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21 Amazing DIY Command Center Ideas To Keep You Organized

Between the ball games and recitals, school meetings, and work stuff it’s so hard to stay organized and on top of everything. I have 21 different DIY Command Center Ideas to help you get on track and stay on track so you don’t miss a thing!

DIY command center ideas pin for pinterest.

Oh, the paperwork. Why do schools feel the need to send home so much paperwork? It can get overwhelming but today I am showing you ways to tame the paper and conquer the paper!

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Tips on how to create the perfect DIY command center

  1.  Find the perfect location.  You may have a ton of space or just a little, but no matter what the size you can create the perfect spot for your family.
  2. What does your family need?  Some need a spot for each kid, some need just an oversized calendar.  What do you need in your command center to keep your family on track?
  3. Once you have decided what your family needs in the command center determine the elements you want to help complete those needs.  Do you need hanging baskets on the wall or maybe paper trays?
  4. The number one hardest thing to manage, especially when you have kids is the paper clutter!  Whether its artwork, bills, or notices from school find a way to manage all that paper!
  5. Last but not least, make it pretty.  Make it a place where YOU want to work.

DIY Family Command Center Ideas

Command center at a desk with a large calendar, a shelf and sign that says amazing things will happen.

Amanda over at Love and Renovations created a family command center out of a nook in her living room.  Amanda’s favorite things about her command center are her pens, dry erase board and big calendar.  One big tip she has is to keep the desk surface clear so you can spread out!

A command center with a large magnetic map and calander and three wire baskets hanging on the wall for paperwork.

Ashley at Domestic Imperfection started with a large chalkboard she saw at a store and went from there creating an awesome family command center in her kitchen.  She decided to create everything herself and it turned out amazing!  I personally love the wire baskets to corral stuff.

A command center with hanging wire baskets, a calendar a cork board a spot for keys and a dinner menu.

Meredith from unOriginal Mom created the ultimate family command center!  She has it all.  There is a place for everything and everything is in its place.  I feel like this space is dreamy!  You know, if you are an organization geek like I am!  LOL

A closet converted to a command center with turquoise decor, a shelf that acts like a desk and a stool.

Krista from the Happy Housie built a command center in a genius way, she built it into a closet in her home.  She has organized a system for every piece of paper that comes into her house.  That’s some serious organizational goals right there!

Small Space Command Center Ideas

A kitchen command center that has a large calendar and a spot for papers on the side of a fridge.

If you don’t have a ton of room to create a family command center then why not create one on your fridge?!  The Weathered Fox did just this and it’s amazing!  It’s an easy way to have all your essentials in one place, and right by the food!  😂

A family command center with a desk, wire baskets hanging on the wall.

Shonee from Hawthorne and Main has such a pretty Family Command Center. It’s all in black and gold!  It’s stunning!  I love how pretty it is but it’s also so functional!

A kitchen command center on the fridge with a large calendar, chore charts and hanging buckets.

KC over at the Real Thing with the Coake Family completely redid her command center.  I absolutely love the colors she used, they are right up my alley!  I love the whites and small pops of color.  Let’s face it, you can be organized as much as you want but these command centers need to be pleasing to look at too!  So just find what works for you and what you love!

A kitchen command center with wire baskets, and hooks for keys.

I love Lindsay over at The Crazy Organized Blog!  She is a Miami grad (Ohio not Florida) and even though I am a Buckeye my daughter is a Redhawk so GO Lindsay!!!!  She is also crazy about organization and her command center ROCKS!  Her family command center is perfect for a dog lover, shout out to the dog lovers of the world!!!!

A family command center that has an oversized calendar and cork boards to pin things on.

Carrie over at Kenarry had Lori from Greco Design company give a great tutorial on a shiplap family command center.  This is for all of us modern farmhouse lovers right!!!  There is a complete tutorial there and you should totally check it out!

A refridgerator command center that is a chalk board and clothes pins with chore charts.

Fridge family command centers are really a no-brainer and Chelsea from Making Manzanita did an amazing job.  She created a chalkboard on her freezer and added a chores list on the fridge.  It’s so cute and so functional!

A family command center that is on the side of a fridge and is one big chalk board with things hanging for organization.

Lindi from Love Create Celebrate created a family command center that is right up my alley.  I never really thought I was into industrial design but I totally flock that way when I am out shopping.  I say I am going to create a girly girl space and end up doing more rustic/industrial design, I just can’t help it!  So when I create my command center I will totally be using this one for inspiration.

A family command center that is a giant cork board to hang things to be a reminder.

If you are looking for something a little more simple and all in one place then check out what Ann Marie created at White House Black Shutters.  She has everything you need here to be on top of life, calendar, to do list… got it!

A console table turned command center with organization hanging on the wall above.

Leen and James at Sand Dollar Lane are all about Coastal Farmhouse Decor and this style really speaks to me.  I want to decorate more within this style, but like I said before somehow it all comes out rustic/industrial!  UGH!  But if you want some amazing inspo check out what they created in their mudroom, the ultimate coastal farmhouse family command center!

A command center over a desk that has small buckets hanging and lots of organization to do homework.

Dawn from Dawn Nicole Designs created a homework command center in her kitchen, mostly in an effort to save her kitchen table!  Good thinking Nicole!  I love what she created, the colors she used.  I am sorry, but can I do homework?! 🙋

A command center in a family room with a calander, a metal square for magnets and dry erase boards.

Sara from Mom Endeavors has three little boys to keep organized….you go Sara!  That’s not an easy job but she created this small family command center nook in her family room and she is able to keep all of her boys (Dad included) organized and ready for every day!

A command center on a dark painted wall with a dry erase calendar, to do list, let's eat list and wire baskets for papers.

And we are back to my jam, industrial farmhouse!  Carrie from Lovely Etc. has a really pretty family command center. I  love that she has addressed some of the questions a Mom gets on a daily basis.  For example, what’s for dinner….or what do I have today?  Or honey, when is my dentist appointment?  It’s all right there, the answers for everyone.

A command center with an oversized calander, wire baskets and hooks for keys.

This family command center….ahhhhhh it’s so amazing!  I love the sign, today is a good day for a good day.  I mean, who doesn’t love Fixer Upper quotes seriously, I love this modern calligraphy.  

Lately, I have been trying to learn how to write like this, but it’s not going well. 😭 But The Crafting Chicks have created a command center with all the modern farmhouse feels.  I love it!

A command center with a huge cork board and a string of hooks for keys.

The before and after of this family command center for Our Southern Home is shocking!  I love how she created a functional space that is also so decorative.  And it was so easy to do!

A small desk area that is a command center with a foldable desk top and when unfolded shows organization and a large cork board.

Laura from Laura’s Crafty Life created an amazing command center/office.  She can sit down and do her work but all her family’s needs are met by the creative yet organized space.  Plus it’s pretty on the eyes!

A command center on the side of the fridge with a cork board and clipboards for lists and magnets.

Refridgerator command centers make so much sense.  I mean for decades we have used the fridge to display our kids’ masterpieces, write notes, make lists, etc.  So it’s the natural place to put up a command center and Angie from the Country Chic Cottage did just that.  She has all the essentials here!

A family command center with a large calender that is a chalk board, a chalkboard for menu and a hanging galvanized envelope for mail.

Emma from Orange and Elm has an amazing Command Center.  I love all the different woods she used!  And she has it all covered, what’s for dinner and what activities the family has each day of the month!

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DIY Command Center Ideas pin for Pinterest.

DIY Command Center Ideas

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