it goes with this blue gray paint color.

Coventry Gray

Coventry Gray is one of those colors that is like a chameleon.  It changes color depending on what light is present. 

I definitely recommend using a color swatch and looking at it during different times of the day to make sure you love it before purchasing a large can or two.  

A swatch of Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore.
Coventry gray in a bedroom with a beige upholstered tufted bed, mirrored nightstands and a coffered ceiling.
Source: Remodelholic

You can see from these two photos how much Coventry Gray can change depending on the light. The swatch doesn’t look all that much like the paint color in the photo. The amount and type of light in a room really makes a difference with this color so it’s really important to get a swatch to determine if this one is right for you.

Gentle Gray

Gentle gray is almost silver in color and pairs really nicely with warm-toned wood, as you can see from this picture below.  It has an LRV of 53.9 so it reflects more than half the light in a room.  The perfect choice for hallways or rooms that don’t have a lot of windows for natural light.

This is a swatch of a blue gray paint color from Benjamin Moore called Gentle Gray.

There are so many things I love about this photo. It shows how well Gentle gray pairs with white, black, lighter colors, and bright colors! It also looks really nice with the honey-toned floors.

Dior Gray

Oh Dior Gray, how I love thee!  This dark cool-toned gray is stunning and perfect for an accent wall or even a piece of furniture.  This color screams for a man cave too!

This is a swatch of a blue gray paint color from Benjamin Moore called Dior Gray.

This is another great example of a blue-gray paint color in a bathroom. It’s incredibly soothing and goes really nicely with the whites in the fixtures and trim. I also love it next to the very dark floors!

Nimbus Gray

Nimbus Gray is one that is almost bluer than gray.  It also can change with the lighting, as you can see the paint chip looks bluer but in the room photo the color pulls grayer. 

This is another one you want to try a swatch on a couple of walls throughout the day to make sure it’s right for you.  Honestly, though, it’s such a pretty color I don’t think you can go wrong with it!

This is a swatch of a blue gray paint color from Benjamin Moore called nimbus gray.

In this light Nimbus Gray looks a little more blue than gray. That can happen so it’s extremely important to put a sample on the walls to make sure you like the color in all lights of the day.


Here is what Benjamin Moore has to say about Comet:

Like the comet itself, this somewhat icy, dusty shade of gray takes its color cue from deep within the magnificent Solar System. Touches of blue and violet add to its striking depth.

Comet has an LRV of 35 so it’s not as light of a color as one would think when just looking at the paint swatch.

A color swatch of Comet from Benjamin Moore.
A bathroom with Comet on the walls above white board and batten and there is a star burst shaped tile on the floor.
Source: Jor Decor

Comet goes really well with this floor tile. Can we take a minute to discuss this floor tile!!! Holy cow it’s amazing! And with wall color it really stands out all the more.

Bachelor Blue

Bachelor Blue is part of the Classic Collection which completely makes sense when you look at the color. It pairs really well with classic paint colors such as reds, yellows, and greens.

A color swatch of Bachelor Blue from Benjamin Moore.

This exterior in Bachelor Blue is such a good muted blue (the gray does that). It looks great with the green in the landscaping as well as the red in the door, very Americana.


Stillwater is a lot like Bachelor Blue and has many of the same traits. However, this color has an LRV of 17.55 which makes it darker.

A color swatch of Stillwater from Benjamin Moore.

If you are looking for a color that will stand out then this is the one! Stillwater will definitely steal the show in any room. I love how it goes with the silver bar stools and the gold in the hardware!

Water’s Edge

I really like Water’s Edge. It’s the perfect mid-toned blue color that is muted by that addition of gray. This color is considered a neutral because it pairs really well with just about any color.

A color swatch of Water's Edge from Benjamin Moore.

This entryway is stunning! She pulled the paint colors from the rug and paired them so well! Water’s Edge has a lot of blue with a touch of green and all pulled together and muted by the gray in it.

Mineral Alloy

Quite a bit darker than Water’s Edge is Mineral Alloy. It’s also a neutral but on the darker side, still being firmly in the mid-toned range.

Mineral Alloy swatch from Benjamin Moore.
Mineral Alloy is on the upper walls of this dining room with white wainscoting on the bottom.

Mineral Alloy is one of those colors that pairs really well with just about any wood tone. It also pops so nicely off the white wainscotting and chairs!

Van Courtland Blue

In a well-lit room, this color can pull much more blue than gray. If that’s what you want then great! But if you are looking for more gray with hints of blue make sure you use this in a room with more artificial light than natural.

A color swatch of Van Courtland Blue from Benjamin Moore.
Van Courtland Blue is used on the cabinets of a kitchen with wood countertops and marble backsplash.

I am in love with this cabinet color! It goes so well with the marble tile backsplash as well as the wood countertop on the island!

Don’t forget to check out how any of these colors look in your home give Samplize a try.

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Blue Gray Paint Colors FAQ’s

Do gray and blue go together?

If you made it down this far in the post then you have seen firsthand how blue and gray can go together. The truth is gray goes with just about every color!

