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15 Garage Organization Ideas You Can Do Yourself

These amazing garage organization ideas will help you get your stuff off the floor, and your cars parked in the garage. What’s great is all of these ideas you can totally do yourself!

Studies show that only 30% of homeowners actually park their cars in the garage. Why don’t we? We have too much stuff!

Today I am going to give you some tips on how to pare down that stuff and organize it so that you can get those cars inside and out of the elements!

A garage with a workbench and pegboard with tons of tools organized.

How do I organize my garage? (First Steps)

There are a few steps you should take before going out and buying any storage solutions or building anything. You really need to go through everything in your garage and decide if it is worth keeping.

You need a trash pile. This is for anything that is broken or just not in good shape. If you thought you might fix it but it’s been sitting for multiple years it’s probably time to just get rid of it.

You need a donate pile. You have some yard decor that you spent money on but don’t really use anymore. But because you spent money on it you don’t just want to throw it away. Donate these items!

Let someone else love that item just as much as you once did.

Then you have the keep pile. These are things you actively use. Really go through the kid’s outdoor toys and only keep the things they are actually using.

How do I store small items in my garage?

Small items really should be organized by type and kept in small containers. I like to get clear plastic bins to keep them in so it’s easy to see what is inside. Or you can make labels for them.

Make sure once you organize these small items that you always put them where they belong otherwise you will be right back to a messy garage in no time.

Garage Organization Ideas

These 15 different garages have very different but creative storage solutions. There are some really great ideas that you can get for organizing your garage!

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A pegboard with different types of pliers organized and text overlay pin for Pinterest.

As a licensed Real Estate Agent and an avid home decorator, I strive to give my clients the very best I can when it comes to staging, selling, and decorating their homes. I have lots of experience with paint color choices and love to DIY my home so I can have everything just the way I want it. I share my ideas and projects with the world in the hopes that I can help others have their homes just the way they want as well.

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