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How to Choose the Right Bedside Table Height

Choosing the right bedside table height can be a little frustrating. There is a lot to consider when planning furniture placement for a bedroom. I have all the info on what you need to do and also some out-of-the-box ideas you can use for choosing the right nightstand!

When my husband and I got married we used the endpieces from an antique vanity that was once his grandmother’s. They were small and way too short but hey, beggars can be choosers right?!

We had kids really early on in our marriage and it took a while to actually spend money on ourselves and our bedroom. Finally, we scored a tall dresser/media chest and bedside tables on sale at Bassett furniture.

When we bought them we had a nice big bedroom so I was able to choose large bedside tables. And fortunately, I chose the right height!

A bed with a herringbone headboard, white bedding, picutre molding on the walls that are painted smokey blue.

This is my bedroom after doing a complete renovation a couple of years ago. I still love it! All the details will be linked at the end of the post if you are curious about anything.

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The Right Bedside Table Height

The average height for a bed is 24 inches. But this can vary depending on the type of mattress you have, whether you have box springs or a platform bed. Do you have storage drawers under like my daughter does?

These are all things that are going to impact what would be the right bedside table height for you.

When we purchased our bedroom furniture our bedside tables were the same height as the bed. Then we got a new mattress, a purple mattress. I love the mattress but it’s not nearly as thick as the old mattress was with a pillow top on both sides.

Now my bedside tables are slightly higher than my mattress but they aren’t too high. they are within 2 or 3 inches.

Here are some measurements to keep in mind when you are searching for bedside tables.

Low Bedside Table Height

A low bedside table would be less than 23 inches tall. This is good for platform beds that sit lower than other types of beds.

Standard Height

A standard height bedside table sits between 23-28 inches tall. Most beds sit at 24 inches to the top of the mattress.

Tall Tables

A tall bedside table would be 30 inches or more. These are good for beds that have a box spring and a thick mattress topper.

Extra Tall

If the bedside table is more than 35 inches you have an extra tall bedside table. This is good for beds that have built-in storage below the mattress and box springs.

Tips on Choosing Bedside Tables

Consider the proportions of other furniture and the size of the room. A large room should have a larger bed with larger tables. And vice versa.

When choosing your tables consider the design style you are going for. What is the look you want the room to have?

Consider other pieces when choosing bedside tables that are more out of the box. For example, a desk or vanity, chest, or floating shelves.

You might want to consider mismatched bedside tables. For example a desk on one side and a round table on the other. This adds character and interest to your room.

Always think of functionality. You need your bedside table to always function well for you. Are you a bedtime reader? If so then you will want a bedside lamp.

Make sure you keep in mind the arm length of you and your partner. Make sure your bedside table is the right size for you to easily reach items you need.

A herringbone headboard and white bedding with a nightstand that is slightly taller than the bed.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bedside Table Height

Is 32 inches too tall for a nightstand?

That all depends on what kind of bed you have and if you have a thick mattress topper. Beds that have a frame, box springs, mattress, and mattress topper might be much higher than the standard 24 inches. In this case, a taller bedside table would be perfect.

What is the feng shui height of a bedside table?

According to feng shui experts, a bedside table should have rounded corners and be lower than the top of your mattress.

How far should the nightstand be from the bed?

You should give approximately 3-6 inches of space between your bed and nightstand. This gives the eye a gap between the bed and the nightstand and allows you to have some space to make the bed!

Should a nightstand be higher or lower than your bed?

Ideally, your nightstand should be the same height as your bed. It’s okay if it is slightly lower or higher but always in the ball park of the same height as the top of your bed.

If your nightstand is too low you will have to reach far to get items off it. If it’s too high you might not be able to reach items.

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