$100 Room Challenge – Week 3

Well folks we are coming close to the end of the $100 Room Challenge with week 3.  If you don’t know what the $100 Room Challenge is go check out Erin over at Lemons, Lavendar and Laundry.  She created the challenge and was even featured on the Rachel Ray show for it!  How exciting right?!?!  We are now in Week 3 and I feel like things are finally going my way.  I have had my hurdles as you do in any DIY.  For more information on the first couple weeks of the challenge click either Week 1 or Week 2 to see the plan and issues I had.

$100 Room Challenge


End of Week 2:

Okay so we left things last week that I was having issues with budget and found a solution.  You see I was sitting on my couch and talking to my husband about other options on the coffee bar.  He said “but I like that and don’t want you to do something else”.  Wow, that got me.  He never says that.  Usually he says, I don’t see it but you usually do good things so I will trust you.  Needless to say it was just the thing to get me motivated and I found my flanges on a website for almost half the cost of the ones at Home Depot.  Then I went to the Menard’s site and found all the other things I needed at a lower cost to.  Once you calculate it I come in just under the wire!  Here’s the breakdown:

New 1×12 cut into 3 pieces:  $13.25 – Menards

Pipes:  $16.96 – Menards

Flanges:  $31.52 – supply house website

Stair Treds (2):  $17.74 – Menards

Shelf Brackets:  $20.00 – Ikea


Grand Total of $99.47!!!!!!!!!  I did it!!!!!!


Beginning of Week 3:

So I basically started over, in week 3…..yeah, not ideal to say the least!  But you know what they say, where there is a will there is a way!  All I did all weekend was stain and poly.  Wouldn’t you know it I ran out of stain on the last board, just on the back.  😖😖😖😖😖😖😖  I was sooooooo mad!  And wouldn’t you know it the darn store was closed!  UGH!  Sunday morning I was probably the first customer at Sherwin Williams to grab a can of stain….at least they had a 30% off sale.  So I have to add an additional  $6.22 to the project that I didn’t expect which took me a few dollars over my $100.  I am not really happy about that but what can you do.  If I hadn’t stained those original boards I would have had enough.

How to Update every room in your home

Here is what my garage floor looks like this week.  Please excuse the unrelated mess.  The garage was a serious consideration for this challenge as well.

$100 Room Challenge

Remember what my inspiration is?

Magnolia Homes Coffee Bar

Source Magnolia Homes


So just waiting on the flanges to come in the mail and I will put together the shelves.  Once I do that I can see how high it will be and decide if I am going to do the chalkboard wall (depends on how much paint I have leftover).  One week to go and I think I can make it.  It will definitely be me down to the wire!  It wouldn’t be exciting if there weren’t some drama thrown in there right!  Haha, make sure you check back next week for the final result.  In the meantime check out some of the other projects that are going on in the $100 Room Challenge.  I think these people are doing some amazing things!

$100 Room Challenge

17 thoughts on “$100 Room Challenge – Week 3

  1. Love it!! I want a coffee bar {or liquor bar} in my house. I have a space for it but the hubs doesn’t ‘love’ the idea. Bummer! Ha. Loving your vision though. I love the use of pipes in a project. Makes it look so industrial.

    1. Oh Gabby, my husband often doubts me and my vision. Just start showing him pictures of what you like, I am sure he will come around! I can’t wait to have a coffee bar that I can turn into a liquor bar when I have friends over! Good luck!

  2. Yay! I am so glad that you found the flanges for a good price! I tried sourcing them about a year ago and decided to go in a different direction…which means I just didn’t create any shelves. Lol. This space is going to look so good! I cant wait to see it.

  3. I can’t wait to see what you do. Be sure to clear coat your pipes. I made a shelf for my bathroom and they’re starting to get a bit rusty. Of course, my kids use the room like it’s a steam room, so that’s probably why. 😉

    1. I totally agree! And through that I think it makes it fun. Plus I never would have gotten this project done if I hadn’t signed up for this challenge. I would have definitely procrastinated!

  4. I can’t wait to see them Wendy! I’ve always wanted to make some pipe shelves and I’m going to learn a lot from your experience! And no worries on that garage – I have a feeling that every person in this challenge has an equally project filled garage!

  5. UGH! So frustrating to run out of something at the very last minute. I am SO glad you were able to find all the pipes and flanges at a cheaper price. I always think it’s interesting working on these challenges because, typically, I would have just paid the higher price in the store and never thought about it, but when you are working on a tight budget, you shop for deals. Can’t wait for the reveal. I have a thing for coffee stations 🙂

    1. I normally would have done the same thing. I would have paid more but this challenge really makes you think outside the box!

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