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13 Unique Blanket Storage Ideas You Need In Your Life

It’s that time of year when the weather gets colder. No matter where you live you will probably be feeling a little chill and go for a blanket. Today I have 13 ways you can store blankets in your home so that you will stay organized.

I live in Ohio and it gets pretty cold here this time of year. We have tons of blankets that we use on a regular basis. I also have a dog that loves to hibernate in blankets. Seriously, she has to have one under her and on top of her at all times.

So between me, the dog, my husband, and the kids, we need a lot of blankets but I don’t want them laying all over the place and making my home look messy. So I have a bunch of great ways to store and organize those blankets to keep the clutter away and make your home look amazing.

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How to Keep Blankets Fresh and Clean

I mentioned that my dog loves blankets, you can imagine how smelly they can get. I typically wash all the blankets that my dog lays on once a week. If your dog isn’t as much as a princess as mine then you probably only need to wash the blankets once every two or three weeks.

If you have especially smelly blankets then you can add some white vinegar to the washing machine. I usually add it to the fabric softener area but if you use fabric softener then you can just add it to the inside of the machine and it will do the trick.

Don’t worry, your blankets won’t come out smelling like vinegar. Once they go through the dryer they will be clean smelling and fresh!

Blanket Storage Ideas

For those blankets that you need access to quickly:

  1. In a basket near the couch or your bed.

I have a basket on my fireplace hearth that I store blankets in for quick access. I also keep large throw pillows in this large basket for anyone that might want to lay down on the floor. My oldest likes to lay in front of the fireplace when we have fires.

A Christmas mantel with a basket on the hearth with blankets and throw pillows in it.

My youngest has a basket of blankets next to her bed so she can easily grab them at night if she gets cold.

A Gold wire basket full of my daughters blankets with a stuffed animal on top.

2. In a dresser or built in cabinets in the family room.

I also have an antique dresser on the wall in between my family room and breakfast nook. It holds tons of blankets for us to use on movie night.

Antique Dresser for storing blankets with a lantern on top, three decorative bowls and a wine glass holding a flower.

And in my basement I have these amazing built-ins that I created and they house SO MUCH STUFF!

White built-ins with a tv in the center and a fiddle leaf fig tree on the right and windows to the left.

3. Over the back of a chair or couch.

I love to keep a blanket on the back of a chair so anyone who sits there can easily grab it if they feel a little cold. I typically save these for my most decorative of blankets since it’s on display for all to see.

A family room with a gallery wall around a tv and a blanket on the back of a chair.

4. On a blanket ladder.

I built this great blanket ladder for my daughters room. She is grown now and has moved out but I still keep extra blankets on it for when she comes home.

A room with a blue dresser, light gray walls and a blanket ladder painted white and a paisley blanket hanging on it.

I kind of stole this since she hasn’t visited in a white and it currently resides in my master bedroom, LOL. My husband likes to be very warm at night and I don’t so we hang all his extra blankets on it.

5. At the foot of a bed.

I always keep a throw blanket at the foot of my bed no matter what the season. It’s great for laying in bed watching tv (or in my case working) and the dog wants somewhere to cozy up next to me.

This is after my master bedroom reno where I created a DIY Herringbone Headboard and put picture molding on the walls. I love how cozy this room is now.

A bed with a herringbone headboard, blue walls and white bedding with a throw blanket at the foot of the bed.

This is also a place I like to have a more decorative blanket. This one I won from an Instagram contest, it’s over $100 in value.

6. Storage Ottomans

I just love storage ottomans because they are a great place to hid what you don’t want everyone to see on a regular basis. You can have these ottomans in front of a couch or chair, or even at the foot of a bed. They are so versatile and the extra storage is amazing!

My Mother in law bought some after she became a Grandmother. She kept the kids toys in them for when they visited and now she stores all kinds of pillows and blankets in them.

For those blankets that you don’t use very often or maybe they are special to you and you don’t want to use them on a regular basis here are some great ways to store them and display them. (No kidding I have several “no dog” blankets, lol.)

7. Hang it on a wall.

For a great way to display heirloom quilts I recommend hanging them on a wall. This displays them for all to see, creates amazing artwork and also makes a home feel very cozy.

You can also find an out of the way place to hang a blanket rack. Here are some really amazing options for hanging your blankets on a wall.

8. Store under a bed.

Under the bed storage has always been a great option for storing things you don’t use often. Typically it’s out of season clothes but you can also store extra blankets there. Also a great place to keep those heirloom blankets that you don’t want to get dirty.

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9. Guest Bedroom Closets.

That top shelf of a closet that us short people typically can’t reach without a chair, is a great place to store extra blankets. I know my Mom stores extra blankets and pillows in hers.

When storing in a closet I like to make sure blankets are stored in a plastic bag to keep them clean. Dust can get pretty much anywhere and the last thing you want is to pull a blanket down and get a face full of dust.

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10. At the top of your linen closet.

The top shelf of a linen closet is also a great place to keep spare blankets. I love to keep blankets, beach towels and spare sheets in mine.

I also recommend keeping them in a storage bag here as well. Just to keep them clean.

11. An over the door rack.

An often forgotten place to hang things are on the backs of doors. There are tools you can buy to hang your blankets here and this keeps them off the floor, out of closets, but are still easy to access if you need one.

12. On a free standing blanket rack.

These are great for displaying those heirloom quilts! I love to have one in my bedroom or my family room to display pretty blankets but also have them close by if I want to use it.

My Mom has one of these in her bedroom and she hangs her out of season comforters on them as well as extra bed blankets.

13. A great tip for storing blankets under the bed or in closets.

Vacumm sealing bags are a great way to keep blankets clean and store in a closet without taking up much space. If you have little storage then this is a great way to store more in less space.

I hope you got some amazing ideas for storing your blankets during the year. If you have a big family, or a princess dog like mine, then you have tons of blankets that need to go somewhere. These are some great options!

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