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The 15 Best Faux Christmas Garlands in 2022

I have gathered all the best faux Christmas garlands that you are going to want to see. Here are all my favorites and what’s trending this year.

We all keep hearing about how there will be delays this year. I know that you are probably as sick of there being shortages as I am. So that’s why I am getting this post out early because I want to make sure you don’t miss out on anything you want to have this year for Christmas!

A set of four garlands on mantels, across the tops of doors and down a table for a centerpiece.

Our lives are a bit crazy this year with a kid in college and another one married but we also found out that our oldest is pregnant! Super excited about being a Grandma!!! She will be coming home the weekend before Thanksgiving to have a baby shower, which means I will be very busy those two weekends. All fun stuff, but very busy.

I want to start thinking about Christmas now because once December gets here I might be worn out!

Best Faux Christmas Garlands

Have you ever gone to the store to grab something for a holiday only to find out that they have moved on to the next holiday and you can’t find anything you need? Oh, that’s happened to me so many times, and every time I get so frustrated with myself for not thinking ahead earlier. Not happening this year!

Faux Traditional Christmas Garlands

I love a good traditional Christmas garland. In fact, those are probably my husband’s favorite and they make him so happy when I hang them. Here are a few of my favorites!

  1. Simple traditional Christmas garland – This beautiful garland is simple and beautiful. It has traditional pine branches as well as some magnolia branches. There are also red berries and pinecones. It is 9 feet long and has 50 clear lights.
A garland with red berries and pinecones on a wood mantel of a stone fireplace with red candles.

2. Decorated Berry Ornaments Garland – This garland is 6 feet long with red berries and balls of red, green, and gold. There are no lights on this one but it would be really easy to add some fairy lights and I think this garland would be perfect!

A garland on top of a white mantel with red berries and ball ornaments in red, green and gold.

3. Frosted Traditional Garland – This gorgeous garland has snow on its tips and is 5.8 feet long. It also has lights, berries, pine cones, and three bows on each strand. This garland screams traditional Christmas!

A mantel with red berries, pinecones and bows on a wood mantel.

Faux Magnolia Christmas Garlands

One of my favorite types of wreaths is magnolia wreaths. I have one that hangs year-round on an iron piece of artwork. It only makes sense to use them during the holidays!

  1. Magnolia garland – This beauty is 9 feet long and has pine cones mixed in with the magnolia leaves and pine branches. It’s so incredibly realistic! It has 100 led lights that are pre-lit, battery operated and have a remote to turn them on and off.
A mangnolia garland across the top of a door with a matching wreath hanging from the door.

2. Faux Seeded Eucalyptus Garland– This garland is called a seeded eucalyptus garland but it also has magnolia leaves in it which is what I love. I love the way they combined a few different types of stems to create this gorgeous faux garland.

3. Magnolia Garland from Etsy – This is another one that is preserved. It is handmade and absolutely stunning! This garland can make a wonderful addition to tables, doors, as well as mantels.

Flocked Christmas Garlands

If you love the look of a flocked Christmas tree then you will love the look of a flocked garland! Last year I flocked my own tree and it was so fun and easy! You can use the same technique as I did to flock a garland if you wanted to! But these beauties are available and already flocked for your convenience.

  1. Flocked Garland – I love the little poinsettia flowers in this garland. It adds the perfect touch of Christmas. The branches are made to look like a fir tree and it has 100 clear bulbs.
A flocked garland with white lights and small poinsettia flowers hung across a doorway.

2. Flocked Ornaments Garland – I just love the colors of this garland. Not only is it flocked but it also has blue and silver ball ornaments. I have seen these used on garlands and wreaths. Using nontraditional colors in Christmas decor is so fun and exciting. Adding the flocked texture to the garland makes it so pretty.

A flocked garland with silver and blue ball ornaments

3. Simple Flocked Christmas Garland – I love the simplicity of this garland. It’s a pretty basic garland that has been flocked and has lights. If you are keeping things simple this year then you will love this one. You will LOVE the price too!

Simple Faux Christmas Garlands

Sometimes we all crave a little simplicity, that’s totally me this year. I have gone super simple on my fall decor so when it comes to Christmas this year I think I will be doing the same thing. Here are some of my favorite simple faux Christmas garlands.

  1. Carolina Pine Garland – My daughter is a lover of Carolina Pines so this garland makes me think of her. It has 100 warm lights and some pine cones to add to the pine branches. It’s so pretty in it’s simplicity and I think that’s why I love it so much.
A garland with warm lights hung on a white mantel with candles and gold candlesticks.

2. Holiday Aisle Garland – This garland is really special because of how full it is. It has 3 different kinds of pine branches with berries and pine cones. There are also 50 clear lights on this garland.

A very full garland with pinecones hung on a white mantel with wrapped presents, red candles and a clock hung on the wall above the mantel.

3. Soft Touch Garland – I have a few of these types of garlands and I love them so much because they are so soft to the touch. They feel soooooo almost real! They don’t have any lights or adornments, just a soft pretty garland that you can use anywhere.

A cedar garland laying curved on a table with candles.

4. Felt Mistletoe Garland – This one is non-traditional but still very elegant. It is made of green felt and white berries. It is 6 feet long and also has this cute wreath that you can pair it with.

A felt garland with white berries on a white mantel and a matching wreath hung on the wall above.

Preserved Christmas Garland

Preserved garlands are sort of a hybrid of living and faux. They were originally live that have been preserved to last. Meaning they won’t die within a couple of weeks of buying it.

Why would you want a preserved garland? For the feel of having the real thing and the smell too. Preserved garlands have the look and feel of the real thing but will last much longer. They also carry the wonderful smell and authenticity of a real garland.

  1. Olive Leaf & Myrtle Garland – This garland is stunning! Olive trees have taken the home decor world by storm and have surpassed the fiddle leaf fig in popularity. It only makes sense for it to become popular in our holiday decorating. This one does not have lights on it. I would try to keep it away from fireplaces and outlets since they are real.
An olive branch garland hung above a doorway and white shiplap on the walls.

2. Fresh Winter Collection Garland – This gorgeous garland is perfect for Christmas or Winter in my opinion. It has several different kinds of evergreen branches as well as some white berries and pine cones. There are no lights but none are needed for this beauty! As with the Olive Branch Garland keep away from getting close to fires and outlets.

A garland with white berries and pinecones hung above a white door with shiplap on the wall.

I hope you have found at least one garland to put around your home. I have several in my cart right now. Decisions, decions!

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