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The 18 Best Mushroom Paint Colors

Mushroom Paint Colors are the perfect neutral for the background of all your home decor. They are earthy and cozy and extremely popular right now.

I first heard about mushroom color in regard to hair color. It’s very popular. Typically when you have a popular color in beauty or fashion it bleeds over into home decor.

That is what we are seeing here, mushroom paint colors are taking the world by storm in the home decor niche. Why you ask? Well, let’s get into all the details.

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Swatches of 18 mushroom paint colors with text overlay.

What is a mushroom paint color?

Mushroom, greige, and taupe…confused yet? Yes, it is all very confusing. It’s all about the undertones. Taupe tends to have more pink and purple undertones.

Greige and mushroom are very similar. Mushroom tends to have green undertones. It’s a beige with a touch of gray. Greige is a combination of gray and beige, more on an even nature.

Mushroom colors also tend to be in the mid-toned range. Some are pretty light but the majority will be a touch darker.

What color goes well with mushroom?

Mushroom is a great neutral paint color which goes well with just about every other color you can think of. Some of my favorites to pair with it are:

  • warm whites
  • cream
  • darker browns
  • darker grays
  • blues
  • greens

Since most mushroom colors are in the mid-tone range it’s best to stay away from white/beiges that are similar. I would definitely go either lighter or darker than the mushroom color you choose.

How to know if a paint color is right for you?

The best way to judge if a color is good for you then you will want to put a swatch on the wall and look at it over a few days. Look at it in different lights and decide if you really like it.

You can do this by getting a sample from the paint store and using a brush to put it up on the walls, but then you are left with a can that you can’t do anything with. Those samples are used with poor-quality paint and aren’t meant for use on your walls permanently.

I recommend going with Samplize. They are a company that will send you a 12X12 peel-and-stick swatch of a paint color that you can stick to the wall. When you are done just peel it off and throw it away.

It’s easy and much less messy!

Best Mushroom Paint Colors

Before we get into all the colors let’s talk a little bit about LRV. It stands for light reflective value and is a scale from 0-100 measuring the amount of light a color reflects.

Zero is the darkest black and 100 is the brightest white. Most mushroom paint colors are going to sit in the middle of that scale.

Mushroom paint colors from Sherwin Williams


A swatch of Sherwin Williams Mushroom.

LRV = 57

This is probably the best example of a mushroom color, I mean it’s right there in the name! This color has a good bit of yellow undertones but it won’t show too yellow because the gray keeps it in check.

Get a sample of Mushroom from Samplize!


A swatch of Sherwin Williams Shitake.

LRV = 51

Sherwin Williams describes Shitake as a stone gray. It definitely has more gray in it than some of the others. This color evokes a feel of elegance. It will definitely elevate the look of any room.

Get a sample of Shitake from Samplize!


A swatch of Sherwin Williams Naturel.

LRV = 54

Naturel is a light/medium color with very subtle undertones. This is a gorgeous color that is very neutral due to the fact that the undertones are so slight.

Naturel will go well with just about any color decor.

Get a sample of Naturel from Samplize!


A swatch of Sherwin Williams Loggia.

LRV = 48

This color is more on the beige side with a touch of gray. It’s a great modern take on what we all know and hate…builders beige. This color will give you the warmth you are looking for but just an updated version.

Get a sample of Loggia from Samplize!

Balanced Beige

A swatch of Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige.

LRV = 46

Balanced Beige straddles the line between taupe and mushroom. It has a touch of red in the undertones which gives it a taupey look but not enough to go all the way to that side. It’s a gorgeous neutral mid-toned color.

Get a sample of Balanced Beige from Samplize!


A swatch of Sherwin Williams Minimalist.

LRV = 52

Minimalist is a bit brighter with a higher LRV. It is still mid-range and absolutely gorgeous! It also has a touch of red but the yellow undertones take over and the gray keeps it all muted.

Get a sample of Minimalist from Samplize!

Mega Greige

A swatch of Sherwin Williams Mega Greige.

LRV = 37

Mega Greige has a pretty low LRV which makes it on the darker side of the colors here. This color is two shades darker than Agreeable Gray on the paint card.

This color really straddles the line between taupe and mushroom. Depending on the amount and type of light it can show either way.

Get a sample of Mega Greige from Samplize!

Sticks and Stones

A swatch of Sherwin Williams Sticks and Stones.

LRV = 31

Sticks and Stones is a bit on the darker side. It also has a touch more gray than the others. It has a very earthy feel which makes this a great color for bringing the outdoors in.

Get a sample of Sticks and Stones from Samplize!

Mushroom Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore

Feather Down

A swatch of Benjamin Moore Feather Down.

LRV 73.16

Feather Down is the lightest mushroom color we will discuss today. It is an off-white paint color with enough gray in it to bring it into the mushroom family.

Get a sample of Featherdown from Samplize!

Natural Cream

A swatch of Benjamin Moore Natural Cream.

LRV = 64.78

I recently dove into the world of Natural Cream and just fell in love with this color. It is on the lighter side but depending on the lighting it can be light or have a gorgeous depth of color.

Get a sample of Natural Cream from Samplize!

Revere Pewter

A swatch of Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.

LRV = 55.05

Revere Pewter used to be the end-all be-all color of the 90s and early 2000s. It’s having a bit of a comeback now with the popularity of mushroom colors.

Get a sample of Revere Pewter from Samplize!


A swatch of Benjamin Moore Pashmina.

LRV = 44

Pashmina is a warm color but on the cooler side of things. This might make it one of the few perfect neutral colors!

Get a sample of Pashmina from Samplize!

Smokey Taupe

A swatch of Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe.

LRV 54.53

Even though Smokey Taupe has the word taupe in it the undertones are yellow-green. That makes it a mushroom color and on the lighter side.

Get a sample of Smokey Taupe from Samplize!

Stone Hearth

A swatch of Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth.

LRV = 48.45

Stone Hearth is one of my favorite paint colors. It has the perfect mix of beige and gray with yellow undertones that don’t really show. It is inspired by a stone (hence the name) but also has warmth (also hence the name).

Get a sample of Stone Hearth from Samplize!

Pale Oak

A swatch of Benjamin Moore Pale Oak.

LRV = 68.64

Pale Oak is one gorgeous greige paint color. It’s on the lighter side but crosses into the mushroom range in certain lighting.

Get a sample of Pale Oak from Samplize!

Gallery Buff

A swatch of Benjamin Moore Gallery Buff.

LRV = 46.22

Gallery Buff is a gorgeous neutral color that will anchor your room well but also looks amazing all on it’s own.

Get a sample of Gallery Buff from Samplize!

Bleeker Beige

A swatch of Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige.

LRV = 51.66

Bleeker Beige is a gorgeous mid-toned color that has very subtle undertones. The gray keeps it all muted. This one is a great mushroom color!

Get a sample of Bleeker Beige from Samplize!

Edgecomb Gray

A paint swatch of edgecombe gray.

LRV = 63.09

Edgecomb Gray is on the lighter side but still has great depth. Edgecombe Gray is called a gray but it has a good amount of beige in it. Making it a great mushroom color.

Get a sample of Edgecomb Gray from Samplize!

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Swatches of mushroom paint colors with text overlay.

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