$100 Room Challenge

$100 Dollar Room Challenge Week 1

Have you ever renovated a room on a budget?  Of course you have, we do that all the time.  Have you ever renovated a room for under $100?  It’s not as easy as one might think.  It’s not as easy as I originally thought.  I racked my brains for days on which room to do…..what to do in the room.  Almost every room in my house needs something but only a few would qualify as needing a renovation.  My kitchen eat in area is one and I think I can do it in under $100!  So stick around and check out every Wednesday on the progress of my $100 Dollar Room Challenge!

$100 Room Challenge

Here area a few pictures of my kitchen eat in area.  I absolutely love, love, love my kitchen table.  We had it built at a local Amish wood furniture store.  It’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  I also really like the rug.  It fits the table perfectly, it is a little traditional but it was one of the first things my husband and I chose together so it’s special.  And I have two smaller ones in the kitchen that match.

$100 Room Challenge

Notice my stools, they are black just like the base of my table and chairs.  Just on the other side of my stools are the dog dishes.  She always knocks over the container we keep her food in before she can finish eating.  It’s like an OCD thing, if dogs can have OCD.

$100 Room Challenge

Please disregard the lunch boxes and water bottles on the kitchen counter.  My hubby always stages his stuff for the next morning so he saves time.  Not a bad idea really…..I should do more of that.


Okay, so now you are wondering what I am going to do with this room.  See that big blank wall?  I am thinking COFFEE BAR!!!!!  Ever since I saw this coffee bar on Fixer Upper I was just dying to have one.  I really like the floating shelves and the chalk paint and I love the cups and the way she hung them from the bottom of the floating shelves.

Magnolia Homes Coffee Bar
Source Magnolia Homes

Now I am not going to install cabinets, there isn’t enough space.  I am thinking more of an industrial type wood shelving system possibly with wheels.  I love these with the plumbing pipes as the braces and the castors on the bottom.  (Not a bad idea to use it as a real bar eh? 😜)

$100 Room Challenge

I am not sure what kind of floating shelves I am going to do yet.  Here is an idea I am mulling around.


Source: A Shade of Teal



I have leftover stain and polyurethane from other projects.  Specifically my Tree Stump Side Table and my antique chairs that I just put a final coat of poly on tonight!  I have leftover chalk paint from a wall I painted in my daughters room at our old house.  I also have a few 3 tiered stands and plenty of coffee stuff.  There is one thing I am really excited to finally be able to get out of a box is my husbands collection of tea cups.  They are so pretty and so sentimental.  She’s been gone a while now but we haven’t been able to display them anywhere.  Really can’t wait for that!!!

How to Update every room in your home

As far as the kitchen table goes it needs a little spiffing up.  Not renovating just decorating.  I think I am going to blow the $100 for this challenge on the shelves so I am going to go shopping in other rooms of my house….particularly my storage area and dining room!

I know that I need some sort of window treatments but that will be something that will have to cover the whole back of the house so I am not going to include them in this challenge.  Right now mother nature is giving me all the privacy I need in the form of leaves!  🌱🌿🌳

What do you think?  Do you think I can do all this for less than $100?  I sure hope so!  We will find out.  Check back next Wednesday to see the progress on my little kitchen eat in area!

$100 Room Challenge

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