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Christmas Tree Collar Ideas: My Favorite Picks

Christmas tree collars are a super stylish alternative to tree skirts, especially if you have pets or small children. I have gathered all the info on Christmas Tree Collar Ideas and some great picks for you to choose from!

I know that it seems a little early to shop for Christmas stuff but every year these Christmas tree collars sell out by Thanksgiving so I wanted to get this post out early so you won’t miss out on the collar of your Christmas dreams!

I know this happens to me all the time. I get wrapped up in Fall and Thanksgiving and bam, it’s all sold out by the time I get there. Let’s not have that happen this year.

This year I am planning to put two pencil Christmas trees in my dining room flanking my buffet and I want to do something different than a tree skirt. I don’t want there to be anything on the ground to be a trip hazard around the dining table. A tree collar is the perfect solution!

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What is a Tree Collar?

A tree collar works much like a tree skirt, the goal is to cover the ugly base of the tree and make that part more decorative.

A tree collar wraps around the tree stand and looks like a cuff at the base of the tree. It doesn’t spread out like a tree skirt so it can be a great option if you have pets or kids who might trip or accidentally pull on a skirt.

Can you use a tree collar on a real tree?

Of course you can! The important thing when choosing a tree collar is to make sure you get the right size. Measure your tree stand and make sure that whatever base you choose will fit that stand.

Another thing to consider is that you will need to water that real tree. Make sure your tree collar is open on top so you can fit a watering can in to keep that tree alive.

Christmas Tree Collar Ideas

Here are some ideas for you to get inspired and see what they actually look like on a tree. I think you will find the tree collar to be a more modern look compared to the traditional tree skirt.

Source: BHG
Source: BHG
Source: Walmart

Tree Collars Ideas for Your Christmas Tree

Make sure you measure the base of your tree before you buy a tree collar. The base of the tree should be smaller than the tree collar. I would hate for you to get a new tree collar and then be disappointed that it doesn’t fit.

Typically you can put the base on the floor and wrap the tree collar around the tree stand. Then assemble your tree. Your tree collar should not be wider than the bottom branches of your tree. Since it’s smaller I recommend putting the tree collar on before assembling the tree, it’s just easier that way.

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Woven Christmas Tree Collars

Metal Christmas Tree Collars

Wood Christmas Tree Collars

Fabric Christmas tree Collars

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