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Decorate your Mantel Like a Pro with these Fall Mantel Decorating Tips

Do you have trouble achieving a gorgeous cohesive look when decorating? Today I am sharing fall mantel decorating tips on how to achieve the perfect fall mantel.

I am so excited to be joining 20 other home decor bloggers today on the Fall Ideas Tour hosted by Angie at Postcards from the Ridge! Make sure you check them all out, their links will be towards the end of this post. I hope you get lots of ideas and inspiration from all of us!

My mantel is my go to for decorating. The fireplace is almost 12 feet wide with a huge beam as a mantel. Naturally with such a large fireplace it’s a great way to decorate for any season or holiday.

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Here is my fall mantel.

A front view of my fireplace with a sing, owl, pumpkin candle and lantern on the mantel.
A side view of my fireplace and mantel.
A view of my fall mantel decorations and the large clock on the stone fireplace.

This pumpkin patch sign I made last year. It’s actually reversible with a Christmas tree sign on the back. To get the tutorial click here.

A sign that says welcome to the pumpkin patch.
The ceramic white pumpkin and an orange candle in a large urn, fall mantel decorating tips.

Fall Mantel Decorating Tips

Lets go over some guidelines, I don’t like to say rules because in decorating anything goes as long as you love it. So here are some guidelines you might want to follow.

Size Matters

Like, obviously right?! LOL, sorry I couldn’t help myself.

When you look at my mantel there is a large fireplace that goes all the way to the vaulted ceiling, 16 feet up. It’s 12 feet wide with a large seat for a hearth.

The big wooden beam spans about 10 feet wide and is about 12 inches deep, 6 inches tall.

With such a large foundation you can’t put a bunch of little decorations on the mantel. They would be eaten up by the size of everything. I have to use large pieces so they get seen.

First I mounted a large clock on the fireplace. That stays there year-round. I picked one that didn’t have a back because I didn’t want to hide the stone on the fireplace. (For details on how to hang a clock on a fireplace check out How to Drill into Masonry.)

I have a large lantern on the mantel that has a plant in it from IKEA. On the other side I have a large urn that I purchased from Kohl’s many years ago. They anchor the ends and my sign in the middle make up the bulk of the decor on the mantel. I added a large owl and a pumpkin to finish it off.

Everything up top was very hard so on the hearth, I decided to soften things up. On one side I have a vase with some faux flowers which I got from Pier 1 a while ago, so sad they are going out of business.

A side view of my fall mantel for fall mantel decorating tips.

On the other side next to the fireplace tools I have a wooden box with a pillow in it. You could also have blankets in the box, that would look good too.

A fall pillow that is white with  an orange pumpkin on it.

Color Scheme and Symmetry

In order to have a cohesive look you need to have a color scheme. As you can see I am going with white, brown and orange. I have used these colors both on the mantel as well as on the hearth.

In this photo you will see how I created symmetry with the color. I have orange on both sides up top and below, as well as the white. I have created a triangle with the color brown with the sign, flowers and the box.

This shows the symmetry of colors on the mantel and hearth.

And you will notice that the sign has all three colors, it’s the focal point of the whole look.

You can choose any color scheme that you like. Neutral decor is very popular. I have even seen jewel tones used in fall decor. Really it’s anything goes, it’s your home do what you like color-wise!

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I hope you feel like you have what you need to decorate your mantel like a pro this year! Feel free to ask questions in the comments below regarding the Fall Mantel Decorating Tips. And happy fall y’all!

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