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IKEA Ektorp Sofa vs. IKEA Uppland Sofa: What’s the Difference?

The Ektorp sofa has been one of IKEA’s most popular furniture pieces, hands down. Today I am going to go over the difference between the IKEA Ektorp sofa vs. the IKEA Uppland sofa.

Most people either love or hate IKEA but for those who love it, they know about the Ektorp sofa. It is one of IKEA’s best sellers in the realm of furniture and possibly the most talked-about sofa they sell.

My friend Melissa at Create and Find has a Pottery Barn sofa and an Ektorp sofa and she loves her IKEA sofa more! She even did an entire review post on the IKEA Ektorp sofa vs the Pottery Barn sofa.

This shows both the IKEA Ektorp sofa as well as the Pottery Barn sofa and a wood coffee table on a dark colored rug.
Source: Create and Find

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Has IKEA discontinued the Ektorp?

Yes, sadly the Ektorp has been discontinued. It is slowly being fazed out. I believe you can only purchase it online right now, it has been out of stock at my local IKEA for a very long time. They do however have the Uppland in stock.

Right now the only color the cover comes in is the Lofallet beige. All of the other covers are not available anymore for purchase from IKEA.

The good news is they are available online through Amazon! Check out the colors and grab one now if you are thinking of getting one. They probably won’t be there long.

The differences between IKEA Ektorp sofa vs. IKEA Uppland sofa.

There are several key differences between the two sofas. If you look at the reviews online people love this sofa, at least most people.

Taller people didn’t love the Ektorp so IKEA listened and made some changes.

this is an angled view of my IKEA Uppland sofa with a light gray slip cover, a white coffee table and artwork of two deer above the sofa.

In this photo you can see my Uppland, I got it in the Loveseat size. The artwork hanging above is also IKEA and the floor is stained concrete which was a great DIY project.

Size – Ektorp vs. Uppland

IKEA decided to make the Uppland deeper in the seat to accommodate people with longer legs. They also made it taller so those with longer torsos have support on their shoulders.

Now if you are like me then you didn’t have an issue with the smaller sofa, LOL. Short people do love deeper and taller though. It’s easier to cross your legs and lean your head back to binge on Netflix.

Here are the dimensions for each sofa:

HeightLengthSeat DepthSeat Height
Ektorp34 5/8″85 7/8″19 1/4″17 3/4″
Uppland36 1/4″88 1/4″22 7/8″18 1/2″


Another difference between the two sofas is the way the cushions are made.

The Ektorp is made entirely of foam. The Uppland cushions are made of springs as well as foam. Because of this design change, the cushions on the Uppland should hold up longer because of the addition of springs.

This is my IKEA Uppland sofa, a dark gray lumbar pillow and two pieces of artwork hanging above the couch of deer with flowers in thier antlers.

Slipcovers – IKEA Ektorp vs. IKEA Uppland

Because of the size difference, the slipcovers are also made differently. The Uppland covers are bigger than the Ektorp.

Another difference in the slipcovers is with the cushions. On the Ektorp the cushions have fabric on both sides. Therefore, you have the ability to flip over the cushions if someone spills something.

On the Uppland the underside of the cushion is not fully covered in fabric. It’s a mesh material so you cannot flip them over.

This shows the under side of the Uppland cushions and how they are not the same fabric as the rest of the cushion.

Is Uppland more comfortable than Ektorp?

Which is more comfortable? Well, that is really subjective. What one person thinks is more comfortable can be very different than what another person thinks.

However, with the addition of springs, the cushions should hold their shape longer than the Ektorp. So in the long run the Uppland should last longer.

Will Uppland covers fit an Ektorp?

There is no way the Ektorp covers will fit the Uppland because the Uppland is bigger. Can the Uppland fit the Ektorp, well yes but there will be extra fabric so it will look funny.

If you have some sewing skills or know someone with sewing skills then you could probably do some magic to make them fit.

What colors do the Uppland covers come in?

The Uppland comes in 7 different colors. I have it in Remmarn Light Gray. It’s a really pretty light gray with a gentle weave pattern.

This shows the IKEA Uppland couch with a light gray slip cover, a throw blanket over one arm and a lumbar pillow on the other side.

It also comes in a darker gray called Hallarp Gray. It’s basically the same as the Remmarn Light Gray just a bit darker.

You can get it in Totebo Light Beige and Hallarp Beige. What are the differences between the two? Totebo Light Beige is actually a tad darker and is more cool-toned which Hallarp Beige is slightly lighter but definitely warm-toned.

Blekinge White is the white color that it’s available in and if you love color then you will love the two most colorful options, Totebo Dark Turquoise and Virestad Red/White.

this shows 6 of the 7 colors that the Uppland sofa covers come in.

Final thoughts on the IKEA Ektorp sofa vs. IKEA Uppland sofa

It’s no doubt that the IKEA Ektorp has always been a best seller for IKEA but will the Uppland do just as well? I think the obvious answer to that is yes. If you checked out my friend Mellisa’s post then you can see how much she loved the Ektorp.

I think IKEA took the best features of the Ektorp and kept them. Then they took the worst features and improved on them. That way they can market to a larger audience.

Will people love the Uppland as much as the Ektorp? My guess is yes, they absolutely will. Why wouldn’t you? It’s really still the same sofa, just slightly larger and with a better construction for the cushions.

In the end, I believe the Uppland will be a huge hit and continue their wonderful sales in the furniture business.

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this shows the IKEA Ektorp vs. the IKEA Uppland pin for Pinterest.

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Tuesday 6th of February 2024

Ektorp has been gone from Canada for several years now, more’s the pity. Uppland is not as well made structurally and the covers don’t hold up to regular use.

We have a dog and 2 cats with TV privileges. Between them and my husband and I sitting on the Uppland daily, the slipcovers have pilled and stretched. The fabric seems to be thinner than the Ektorp slipcovers, of which we had several.

We really miss our Ektorp sofas, which we had for close to 20 years. They were a perfect size for reading or napping, not to mention they fit with almost any style. Ikea disappointed a lot of people when they upsized.



Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

I'm in Australia and we still have Ektorp and also Uppland. I'm short and sitting in Uppland is NOT comfortable at all. Even my partner who is taller preferred Ektorp - the seat depth makes additional cushions essential, and that is not what we were looking for.


Monday 7th of November 2022

It's basically twice the price. Yikes.


Monday 18th of July 2022

I don’t love the upland. I have the chair in my office and the size and comfort is great but the fabric is not. It’s not at all soft like my Ecktorp lofallet beige and the Uppland fabric pills, I have totebo light beige. I’ve washed it once, maybe twice and it hasn’t held up. I’ve had my Ecktorp series for a little more than 4 years and have washed it too many times to count, it has remained amazing. The Uppland series itself is built well but the fabric is not of good quality. Not a fan.


Tuesday 19th of July 2022

Hi Missy! I am so sorry to hear that. I have an Uppland and haven't had any issues with the fabric but I haven't had to wash it much. This particular sofa doesn't get used a ton because my daughter is at college most of the year. Maybe they will hear about this and do something about the fabric to make it more like the Ektorp. Thanks for stopping by At Lane and High!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.