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The Best Jewelry Organizer Ideas for 2024

We all need a good place to store our jewelry so that our necklaces don’t get tangled and our rings don’t get lost. I have amazing jewelry organizer ideas so that you can have all your precious baubles stored properly!

I have had many jewelry boxes in my life, from ones that sit on the dresser, ones that hang on the wall. Choosing the right jewelry organizer is a really personal choice.

We all have different preferences so today I am sharing tons of different ideas so you can find the perfect one for you!

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How do you organize a large amount of jewelry?

You can do a few different things to organize a large amount of jewelry. First you can have many different storage vessels such as a container for rings, one to hang necklaces and another for bracelets and watches.

If you prefer to keep everything in one container then try something that has many compartments of differing sizes. Stackable is great because the possibilities are endless. Drawers also serve the same purpose.

I prefer to make sure the jewelry I wear on a daily basis is readily available so I can grab it quickly.

How does Marie Kondo organize jewelry?

Marie Kondo has several suggestions on how to store jewelry. One is to use boxes with dividers to organize different types of jewelry. If you have the original boxes that is ideal.

She also has clever ways to store necklaces and feels like you should find attractive ways to store your jewelry.

She feels that a jewelry box is the best way to go as that is the purpose, to store your things safely and beautifully. But as is her style she believes it should spark joy.

How do people organize necklaces?

The best way to store necklaces is to hang them so they don’t get tangled. See the below examples of ways to organize your necklaces.

Jewelry Organization Ideas

There are several different ways you can organize jewelry and we will explore them here.

Wall Organizer for Jewelry

A wall mounted wood jewelry holder with pegs at the bottom.
Source: Etsy

This jewelry holder is made of black walnut and holds 72 pairs of earrings! It also has 10 pegs for necklaces and bracelets.

A wall mounted tall jewelry organizer with a door closure and a mirror on the front.
Source: Etsy

This jewelry armoire cabinet can be mounted on the wall or a door. It’s a great option for smaller homes or apartments because it holds so much and has the dual function of a full-length mirror!

A wood wall mounted jewelry holder painted white with hooks at the top and bottom and chicken wire in the middle to hang earrings.
Source: Etsy

This white jewelry organizer holds a ton of earrings and has hooks at the top and the bottom for different length necklaces and bracelets.

An acrylic wall mounted jewelry holder for earrings.
Source: Etsy

This one is really unique because it’s acrylic. If you want something that just disappears then this is a great option.

Here are a few more of my favorites:

Jewelry Organizer Stand

A wooden table standing necklace and bracelet holder with a vessel at the bottom to hold rings and other things.

This one is great because you can choose one of four different colors for the wood to be stained! I also really like the fact that you can put earrings or rings on the bottom.

A wooden table standing jewelry holder with five rows of hanging capabilities and a drawer for rings and other things.
Source: Etsy

I love how this organizer has a drawer in the bottom. It also comes in 4 different wood stain colors to fit in with all your decor.

Here are a few more of my favorite jewelry organizer stands.

Jewelry Box Organizer

Jewelry Boxes are the most traditional way to store jewelry. Here are some beautiful options.

A wooden jewelry box with a removable layer and more storage underneath.
Source: Etsy

This stunning jewelry box is made of walnut and comes with two layers. It also has the option to purchase with a lock. There are two different sizes you can purchase this jewelry box to suit your needs.

A dark jewel tone green velvet jewelry box with three tiers.
Source: Etsy

Velvet luxury is the name of the game here with this stunning jewelry box. It has three layers with a lock. The gorgeous jewel tone makes this jewelry box a fabulous addition to your decor.

A large light gray jewelry box with different compartments to store different sized jewelry.
Source: Etsy

If you need more options to customize your jewelry organization then this is the perfect option for you. You can buy the individual compartments to what type of jewelry you need. If you have more rings then you can purchase more storage for them, etc.

Stackable tiers of jewelry boxes with different sized compartments.
Source: The Container Store

The Container Store has a ton of great options, they can be a little more pricey though. This supersized jewelry organization is stackable and you can add more layers as you need them. This is great to accommodate a growing collection of jewelry.

A smaller set of stacking layers of jewelry storage with different sized compartments.
Source: The Container Store

If you love the idea of stackers and being able to add more as your jewelry collection grows but need something a little smaller this is a great option. It’s part of the Stackers collection and comes in a couple of different colors. This is the one that I have and I simply love it!

Here are a few more great options:

Travel Jewelry Organizers

A travel jewelry box with a middle layer that has a mirror in it.
Source: Etsy

We all need a great way to transport our jewelry. This one is advertised as a bridesmaid gift but this is a great gift idea for anyone! It’s personalized, you can have a name put on the cover. It’s also super pretty.

Leather folding jewelry storage for travelling.
Source: Etsy

This gorgeous leather jewelry travel case comes in several different colors of leather and you can customize it with your initials. This is also a great gift idea.

A jewelry box that zips closed and has stacking compartments.
Source: The Container Store

If you love the Stackers collection then you will love the Stackers travel jewelry organizer! It comes in three colors, blush, black, and gray. I personally think the blush is so pretty!

Here are a few other great travel organizers:

I hope you found some great options here today for jewelry organizers and maybe even some gift ideas for that special someone!

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