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21 Toy Organization and Toy Storage Ideas from the Experts: Moms

One of the big problems parents have is how to keep toys cleaned up. Today I have a ton of great ideas for toy organization and toy storage from experts just like you…Moms!

Toys can get seriously out of hand! I remember having a playroom that was just filled with everything from a large playhouse to small bins of animals.

Some of the most creative minds out there have made some ingenious storage solutions for how to keep those toys organized and how to keep your sanity!

How do you organize a lot of toys?

If you have a lot of toys, and I am assuming since you are here you do, then it becomes really hard to organize them. Here is where you should start.

Start With a Good Purge

Go through all the toys in the playroom and throw away anything that is broken or not working anymore. That’s the easy step.

Next, go through the toys and remove any that aren’t age-appropriate anymore. Decide if you want to store them for any other children you plan to have or donate them to another family that will love them.

Separate Toys

Now comes the hard decision. You can separate toys and spread them throughout the house to make it feel like there aren’t as many.

Or you can decide to donate some of the toys that your children don’t play with very often. Talk about helping out another family that doesn’t have many toys, helping someone less fortunate. That should help your children emotionally cope with not having the toys anymore.

Toy Organization and Toy Storage Ideas

How to Keep Toys Organized and Stored Properly

Congratulations! You have gotten all the toys organized and stored nicely. How do you keep it that way?

I suggest you make it a family affair to keep rooms clean. Limit the number of toys they can take out at a time. When they hit the number they have to put something away.

Designate times during the day that toys get put away. I like it just before lunch, dinner, and bedtime. If you do this every day eventually kids will do it without you asking them to. Create a routine for it and try to make it fun.

Adding music helps or make it a contest and the winner gets a sticker or other small prize.

FAQ’s about Toy Organization

How do you organize toys in a small space?

First, you should purge as best you can. If you don’t have a lot of space then you can’t have a lot of toys.

Next, I would store toys in different rooms to keep the amount in each room to a minimum. This will also make the toys seem new as you are in different rooms and keeps kids interested and not bored with the same toys every day.

How do you organize toy categories?

Separate toys into different categories and store them in those categories. Using storage bins to keep them separated for easy cleanup is the best way to keep them organized.

How do you organize kids’ toys on a budget?

A great way to organize kids’ toys on a budget is to use inexpensive items to store them. You can go to the dollar store or utilize items from Target’s dollar spot for storage.

Another great way to store items that don’t cost anything is to use shoe boxes or Amazon boxes (we all have them). You can use fabric, paint, or wrapping paper to make them look pretty or you can leave them as they come.

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