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DIY Spackle Art: Inexpensive and Gorgeous

I am completely in love with this DIY Spackle Art! It’s so cheap to create a large piece of artwork. Let me show you how to do it.

My daughter and I created this DIY Spackle Art for her college apartment bedroom. She had a large wall and needed something big. And we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it, so we created our own spackle wall art!

Scroll to the bottom of this post for printable directions.

Three images on the process of creating the diy spackle art.

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DIY Spackle Art

What you use for this project is totally up to you. Most people use a canvas but they can get really pricey!

You could use wood but. You just have to keep in mind that wood will make it a bit heavy. As long as you have the proper hanging materials then you should be okay.

We chose to get a frame from IKEA. It was less than $30 and we applied the spackle directly to the plexiglass.


We only spent about $35 on the whole thing. We bought the spackle and the frame, the rest of the things I already had on hand.

The products and tools needed for this project.

Step 1 – Apply the Spackle

Using the putty knife apply the spackle to your plexiglass (or canvas). This is more art than science. I applied as thin as possible to keep the artwork from becoming too heavy.

You can apply some areas thicker for added texture. That is the cool thing about this kind of art, it’s the texture that makes it awesome!

Adding spackle to the plexiglass front of a picture frame.

Step 2 – Comb in more texture

Using a comb that my daughter picked up from the dollar store she added ridges. You can put them in any way your want to. Again more art than science.

What is great is if you mess this part up or you aren’t happy with how it turns out, just run the putty knife over the spackle and start over!

the finished spackle with the texture added and now just need to let the spackle dry.

Step 3 – Dry Time

Your dry time will vary depending on how thick your spackle is. Mine was mostly thin, except for a few areas so all we needed was about 24 hours.

You will know when the artwork is dry because the pink spackle will turn white.

Step 4 – Paint

We wanted the spackle art to be white but unfortunately, we had a small spot where the spackle was still pink. So using some white spray paint we covered that up.

You can do whatever you want with the paint here. You can do one color all over or several colors, it’s totally up to you.

The Final DIY Spackle Artwork

Here it is! Talk about an easy project that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

the diy spackle art hanging on the wall.
the finished spackle art work hanging on the wall.
The walls are very light gray so the black frame helps the artwork pop.
Can I use spackle for art?

As you can see it’s very easy and cheap to use spackle for art! The quick answer here is yes!

Can you use spackling on canvas?

Yes and this is the most common way to do this project.

Can I use spackle for texture?

That is the whole point of this project. The spackle makes the most amazing texture and it’s very easy to work with.

How do you make textured wall art on canvas?

All you need is a putty knife and spackle to create a gorgeous texture on canvas.

The diy spackle art hanging on the wall over a desk.l
the finished spackle art work hanging on the wall.

DIY Spackle Art

Yield: 1 piece of art
Active Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $35

Create this beautiful piece of DIY spackle art for your home!


  • Spackle
  • Picture frame
  • Paint


  • Putty Knife
  • Comb


  1. Apply spackle to the plexiglass cover with the putty knife in a thin layer.
  2. Using the comb create ridges in the spackle in whatever design you want.
  3. Allow at least 24 hours to dry.
  4. Once it's dry you can add some paint if you want.

As a licensed Real Estate Agent and an avid home decorator, I strive to give my clients the very best I can when it comes to staging, selling, and decorating their homes. I have lots of experience with paint color choices and love to DIY my home so I can have everything just the way I want it. I share my ideas and projects with the world in the hopes that I can help others have their homes just the way they want as well.

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