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Deep Cleaning Bedroom Checklist: 6 Tips to Get It Clean!

It’s time to start spring cleaning and I am sharing my deep cleaning bedroom checklist so you can easily get that bedroom back in order!

Deep cleaning isn’t fun but the feel that a room has after is just amazing. Spring is a great time to deep clean but it can be done whenever you have time.

I started on my bedroom because wow, it was in bad shape. I keep up with the daily and weekly cleaning but the amount of dust and dead skin cells (YUCK!) that builds up is really gross.

If you are like me and have allergies then the bedroom is one space you really need to deep clean. You spend a lot of time sleeping in this room and the dust and whatnot (I don’t want to say skin cells anymore if I don’t have to) will really aggravate those allergies.

A woman vacuuming a bedroom with text overlay.

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Deep Cleaning Bedroom Checklist

Before you get started it’s time to declutter your bedroom. Remove anything that doesn’t belong and find a home for it.

Another tip before you get started is to open a window and/or wear a mask. If you have allergies this might be especially helpful for you.

You are going to stir up a lot of dust today and your respiratory tract might not appreciate it. After doing all this in my room I had to take a Benadryl because I kept sneezing.

Step 1: Remove all Linens

My bedroom with the bedding and window coverings gone to be washed.

This is the easiest part but the most time-consuming. You need to remove all the bedding and curtains from the room and start running them through the washer and dryer.

This includes all pillows, throw blankets…everything. You wouldn’t believe how much dust and skin cells will linger on our linens.

When I removed our curtains I had a sneezing fit. It’s been a while since they had been washed and they were covered in dust!

Step 2: Start Dusting – Move from the top down

Now it’s time to start dusting. I got an extendable dusting wand to reach up into the corners of the room and all along where the walls meet the ceiling. You wouldn’t believe how many cobwebs will develop there that you can’t see until you get up to them.

The extender tool I use to clean up high around the ceilings.

Then get the tops of window and door frames as well as the curtain rod and blinds. Don’t forget about ceiling fixtures such as chandeliers and recessed lights.

I have picture molding on my walls and it was very dusty. So make sure if you have any texture such as molding or wainscotting you dust all of that.

Dust artwork, TVs, and furniture. Work your way down to the floor where you will dust all the baseboards.

You need to move furniture for this part because dust really builds up behind there. The worst area for me was behind my bed and nightstands. I let my dog sleep in the bed and there was a ton of dog hair on the baseboards!

Step 3: Clean Windows and Glass

Now grab your favorite glass cleaner and get going on the windows both inside and out. I can’t get the outside of my windows because they are 25 feet off the ground. I plan to have all my windows cleaned professionally after our roof gets replaced this spring.

Now it’s time to take a look at the TV and any pictures on the walls that have glass.

Step 4: Clean and White Down Window Frames

Take an all-purpose cleaner and go around the room and clean any other surfaces such as window frames, door knobs, drawer pulls, etc.

Take a look at all the areas in the room. I noticed I had makeup on the front of my vanity drawers and the marble-covered contact paper vanity top.

There was also some dirt on the door where my dog used her nose and paws to push the door open.

Step 5: Vacuum

You are near the end so just hand in there! Now it’s time to vacuum up all that dust and dirt.

Start with the bed. Yes, you heard me, the bed. There are a lot of dead skin cells and dust that have been floating in the air from all the dusting you did. You need to vacuum it all up.

The want tool from my vacuum on my bed.

Then move on to the floor. Don’t forget to move the furniture and vacuum around it and under it.

Use the crevice tool on your vacuum and suck up the dust on the edges of the room by the baseboards that your vacuum doesn’t get on a regular cleaning. Plus you just deposited it there from dusting the baseboards.

The carpet around where my bedside table sits and the dust that has gathered around it.

Here you can see all the dust that has gathered between the bed and bedside table and the table and wall around where it sits on the carpet. Gross!!!!

Step 6: Put the Room Back Together

Once you have run all your linens through the washer and dryer go ahead and remake the bed. Iron and hang your curtains back up, or if you have a steamer you can hang and steam them.

Put all the furniture back and decorate the bedside tables.

At this point, I like to light a candle and enjoy all my hard work.

A bed with white bedding and a herringbone headboard with dark blue walls.

Deep Cleaning Bedroom Checklist Recap:

We went through a lot so here is a quick recap of what you need to do to deep clean your bedroom. If you want a printable version of this list to use again and again click the image below and I will send it straight to your inbox!

  • Wash all linens – bedding and curtains
  • Dust everything from the top of the room to the bottom
  • Clean windows, mirrors, and all glass
  • Clean and wipe down window frames and all knobs
  • Vacuum the bed and floors
  • Put the room back together

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A bedroom with no bedding and text overlay.

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