Consider the color taupe, it’s a combination of beige and gray leaning heavily on the beige side. And there is greige color. This color is similar to taupe but leans more heavily on the gray side.

I have several other posts that have examples of how colors blend with gray. Check out my green paint colors post, black paint colors post, and greige paint colors.

What goes well with blue gray paint?

Blue gray paint colors on the walls go really well with just about any other color. The one thing I would encourage you to stay away from going gray on gray. For example, blue gray paint with gray carpeting and gray furniture is way too much gray.

Adding a little beige will go a long way. However, adding white will really make your blue gray paint colors pop! I highly recommend adding a crisp white with your blue gray colors.

What accent colors go well with blue gray walls?

Like I mentioned white is an amazing color to pair with blue gray walls. Other jewel-toned colors look really well too. Green colors look really well with blue gray, and happen to be extremely trendy right now!

If you are looking for more neutrals to go with your wall color try creamy whites, navy’s, and blacks.

Where should I use blue gray paint colors?

These cool-toned paint colors are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms! Why do you ask? Well, that’s because of their soothing nature.

Blue gray colors tend to be very calming which is perfect for bedrooms. Who doesn’t want to sleep better?! I know I can get all the help in that department that I can get.

These colors are also perfect for bathrooms because of the spa-like feeling they give. If you go to the spa then usually you are relaxed and having some self-care time. This is the feeling you get when you have a cool-toned bathroom.

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Dorene Habecker

Wednesday 9th of February 2022

Thankyou for the great insight here. Please comment- I have a west bedroom with a large widows along the west wall. There is warm colored oak flooring running throughout this 2000’s Tuscan style open design home . I painted Reflection in an east exposure music room which is beautiful. I am looking at reflection or on the rocks for this bedroom. The entire house has alabaster ceilings and creamy (sw) wood trim. What color would you suggest for the bedroom?


Tuesday 15th of February 2022

Hi Dorene! I think you should give Reflection a try since you love it so much in the other room. You will notice a difference between the rooms though. In the bedroom, you will feel like the color is a bit darker in the morning but then when the sun is high and shining in the afternoon it will get really bright. The color will feel washed out a bit. If you love it in the other room and it works with your flooring then I think it should work in the bedroom as well.

Renda Downing

Tuesday 7th of September 2021

Would love to get your recommendation on exterior brick paint colors. We like sherwin Williams Cyberspace for the front door and black roof. What shade of gray would you recommend to paint the brick? What color for the garage doors? Trim?

Renda Downing

Tuesday 19th of October 2021

@atlaneandhigh, Thank you getting back to me. Update....... We are building a west facing home and love the clean modern farmhouse look. We are now committed to black roof, black windows and SW Cyberspace. I love the look of white with black windows but our neighbor's home is white. I am concerned that SW Network Gray brick body maybe too dark. We have been looking to use one of the fellowing for the body.....SW Online, SW Gray Screen, SW Light French Gray, or SW Argos. Can you please help us with a color combination that could work best together? Thank you so much.


Tuesday 7th of September 2021

Hi Renda! So you want to paint the brick, I think I am reading that correctly. I would recommend two different grays, one a little darker than the other. You can choose how light or dark you want from there. Both of them are Sherwin Williams, Site White and Network Gray. For the garage door I would probably go the same color as the front door, the Cyperspace. I hope that helps!


Thursday 8th of July 2021

Hello can u help me please, I want to make my living room look like coastal beach look have blue curtains and few white furniture and black sofas what pain colour will you recommend, I like the blue grey theme paint but don’t want the room to look blue in between worm and relaxing, I got pebble beach but I find it to blue, gentle grey or eternity also eternity is from Benjamin or Sherwan William and do you recommend white ceiling thank you 🙏🏼


Friday 9th of July 2021

Hi Gabriela! I feel you on the blue, and it's hard because every home is different. I would give Online a try, another option would be Reflection. Reflection is lighter than Online. Both are from Sherwin Williams. Coventry Gray from Benjamin Moore is also a great option. I would grab a sample of all three and put it on the wall and see which one you like best. Good luck!


Friday 5th of June 2020

What would be a good accent color with pebble beach? We are building and I'm having a difficult time choosing colored. Our kitchen cabinets will be Hale navy. I'm trying to decide what color to paint the walls for the majority of the house as well as an accent color for the sitting room just off from the kitchen.


Monday 15th of June 2020

Hi Tara, I don't know if you are looking for a neutral or an accent color to coordinate with Pebble Beach but here goes. First, I love Pebble Beach. I think Stonington Gray would be a great neutral to go with it. As for a pop of color, other than your beautiful cabinets, try Bronzed Beige (a beautiful light yellow) or Proposal ( a light pink). Good luck! Sounds like it's going to be wonderful!


Sunday 19th of April 2020

What brands are these paints? Specifically Reflection and Pebble beach.


Monday 20th of April 2020

Hi Wanda. Pebble Beach is Benjamin Moore and Reflection is from Sherwin Williams. Thanks!

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