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The Best 13 Greige Paint Colors For Your Home

Greige paint colors have taken the world by storm! They are clearly the most popular colors to use in the home and today I am sharing 13 of the best greige paint colors on the market that you should be using in your home.

Greige is basically the combination of gray and beige, you know like Brangelina!  LOL. (I know, super bad joke!)

The Best Greige Paint Colors Pin

I used to rock the beige and brown look in the ’90s and early 2000s.  Then the trend swung towards gray and it took me a while to make the transition.

 That’s why I love the greige paint color because it’s the perfect combination of both colors and it isn’t outdated like my old beige walls were.

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What is LRV?

I have been working on painting my interior walls, they are too dark.  Surprisingly they aren’t a dark paint color, I believe they are a color match to Revere Pewter, but because I live in the trees and don’t get a lot of natural light I want them to be lighter and brighter.

In order to achieve a brighter room, I need to paint with a high amount of light reflection.

LRV is short for Light Reflective Value.  The short version of this definition is the amount of light reflected with a light source.

According to Wikipedia, the definition is

“In architecture, light reflectance value (LRV), is a measure of visible and usable light that is reflected from a surface when illuminated by a light source.[1] The measurement is most commonly used by design professionals, such as architectural color consultants, architects, environmental graphic designers and interior designers.

LRVs are frequently reported on paint chips or paint samples. The values are used by lighting designers to determine the number and type of light fixtures needed to provide proper lighting for interior spaces.”

We use LRV in paint colors to show whether the paint reflects a lot or a little light.  

Why is this useful?  If you live in an area where you do not get much natural light and you want to brighten your home you are going to want a paint color with a high LRV.

The higher the number the more light it will reflect and vice versa.  

This is important to some people and not to others, I mention it just in case you are trying to lighten or darken your home.  Just because a paint color is light, doesn’t necessarily mean it will brighten your home.  If brightening is your goal, make sure you check out the paint colors LRV.  It’s usually on the paint chip. 😉

How to know which color is best for you.

Greige paint colors can vary greatly.  The best thing to do is to get a small trial can and paint a large swatch on the wall.  

Or you can check out Samplize. They send you a 12×12 inch square of your paint color that sticks to your wall and easily peels off. Look at that swatch over the course of a couple of days and see which one you like the best.  Hopefully, it’s obvious to you!

The Best Greige Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

Useful Gray SW 7050

Useful gray is a medium tone greige paint color with yellow and green undertones.  As you can see from the bedroom photo below it looks great with both the beige and gray colors of the window treatments and bedding.  It also pairs nicely with the wood tones in the nightstands and wood floors.

Useful gray Greige Paint Color swatch.
Useful Gray Greige Paint Colors in a family room with an upholstered headboard, tons of windows and gray bedding.
Source: Jillian Lare

Amazing Gray SW 7044

Amazing gray is considered a true gray because it can have a tendency to go both warm or cool.  It is one shade darker than Worldly Gray. Both colors have a slight undertone of green.

Amazing Gray Greige Paint Color swatch.
Amazing Gray Greige Paint Color in a family room with vaulted ceilings and tons of windows.
Source: Pinterest

Worldly Gray SW 7043

Wordly gray is the lighter version of Amazing Gray and is considered a true gray with a slight tendency to be warm.  Again, this color has a slight undertone of green.

Worldly Gray Greige Paint color swatch.
Worldly Gray Greige Paint Color in a Laundry Room with white cabinetry and gray slate tile floors.
Source: Cottage Home Company

Dorian Gray SW 7017 – LRV 39

This greige paint color is a little on the darker side but very moody and romantic.  It has a pull towards purple but still on the warm side.

Dorian Gray Greige Paint color swatch.
Dorian Gray Greige Paint Color in a dining room with a white buffet and teal lamp with teal dining chairs.
Source: Kylie M. Interiors

Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Agreeable gray is lighter than Dorian gray but also has a hint towards purple.  If you don’t like your paint to pull green then this is a great choice!

Agreeable Gray Greige Paint Color swatch.
Agreeable Gray Greige Paint Color in a family room with a white mantel on a fireplace and built-ins on either side.
Source: Inspired by Charm

Repose Gray SW 7015 – LRV 60

Repose Gray is a fabulous color with subtle undertones of brown and a touch of purple.  If you are thinking of selling your home this is a great color to paint your walls for a neutral backdrop.

Repost Gray Greige Paint Color swatch.
Repose Gray Greige Paint Color in a bedroom with a cream upholstered headboard and gray stained nightstands.
Source: Designing Vibes

The Best Greige Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore

Classic Gray 1548 – LRV 74

This is the color I chose for my home office/den.  I painted it and sometimes looks beige and sometimes it looks gray depending on the time of day and light.  

To see the before of my downstairs family room/teen space (that eventually turned into my home office/den) click here.

Classic Gray Greige Paint color swatch.
Classic Gray Greige Paint Color in a family room with a beige couch and a gold and marble coffee table on a gray rug.
Source: The Creativity Exchange

Pale Oak OC-20

This is a beautiful greige paint color that pulls a little yellow/green.  It’s a stunning color that was definitely on my short list of paint colors to paint my house.

Pale Oak Greige Paint Color swatch.
Pale Oak Greige Paint Color in an entryway with white wainscotting.
Source: A Thoughtful Place

Revere Pewter HC 172 – LRV 55.51

This is by far the most popular warm gray paint color.  It’s also a recommended color for staging your home to sell.  It’s almost a perfect neutral, which is what makes it so popular.

