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Easy DIY Hydrangea Wreath

I love making my own wreaths and this is the easiest DIY Hydrangea Wreath you can possibly make!  You can create one in under 15 minutes!

I love hydrangea wreaths and I was going to make one with hydrangeas all the way around but it would have cost almost $70!  That was just not going to happen.  I never pay that much for wreaths so I decided to modify the design and here is what I came up with.

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How to DIY a Hydrangea Wreath

You can make a hydrangea wreath out of dried flowers or faux flowers. If you have access to dried that would be a great way to make one but I do not. So I made mine using faux hydrangea flowers.

Gather your Materials

You aren’t going to believe how easy this is, hardly anything is needed.  

I actually already had a grapevine wreath that I have changed up at different seasons to make different wreaths.  So I took the fall stems off and began to create my Spring Wreath.

  • Grapevine Wreath – these come in many sizes but this is the one I used
  • 4-6 Hydrangea Blooms – Depending on how big your wreath is, that will determine how many blooms you will want. The bigger the wreath the more blooms you will need.
  • Wire Cutters ( I seriously use these all the time!)
  • Wire
  • Ribbon

When it comes to the hydrangea blooms, that’s where the cost adds up.  I bought mine at Michaels.  They were $9 apiece and on sale for 50% off.  I used 5 large blooms, you can adjust for your wreath size and shape.

Wire cutters are a must, I use them all….the…..time!  They should be found in the craft aisle, not the tools aisle!  LOL

I used this wire that I had from my bow maker, it worked perfectly and I only used two wires.

The ribbon can be any color you like.  Mine is cream to coordinate with the colors of my hydrangeas.  They are cream and pink.  

I chose a satin ribbon without wire on the edges.  I wanted the drapey look it had (drapey, is that a word?).  Wire-edged ribbon would have been much easier to work with though.  

I apologize for the bad photos.  I have a tendency to craft on my family room floor in front of the tv while watching a movie with the hubs.  LOL, does anyone else do this? 😂 

The materials needed for creating a hydrangea wreath.

Assemble the Hydrangea Wreath

The first thing you need to do is cut the stems off your flowers.  Leave just a little bit on the end to stick into the grapevine wreath.

Now you need to figure out where on the wreath you want them.  I tried a couple of options because my wreath is a little oblong in shape.  I decided to put my flowers at the bottom to the right for a slightly off-centered look. 

Trying different places to put the flowers on the wreath.
Trying different places to put the hydrangea flowers on the grapevine wreath.

Next, I took my wire and threaded it through the stem of the hydrangea, and pressed the stem down into the wreath, I was able to get 2-3 stems on each wire.  Then I took the wire behind the wreath and twisted it together tightly so the blooms wouldn’t move.

This shows tying the wire through the stem of the flower around the back of the wreath.

I took the ribbon and honestly, haphazardly made the bow.  I made a couple of loops, tied them together, and made some more.  No real method just wanted some loops and pieces to dangle a little.  I also attached it with the wire.

The last thing I did was I took the ribbon and looped it around the entire wreath where the blooms were not.  I could have left this out but I recently painted my front door a beautiful dark color (Urban Bronze by Sherwin Williams) and I didn’t want the grapevine wreath to disappear into the dark color.

The hydrangea wreath finished.

The Finished Hydrangea Wreath

I hung my new hydrangea wreath on the front door and I think it pops nicely!  It’s the perfect Summer Wreath and matches the light pink flowers in my pots!

A full view of the hydrangea wreath on the front door.
Hydrangea Wreath hanging on the front door.

As I said, I love a grapevine wreath.  It’s so versatile and fun to work with.  This wreath is a much cheaper version of the original hydrangea wreath I was going to do.  This wreath cost me under $25!  That is the perfect cost for a gorgeous front door wreath!

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