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The Teen Hangout Room is Finished, despite all that happened!

We did it, the Teen Hangout Room is finished!  We made it to the final week of the $100 Room Challenge and what a challenge it was!  

If you aren’t familiar, the whole challenge was created by Erin at Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry.  The idea is to redo one room in your home, in one month for under $100.  

Teen room pin for Pinterest.

This is the room in the house that is pretty much the catch-all.  I think everyone has a room like this.  It’s where you put your second-hand furniture, maybe stack things that “need to be done”.  You can see all this in my before pics.

In case you missed it you can check out the other weeks in the challenge to see what happened….there was a lot that happened.  I almost threw in the towel on the wood wall!

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4

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Let’s check out the Before

Alright, here is where we started!

The teen room before the makeover with a very messy look.
A leaning shelf unit that is a hodge podge of stuff and spilling out to the floorl.
The teen room wall where the sliding door is and a spot for my daughter to hang her medals from running races.

Full disclosure, this is quite frankly the hardest room in my home to photograph!  It is so dark and for the after pictures, it was pouring rain….absolutely no natural light at all!  😥

Teen Room After

So after refinishing the coffee table, creating a wood wall, replacing the leaning shelves and adding some decor…here are the after pics!

The view of the wood wall and the sliding glass door.

Here is the wood wall!  I am so stinking happy with the way it turned out!

A sofa table in a redish brown color with books and baskets on the bottom and baskets with pottery on the top.

This was the sofa table hanging out behind my couch in my upstairs family room.  I have known for a while that it didn’t fit that space but just hadn’t replaced it yet.  It seems to fit in better down here, although I am still not a fan of the color.

Then my daughter wanted my old stereo system out to play records. Between that and the colors in the entertainment center, the stereo, this table fits here perfectly! Someday we might change the color on all three but for now, we will roll with it.

My old stereo system from the 80's with two large speakers and a framed memory board of my daughters cheerleading in high school.

Ah, the stereo that started it all!

A view of the whole room and my dog sitting on the couch.

Notice the bare wall above the sofa table…I will be putting my younger daughter’s senior Cross Country and Track frame here, as soon as it’s done.  You can see my older daughter’s on the other side of the TV, she was a cheerleader.  

A view of the couch wall with the new hoop wreaths and part of the wood wall.

I took the hoop wreaths I used last Christmas and replaced the flowers with these white Magnolias.  I bought a garland at Hobby Lobby and just cut it up then attached the flowers to the hoops with wire.  

A close up of the wood wall.
A view of the wall with the stereo and tv.

Since this is the teen room I decorated it with the colors of their high school, green and gold….with a little added color of an Ohio State blanket.  I gotta add my Buckeyes!  I would like to add a rug to this room but my daughter doesn’t want one so I will leave it for now.

What did I spend?

Okay, so lets get down to brass tax…..what did this room cost.

Wood – $56.64

Magnolia Garland – $16.11

Basket for coffee table – $8.59

Pitcher – $10.74

Total = $92.08

I returned some wood that I didn’t use and all the paint and stain I already had from other projects.  So I am pretty happy with the final product.  I think it was a pretty big transformation.

If you are interested you can check out my post on How to Inexpensively Create a Reclaimed Wood Wall.  

You can also check out the farmhouse laundry room I created last January for the $100 Room Challenge and the Fixer Upper Inspired coffee bar last September.

A Teen Room pin for Pinterest.

I hope you enjoy the teen hangout room in our home. My girls love it and are so excited to have their friends over!

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