Revere Pewter Greige Paint Color swatch.
Revere Pewter Greige Paint Color in a dining room with white wainscotting.
Source: A Turquoise Home

Gray Owl 2137-60 – LRV 65.77

Gray Owl is one of those paint colors that can go either warm or cool depending on the amount of natural light your room receives.  The more natural light the cooler the color tends to pull with a little bit of a blue undertone.  But in rooms where artificial light is prominently used this color is just stunning!

Gray Owl Greige Paint Color swatch.
Gray Owl Greige Paint Color in a. bathroom with a gorgeous free standing bathtub.
Source: Creating Contrast Designs

Edgecombe Gray HC-173 – LRV 63.88

Edgecombe Gray is sort of in between Pale Oak and Revere Pewter when looking at the lightness/darkness with very similar undertones.

Edgcome Gray Greige Paint Color swatch.
Edgecombe Gray Paint color in an entryway with a grand staircase and wainscotting.
Source: The Creativity Exchange

White Dove I-06 – LRV 85.38

As you can see from the LRV number this color is very bright!  That’s why it also made the shortlist for colors in my home.  What it came down to was this color is almost white and very close to my baseboard color so I chose Classic Gray.

A paint swatch of white dove greige paint color.
White Dove greige paint color on the walls of a dining room.
Source: Rivers Spencer Interiors

I know I only chose paint colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.  I couldn’t possibly go through all the paint lines, there are just too many.  These are my favorite brands.  

I like the BM colors best but I love the paint from Sherwin Williams, plus it goes on sale from time to time, unlike Benjamin Moore.  You can color match at different retailers but keep in mind it will never be exactly the same as if you got it from the owners of that color.

To see all the colors of the year for 2019 from each paint brand check out this post!

The Best Greige Paint colors pin

I hope you understand warm greige paint colors now and have some ideas on which one you can use in your home. When in doubt always get a sample and try it out. Happy painting!

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Beth B.

Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

What a great post! We have just downsized into an older condo and are renovating the kitchen. I'm overwhelmed by all the decisions and detail. The walls are SW Agreeable Gray but our cabinet guy uses Benjamin Moore. I'm stumped by the cabinet color. The kitchen is small and I would like greige cabinets with a little contrast and not too dark. Can you help with a suggestion? I would be most appreciative.


Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

Hi Beth. A kitchen renovation is so exciting. I would take a look at BM Thunder. Also, if you find a Sherwin Williams color that you love they can color match it at the Benjamin Moore Store. Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

Hi. I started gnisu su Simply White as I trim color as I worked on each room of my house. A year later the color looks a littled dingy. I have red oak naturally stained wood floors throughout the house, so I wonder if the orange tint is affecting the look of the white. Anyway, my walls are BM Ballet White and variations of that similar color throughout the house. Is there a white trim color you recccomend with red oak floors and Ballet white? Thanks for your generous responses to everyone.


Monday 28th of September 2020

Hi Kristin. I think you are on the right track. When you look at Simply White it has a lot of yellow undertones. On a color wheel, yellow and red are close to one another so the red will pull out that yellow, which is probably what is making it look dingy. Try picking a color on the opposite side of the color wheel which would have blue undertones. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace would be a good option, as well as Decorators White. Good luck!


Sunday 6th of September 2020

Hi. Love your site. Getting so much good info. Maybe you could help me with my dilemma. I have Duron white solitude on all my trim, ceilings and shutters. Redoing my kitchen and I do not want to have to incur the cost of painting all of that. Was thinking of painting wall 50% of white solitude (currently sienna sand) but need a color to paint my cabinets that go to the ceiling so they are right next to the trim. Looking for a greige that could work. Have tried agreeable grey, pale oak, dove wing and white dove but then the trim looks yellow. Was also thinking a green Gray more green color might look nice. Will have a new 5x8 island from scratch and was thinking to do that in a wood. No stain for that either. Having floors redone but no color for that either. But thinking those will come easier once I have a cabinet color. Thanks for letting me pick your brain


Friday 3rd of July 2020

Hi! Looking for some advice. I am getting ready to sell my home and can't afford to modernize it all (the trim color is very creamy off white with yellow undertones and cabinets are oak with yellow undertones. The house is not well lit and current wall color is beige. I want to lighten and brighten with paint but nothing seems to go with these yellowish trim and cabinets. Amy thoughts?


Tuesday 7th of July 2020

Hi Lori, you might want to give Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore a try. It has some yellow/green undertones so I think it would coordinate with the trim and cabinets. And it's a nice bright color. Good luck with the move!


Monday 1st of June 2020

Hi, I am working on a bathroom remodel and kept my natural cherry cabinets. The counter is calacatta gold. I was looking for some direction on a nice shade of paint. I’m having a hard time finding a color that isn’t too tan or too gray. Thanks! Karen


Monday 15th of June 2020

Hi Karen. Bathrooms are fun but tough to remodel so kudos to you for tackling it. If you are looking for a paint color that will basically disappear then I suggest Benjamin Moore Classic Gray. Sometimes it looks gray, sometimes beige but it's very light and your bathroom will be super bright. Another great color is Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. I would test both on a wall next to your cabinets. Make sure they look good at all times of the day with the different lighting in the room. Good luck!

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